Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 15

Bailey's Back

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM May 03, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Bailey's Back
Bailey returns to prove Krypto's secret identity as Superdog. Only this time, Andrea has to help Kevin keep the secret when he finds out about Supercat.

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  • Bailey returns to once again prove Krypto's true identity.

    Kevin doesn't see it coming, and neither do we. Bailey sneaks up on them, trying to get a picture, but thankfully, Andrea stops him from catching Krypto flying up to catch a frisbee. Andrea gets involved in this episode to protect Krypto's identity (and Streaky's later on). After a few close calls (and a few "how in the heck did no one just see Krypto flying by in regular form?" moments), Bailey eventually discovers, not only Streaky's identity, but Krypto's rocket as well. When he takes a jetpack from the rocket, Krypto gives chase, and Streaky takes his camera away from him. And even when he tries to prove Krypto's rocket, he meets failure in the end (thanks to Andrea's quick thinking).

    Three things that hinder the episode. Not enough action; for some reason, no one noticed Krypto as he flew by in his regular, non-Superdog form; and no title card (with Krypto introducing the episode, writer[s], and director). Perhaps not the strongest, but it definitely proves that Andrea can be an extremely helpful addition to the team. And a few good comedic moments. 9.7/10moreless

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    • (Streaky has caught what he believes to be a blob monster, but is really Bailey covered in ice cream.)
      Streaky: Krypto, hurry! I caught a monster!
      Bailey: Lemme go!
      Andrea: You can drop him, Streaky. He's not a real monster, just Kevin's mean cousin.
      (Streaky drops Bailey)
      Streaky: Sorry. I thought he was a blob creature.
      Kevin: Close.

    • Andrea: What's wrong, Kevin?
      Kevin: Bailey found Krypto's rocket!
      Streaky: And I thought I was having a bad day.

    • Andrea: And don't worry, Streak-ums. I bought an extra sailor suit. Let's go try it on! (Streaky sighs)

    • Andrea: Do you really believe him?
      Kevin: I'd like to, but...(Krypto nods) Hey, want to play video games?
      Andrea: Thanks, but I have the cutest little outfit for Streaky to try on.
      (Streaky sighs)

    • Kevin: Bailey, will you please stop trying to reveal Krypto's identity?
      Bailey: Not only is Krypto Superdog, but Supercat lives next door! Wait till everyone hears, and sees, about this! (Focuses his camera) Smile! (Krypto and Streaky run off-screen to change back into their normal, non-super, versions)

    • Streaky: (Wakes up to see Bailey covered in ice-cream) Oh my gosh, it's a blob monster!!! Somebody call Supercat!!! (Just realizes) Hey, wait a sec...I'm Supercat!

    • Bailey: You won't get away that easy...(Walks away)
      Andrea: (Sighs) I'd better go warn them.

    • Bailey: (Inside the rocket) Why should I just settle for a picture, when I can show everyone this?!

    • Andrea: Aren't you worried somebody might see him?
      Kevin: Relax. No one's home! And besides, you don't have to tell me how to keep Krypto's identity a secret. We've been doing this all the time since we got Krypto, and no one's ever found out he's a superdog!
      Andrea: Except for me.
      Kevin: Well, yeah, I guess so...

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