Krypto: the Superdog

Season 1 Episode 32

Bones of Contention

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 25, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Bones of Contention
When the Dog Stars get some chew toys, they begin to get on each other's nerves.

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  • Hot Dog gets a spotlight when the Dog Stars turn against each other.

    After a round of training, the Dog Stars decide to relax for a bit. As things end up, though, a package gets delivered to them by Snooky Wookums (in an actually convincing disguise, which I had no idea was him till later), containing squeaky toys for all of them (even one specifically meant for Krypto...). It soon becomes apparent that the toys are doing something to their egos (don't ask me how exactly) and they begin to brag about how they're better than the others (except for Hot Dog). Eventually, it gets so bad that they leave (except for Hot Dog), and once they're gone, Mechanikat takes over the ship, driving Hot Dog out and forcing him to reunite the Dog Stars. Apparently, the squeaky bones don't work on him because he's already super cranky all the time. One by one, he saves the Dog Stars from their bones (making sure to get Krypto back first). And in the end, they team up and take back the ship, plowing through the legions of catbots with teamwork.

    Only one problem I had with this episode (more of an opinion on how it should go): I wanted to see the Dog Stars fight each other. That's about it. I give this one a 9.8/10moreless
  • Hot Dog takes center stage in this highly enjoyable short story.

    I absolutely loved this piece. A greatly entertaining piece that gives Hot Dog the starring role. It all starts out pretty routine for the Dog Stars; Hot Dog in the training room (dealing with hoses and then hoses, freeze rays and hydrants all at once in a pretty entertaining sequence). Meanwhile, most of the rest of the patrol (minus Mammoth Mutt [the first of three consecutive "Dog Star Patrol" episodes to not have Mammoth Mutt there] and Paw Pooch) is watching over the galaxy, which is pretty quiet at this point.

    Of course then, Snooky, disguised as a delivery ... errr,, dog (one of the few disguises in the Krypto series that actually looked GOOD), snuck the Dog Stars some specially formulated squeaky bones that made the Dog Stars super-cranky (except for Hot Dog, who is immune for the simple reason that he is ALREADY super-cranky) and, when Hot Dog stumbles on to Snooky and Mechanikat's scheme, he has to set out and destroy the other squeaky bones, which will, in turn, free the other Dog Stars from the effects of those squeaky bones, so the heroes can save their ship.... and the Earth... from Mechanikat's forces. All in all, a very entertaining yarn. :-Dmoreless

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    • Tail Terrier: I still don't get how you controlled your temper, Hot Dog.
      Hot Dog: The trick is to think about happy things. You know, like hot dogs!

    • (As he enters and takes off his puppy costume)
      Snooky: I've just delivered the super sneaky squeaky bones just like you told me.
      Mechanikat: Purr-fect. The more the Dog Stars chew, the more they will squeak.
      Snooky: And the more they squeak, the angrier they'll get.
      Mechanikat: Until they're as mad at each other as much as they are at...
      Snooky: You, oh great one?
      Mechanikat: Yes! Yes! (Laughs)

    • Hot Dog: I'm already super cranky, I know how to control my anger!

    • Bulldog: (Angry) Hey! Where's my lunch?!
      Brainy Barker: Isn't it your turn to fix lunch, Tail Terrier?!
      Tail Terrier: I'll wrestle up the grope and I darn will be like it!
      Brainy Barker: And you! Why aren't you in the training room practicing your skills?!
      Bulldog: Well, excuse me, Queenie!
      Brainy Barker: And you two! Shouldn't you be out saving something?!
      Krypto: Play first! Save later!
      Tusky Husky: Yeah. Take off, eh?
      Brainy Barker: I think I will take off! Earth is only a short blast away! (Leaves)
      Krypto: Well, fine then! I don't have to be here either! (Also leaves)
      Tusky Husky: Me neither! Heh!
      Tail Terrier: How about me?!
      Bulldog: Hm!
      (All of the Dog Stars leave, except for Hot Dog)
      Hot Dog: Huh? Guys? (Sees them going down to Earth) Well. Somebody'd better bring back a burger!

  • NOTES (2)


    • The doorbell heard in this episode delivers the same tone heard in The Jetsons.

    • Episode Title: Bone of Contention
      A "bone of contention" is a disputed point in an argument that hasn't been settled. It is a metaphor based on the idea of two animals (such as dogs) fighting for possession of a bone. Here, its use as an episode title serves both as a reference to the hostile feelings between Krypto and the Dog Stars generated by the squeaky toys and as a pun on the phrase itself, since not only are there (toy) bones featured in the episode, but bones are often associated with dogs in general.