Krypto: the Superdog

Season 1 Episode 47

Bat Hound and the Robin

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Jun 10, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Bathound reluctantly gets a partner and a pain in the neck all in one.

    Krypto comes back from his villain patrol without having anything interesting happen. Kevin and his family are gone, so he goes down to his rocket, and finds Bathound hiding. Ace recounts his story of how a robin he saved, named Robby, has decided to tag along and be his partner. However, he messes Ace up every time he tries to help, so Ace told him to go gather information, while Ace ran and hid where he thought Robby wouldn't find him. Krypto tells him he's overreacting, and when he turns on the lights, Robby's right there. Ace tries to get some time alone, but Robby insists that they talk. One of the pidgeons in Gotham said that the Joker's hyenas are in Metropolis, and are stealing pillowcases to hold other stolen apparel in. Krypto and Ace try to stop them without Robby, who gets Ace in trouble once again, while Krypto is out cold by kryptonite dust (an excellent use of kryptonite, and quite inventive). Bud and Lou put Ace on a giant spring, shooting him sky high while both him and Robby are stuck in a pillowcase. Robby uses his beak to tear it open, and the two of them save Krypto and catch the hyenas. Robby acknowledges that he no longer owes Bathound anymore, so he leaves to fight crime on his own.

    I didn't find much wrong with this fact, nothing wrong at all, other than a problem with matching up voice recordings and animation. In an opening scene, Krypto talks, but his mouth only moves and no words come out of it until a second later. Still, enjoyable, and worth watching a few times. 9.7/10
  • For all intents and purposes, this episode is a pretty blatant parody of the Batman and Robin mythos.

    Hey, as a long-time Batman fan, I couldn't help get some laughs out of this episode. True, it was a little surprising seeing the normally stoic Ace getting reduced to a nervous wreck by a little robin and Robby himself was more than a bit annoying, but hey, it was a pretty fun episode that poked some rather clever fun at various elements of the Batman and Robin mythos, specifically Dick Grayson when HE was Robin.

    First of all, aside from the obvious fact that Robby IS an actual robin, was the way Ace and Robby first met. Just as Batman saved Dick from going to the cops after his parents were killed (for fear that the cops Dick might go to were crooked), so too does Ace save Robby when HIS life was imperiled (though Robby's peril was more immediate than Dick's and involved a more direct rescue).

    Second, of course was the mask and cape Robby wore for much of the episode. Very obvious reference to the "classic Robin" (i.e. pre-Tim Drake) Robin look.

    Third, just as Robin was seemingly considered more of a hinderance than a help to Batman for a significant portion of the Dark Knight's career by a lot of comic writers, so too was Robby more of an annoyance than a legitimate help to Ace for much of the episode (though Robby's "hinderance" stage started much more immediately than Dick's).

    Finally was the end of the episode itself. Just as Robby claimed to want to be his own hero, that's essentially what Dick did when he became Nightwing.

    Hey, the classic Batman fan in me still got a decent laugh out of this episode, even if I DID feel sorry for Ace for finding out that no good deed goes unpunished. I definitely have to applaud the writers for the clever comics' satire in this episode.