Krypto: the Superdog

Season 1 Episode 23

Bat Hound's Bad Luck

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 19, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Catwoman's cat, Isis, steals a cursed gem that causes Ace to run into a string of bad luck.

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  • Krypto helps Bat Hound recover his confidence against a foe who seems to be a little too lucky...

    While Kevin and his family are away, Krypto has the run of the house. While enjoying his free time, Bat Hound arrives. Krypto notices something's off about him when he actually hears Bat Hound as he comes (which, considering this is Batman's...partner, should be next to impossible). When asked what's wrong, we hear the story of how he kept messing up while trying to catch Isis, one of Catwoman's prized cats. He says these weren't simple mistakes, since it was about five times in a row he messed up on catching her. Enlisting Krypto's help, Ace tries once again to catch Isis, and Krypto sees why it's so hard. By mere coincidence, a ship in the harbor sank, a sailor who couldn't swim fell in the water, and a gust of wind caught Krypto and threw him away from Isis. They quickly find out what's happening; an amulet she stole is causing her enemies to have bad luck, and soon she'll be going for the one that gives her good luck, in order to keep it away from anyone who tries to capture the feline thief. Krypto stages a diversion in the museum, while Ace grabs the jewel, and catches Isis on an even field.

    As some would say, this is an introduction to one of Superman's (and Superdog's) weaknesses; magic. It's the one thing that, no matter how much strength you have, can stop anyone in their tracks. This also shows why Krypto and Ace make a good team, just as their "partners" do. 10/10moreless
  • Awesome series introduction to both Isis AND magic in this episode.

    Hey, not much I can really say about this episode except that this IS a terrificly entertaining piece that introduces both Isis and magic to the "Krypto" series quite well. Magic is traditionally Superman's biggest weakness aside from Kryptonite and it was great seeing a reminder of this fact in this episode. I definitely felt bad for Ace watching him experience that major crisis in confidence AND watching those flashbacks of him experiencing that bad luck chasing Isis, but that was still some pretty entertaining stuff. I also enjoyed seeing Ace rebound after observing that Krypto was having just as bad of luck as him and then beating Isis to the "good luck" charm that cancelled out the power of Isis's "bad luck" charm (with the help of a well-timed distraction from Krypto). All in all, great material that definitely makes this episode among my favorites.moreless

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