Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 7

Andrea Finds Out

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Strange that Kevin found an extra intergalactic communicator inside Krypto's ship, considering that in the first episode Krypto was only given one.

  • Quotes

    • Kevin: (to the Dirtbot) Hey, dirtwad, can't catch us!
      Andrea: Dirtwad? More like big dust bunny!

    • (The Dirtbot who is wearing kryptonite on its forehead chases Krypto and Streaky)
      Kevin: The Dirt monster's got kryptonite! We've gotta help Krypto and Streaky!
      Andrea: (Smiles) I know what stops dirt! Follow me! (Goes off)
      Kevin: But.. But... I should...
      Andrea: Get them on!
      (Kevin follows her. Meanwhile the Dirtbot has got Krypto and Streaky with his hand)
      Streaky: Let go you... (Feels weak) giant... dirt claw!
      (Mechanikat and Delilah see them on the monitor)
      Mechanikat: Time to land Dirtbot's spaceship so he can bring those thin interfering fur balls back to me!
      (The spaceship lands. The Dirtbot prepares to enter it. Kevin and Andrea are hidden behind a bush and Andrea turns on the sprinkler, causing the Dirtbot's foot to melt. Krypto and Streaky escape)
      Streaky: Time to boogie!

    • (Mechanikat's UFO, a blue crystal, lands on the ground in Metropolis Park. Mechanikat and Delilah see it on the monitor)
      Mechanikat: My Cat's Eye Crystal has finally hit the ground. Now the fun really begins. (The crystal creates a giant monster) Behold! My Dirtbot! It feeds with soil and grime.
      Delilah: Talk about playing dirty.
      Mechanikat: Good one. (Presses buttons, causing the Dirtbot to move) Next stop: the Mineral Museum. The minerals will make him unstopable.
      Delilah: Mechanikat, you are the baddest cat that ever was.
      Mechanikat: How could I deny? It's true!

    • (Brainy Barker appears on the monitor)
      Brainy Barker: Big trouble, Superdog. Mechanikat just launched an UFO from his ship.
      (The monitor shows Mechanikat's ship launching an UFO)
      Andrea: Who's Mechanikat?
      Streaky: A cat who went bad. I think he was from taking too many baths.
      Krypto: Any idea what the UFO is?
      Brainy Barker: It's travelling too fast to identify. But judging from the direction of speed, it should hit Metropolis Park in 30 seconds.
      Krypto: We're on our way!

    • (Mechanikat and Delilah see the Dirtbot chasing Kevin and Andrea)
      Mechanikat: (Furiously) My perfect plan! I can't believe it! Disrupted by a child! (Starts sobbing)
      Delilah: (Referring to Andrea) I know that little girl and she's clever!
      Mechanikat: Too clever for her own good! Get her, Dirtbot! Get her!

    • Krypto: Look! He's absorbing minerals! They're making him even stronger!
      Streaky: I heard minerals build strong bodies but this is ricilulous!

    • Kevin: Uhh... Hi, Andrea...
      Andrea: (Enters in the rocket, looking around) What is this place? Why are Streaky and Krypto dressed like Superdog and Supercat?
      Kevin: We're This is pretend.
      Andrea: This doesn't look like a pretended spaceship. It looks real.

    • Kevin: Real? If this were real, could I do this? (Presses random buttons)
      Ship Computer: Blast off in Six... Five... Four... (Kevin tries to stop it) Three... Two... (Krypto presses a single button, and it stops) Never mind.
      Andrea: Kevin! What is going on here?
      Kevin: Guess I should tell you the truth. (Krypto nods) OK, Andrea. (sighs) The spaceship is real. And so are they.
      Andrea: Krypto's Superdog?! And Streaky's Supercat?! But Streaky's so... lazy.

    • Andrea: (Picks Streaky up)!
      Streaky: Yes...I...can... Why are we talking like this?

    • Andrea: And I am so proud of my super Streaky Weeky. (Hugs him then picks him up) I'll give you anything you want. Anything.
      Streaky: I never thought I'd say this, about a bath?

    • (After Kevin and Andrea defeat Mechanikat's Dirtbot)
      Mechanikat: (Sobbing) I was so close! So very...very...close!
      Delilah: (Brings a bowl of cream) Oh, here... One bowl of cream will make you feel better.
      Mechanikat: (Starts drinking, then backs away in disgust) Ughhhh!!!
      Delilah: (Smells the bowl of cream) Maybe I should've checked the date.

    • Krypto: Streaky, you did close the hole, right?
      Streaky: (Looks around nervously) Uhhhh...could you repeat the question?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Streaky: (to Andrea) We'll always have kibble time.

      This is a reference to the line "We'll always have Paris", from the film Casablanca.

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