Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 24

Barrump Barrump

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Dec 12, 2006 on Cartoon Network



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    • (After Brainy Barker tells Kevin and Krypto about Barrump Barrump)
      Kevin: (Laughs) Well, he is kind of funny.
      Brainy Barker: Until the jokes on you. Barrump Barrump has been trying to steal this device. (Pulls out the device with her mouth and drops it) It's a Timestopper. At a push of a button in can stop time around anyone who uses it. Join paws and I'll show you.
      (They stick together, Brainy pushes a button, leaving the birds and planes frozen)
      Kevin: (Amazed) Wow! How do you get these things going again? (Brainy pushes the button again and the birds and planes are moving) Cool.
      Brainy Barker: If Barrump Barrump gets his hands on the Timestopper, his jokes could disrupt everything. I was hoping you could save our device until the Dog Stars find him.
      Krypto: No problem, Brainy. It'll be safe in my underground rocket. But it sounds like you could use some Superdog help too. (Starts chasing his tail and turns into Superdog. He then grabs the device with his mouth and gives it to Kevin) Kevin, lock it in the rocket. I'm going with Brainy.
      Brainy Barker: Thanks, Superdog. Thanks, Kevin.
      Kevin: Good luck!

    • Barrump Barrump: I wonder where I can get some cream pie.
      (Kevin and Krypto surround him)
      Krypto: Fun time's over, monkey boy!
      Kevin: We've got you sorrounded!
      Barrump Barrump: Oh, I'm so scared. Heh heh! (Kevin and Krypto try to stop him, but Barrump presses the button, leaving Kevin and Krypto are frozen)
      Barrump Barrump: Not very bright, are they? Heh heh! But it gives me a smashing idea. (He puts Krypto in front of Kevin) Keep your hands to yourselves. Heh heh! (Presses the button, but still sees Kevin and Krypto frozen) Huh? What's with this thing? (Presses the button four times times, but Kevin and Krypto are still stuck) This isn't funny! (Continues to press the button many times, but Kevin and Krypto aren't moving) If I broke this thing, I'll be stuck in the middle of time for ever. With no one to laugh at my beautiful prays. (Kevin and Krypto are looking at Barrump. Then a car passes and Barrump looks at it) Hey! If that's moving, then... (Krypto grabs the Timestopper and Barrump gasps) You pretended to be frozen. Oh, you're good. Well, gotta go. (Barrump tries to escape, but Kevin presses the button, leaving Barrump frozen)
      Krypto: Now all we need to do is to tie him up, restart time and hand him over to Brainy.
      Kevin: That's not all we need to do. I gotta get back to school, before you press the button again. If Ms. Diner sees I'm gone, she's gonna give me a real time out.
      (Krypto smiles)

  • Notes

    • This episode marks the first time Brainy Barker was featured in a episode without the other Dog Stars. She technically appeared in "Andrea Finds Out" without the other Dog Stars, but that was just a cameo.

    • Villain(s): Barrump Barrump

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