Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 15

Bailey's Back

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM May 03, 2006 on Cartoon Network



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    • (Streaky has caught what he believes to be a blob monster, but is really Bailey covered in ice cream.)
      Streaky: Krypto, hurry! I caught a monster!
      Bailey: Lemme go!
      Andrea: You can drop him, Streaky. He's not a real monster, just Kevin's mean cousin.
      (Streaky drops Bailey)
      Streaky: Sorry. I thought he was a blob creature.
      Kevin: Close.

    • Andrea: What's wrong, Kevin?
      Kevin: Bailey found Krypto's rocket!
      Streaky: And I thought I was having a bad day.

    • Andrea: And don't worry, Streak-ums. I bought an extra sailor suit. Let's go try it on! (Streaky sighs)

    • Andrea: Do you really believe him?
      Kevin: I'd like to, but...(Krypto nods) Hey, want to play video games?
      Andrea: Thanks, but I have the cutest little outfit for Streaky to try on.
      (Streaky sighs)

    • Kevin: Bailey, will you please stop trying to reveal Krypto's identity?
      Bailey: Not only is Krypto Superdog, but Supercat lives next door! Wait till everyone hears, and sees, about this! (Focuses his camera) Smile! (Krypto and Streaky run off-screen to change back into their normal, non-super, versions)

    • Streaky: (Wakes up to see Bailey covered in ice-cream) Oh my gosh, it's a blob monster!!! Somebody call Supercat!!! (Just realizes) Hey, wait a sec...I'm Supercat!

    • Bailey: You won't get away that easy...(Walks away)
      Andrea: (Sighs) I'd better go warn them.

    • Bailey: (Inside the rocket) Why should I just settle for a picture, when I can show everyone this?!

    • Andrea: Aren't you worried somebody might see him?
      Kevin: Relax. No one's home! And besides, you don't have to tell me how to keep Krypto's identity a secret. We've been doing this all the time since we got Krypto, and no one's ever found out he's a superdog!
      Andrea: Except for me.
      Kevin: Well, yeah, I guess so...

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