Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 2

Attack of the Virtual Vegetables

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 24, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Kevin gets sucked into an...{cough} interesting video game, and has to battle his way to the end.

    Kevin decides to stay in and play video games on a perfectly fine day, while Krypto watches him at work. His dad tells him he should enjoy the day, and remarks about video games back in his youth, bringing out an ancient video game disk. Kevin has an idea: perhaps he should see what the game is all about. How do you play it, though? Simple: you go to your best friend's rocket and have the computer their play it. The two of them soon find that the ship's computer can be a little too helpful, as it sends Kevin into the game (ironically named Veg Out). The locals are less than friendly, and Kevin has to escape, while Krypto can only sit back and watch for the moment. Eventually, Streaky pops out from a compartment in the ship (why in Supercat form?), and they try to figure this out. Eventually, Krypto finds the answer and gets into the game to help Kevin. At the final confrontation with the "Eggplant King", Streaky shows up to help them win the game.

    Kevin, surprisingly, showed some skills in this episode by handling anything that came his way (excluding the giant pumpkin). Perhaps I would've liked to see a few more vegetable warriors try to take him down (two at a time isn't good enough). A nice intro to season two nonetheless. 9.7/10
  • OK, not my favorite storyline, but still pretty entertaining, partly thanks to some comic relief from Streaky.

    You just knew they'd get around to the 'characters zapped into a video game' plot eventually and here it is. Fortunately there are some clever touches once Kevin gets inside the game, fighting an odd assortment of vegetables and Krypto tries to figure out how to save him.
    Just when things are starting to drag, Streaky pops up and provides some much-needed comedy relief. I laughed when he began banging on the computer in his first attempt to save Kevin. As far as I'm concerned, Streaky saves the day AND the episode.
    Things move along fast but considering the nature of this storyline and only having 11 minutes to work with, the writer was probably wise to focus on the comedy and not on an intricately plotted adventure.
    Like most of the stories so far this season, there seems to be an attempt to bolster the comedy content of the show and this episode does succeed at providing some good laughs. That's enough for me to give it a positive review.