Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM May 04, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Very silly but one of the funniest Krypto episodes yet this season and an excellent showcase for Streaky.

    The new season has provided some excellent spotlight stories for new character Stretch-O-Mutt, but Streaky, who starred in some of my favorite episodes in the first season, hasn't been quite as lucky. He's made more appearances this year but he really hasn't had the chance to save the day all that much. Here he finally gets a chance to shine in a very silly but funny episode. Mechanikat uses a ray on Krypto that makes the superdog think he's a cat (Kryptokitty) and takes him to the cat world of Catopia. This will get him out of the way while Mechanikat takes over the world.
    Fortunately, Streaky is on the case and flies to the rescue of the canine hero. Krypto's cat-inspired behavior is very funny, as is the role reversal as Streaky has to be the responsible one for once while he tries to get Krypto back to normal. I was laughing as soon as I realized Mechanikat was going to be hit by his own ray. And so, Krypto is a dog once more, and Streaky, his hero work done, is back to his usual goof ball self. After all, someone has to eat that remaining tuna.
    A cleverly written story, it's maybe not the best episode but I really liked the idea and I enjoyed it as much as anything I've seen this season so I'll give it a perfect score.
  • Streaky goes to rescue Krypto after he's been hit with a beam that makes him think he's a cat.

    Streaky follows Mechanikat and Snooky to Catopia, a planet for cats, in hopes of rescuing Krypto from his fate as a cat. Mechanikat tries to train Krypto to truly believe his cat nature, but Streaky arrives just in time to stop his transformation and get him out. Insisting he's a cat, Krypto tries to struggle, but a hit with the same beam fired at him, only reversed in polarity, turns him back into a dog. At the same time, Mechanikat gets hit by the ray, and gets to experience it himself.

    Pur-fectly wonderful for a Streaky spotlight. It shows how the biggest hero needs the biggest help when it comes down to matters of the mind. And it was actually pretty funny witnessing Krypto's transformation into a cat. 10/10