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Krypto: the Superdog

Season 1 Episode 12

Dem Bones

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 11, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Dem Bones
When the normal dogs imitate other animals, they discover Mechanikat and Snooky are up to trouble--and Mechanikat exposes Krypto to Kryptonite--and it's up to Streaky to save the day.

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  • Snooky has some treats in store.

    Snooky Wookums is manufacturing bones that will make dogs act like other animals. Krypto and Streaky have to stop Snooky before it continues, but not before Krypto meets face to face with Mechanikat. I can't really say much about this episode so this review may be a little bland. Well, Krypto finally gets to meet Mechanikat, not including the silhouette of him in "Feline Fatale". He proves to be a very worthy adversary for Krypto and Streaky. The episode was very good overall. I would have given it a perfect ten, but something just wasn't right, so I give it a 9.8/10.moreless
  • Introdcution to Mechanikat and Green Kryptonite

    This was the episode that made me a Streaky fan, mostly because it features the super-powered feline at his smart-alecky best and even allows him to save the day as he and Krypto encounter Mechanikat (and Green Kryptonite) for the first time. The action is paced a little slowly, but Streaky has a lot of good lines ("I just got one thing to say, buddy: Green is not your color.") The supercat doesn't contribute much to the action until the end, but he's there to rescue Krypto when he's needed. It's extremely satisfying to watch him savor his triumph as he and Krypto fly off together at the episode's conclusion.moreless
  • The intro to Mechanikat, or at least the first time he meets Superdog.

    It starts out normal, as always, with Streaky complaining about how dogs get better treatment than cats. Of course, the first things go wrong when Krypto makes a speedy rescue to save a group of dogs who try to cross the street in traffic. After asking them what they were thinking, however, they apparently think they're ducks. After saving another dog, Streaky and Krypto (becoming Superdog and Supercat) go to investigate. They find that all of the dogs in town are acting strange (except for Krypto and a few lucky others at the moment), taking on the brains of other animals. Even Mutsy thinks he's a chicken. On close examination of a box of dog treats (Yum Yum Bones), they see various chemicals in the mixture, and go to the Yum Yum Bones factory to find Snooky Wookums spraying all of the box. Trying to make a quick escape when Krypto and Streaky arrive, he accidentally ends up in the mixing vat, leaving Krypto to interrogate Snooky, who tells him about...Mechanikat...interesting as it may sound, it's discovered to be true as Krypto and Streaky fly over to STAR Labs, where someone has busted in to steal something. Confronting Superdog for the first time, Mechanikat makes his plan to use kryptonite to weaken Superdog and it's up to Supercat, who hasn't even been noticed yet, to save Krypto. Thinking as fast as he can, he finds three guard dogs that think they're mice and leads them into Mechanikat, stopping him and freeing Krypto.

    The first episode where we finally truly meet Mechanikat. In Meet the Dog Stars, we did see his full face, but actually having his first confrontation with Krypto made it better. What's wrong here? Nothing, that's what. 10/10moreless

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    • Streaky: You know, you're one cool cat...for a dog.

    • Krypto: This is terrible!
      Streaky: Strange, yes. Funny, definitely. But not terrible...

    • Streaky: I just have one thing to say, buddy: Green is not your color.
      Krypto: I'll say.

    • Streaky: Hey, don't look at me. They're from your side of the family.

    • Mechanikat: (Grabs a little box that contains kryptonite) This is what I come for.
      Krypto: Not so fast, Mechanikat!
      Mechanikat: Ah, Superdog! At last we meet. Whisker to whisker. Hm! I have to say that you don't look that super to me.
      Krypto: There's no way I'm gonna let you steal these gems!
      Mechanikat: Steal?! Do you think I'm a common cat-burglar?! Mwahaha! Oh no, my canine friend. Now that you're here I won't have to steal anything at all. (Opens the box, revealing the kryptonite)
      Krypto: (Slowly weakening) Is that... Agh! Kryptonite?!
      Mechanikat: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's right, Superdog! Kryptonite! The one element that can weaken you.
      Krypto: Agh! But... why?
      Mechanikat: To get you out of the way, of course. Soon I can take my right old place. As rule of the world! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
      (Krypto lies down weakened. Meanwhile Streaky spies them)
      Streaky: (Shocked) Oh no! Kryptonite! Since my powers came from Krypto, it could do the same thing to me.

    • Krypto: Looks like Snooky flavored Yum-Yum Bones are on the menu.

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