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    Cool! Howzabout Alexa Luthor too? Maybe even Brenna Wayne/Batwoman and Ricki Grayson/Robin the Girl Wonder!
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    Not bad.... In the comics they also has some different characters:

    Superlad-Male version of Supergirl

    Wonder Warrior-Male version of Wonder woman

    Black Condor-Male version of Black canary


    Some my own ideas:

    Olive Queen-Female version of Green Arrow

    Victoria Sage-Female version of The Question

    Galaeo-Male version of Galatea

    Emilia Hamilton-Female version of Professor Emil Hamilton

    Zara-Female version of Zod

    Uri-Male version of Ursa

    Noni-Female version of Non

    Jara-EL -Female version of Jor-EL

    Zara-EL-Female version of Zor-EL

    Connie Kent-Female version of Superboy

    Starboy-Male version of Stargirl

    Dell-Male version of Delilah


    Some quotes form my fic...

    Krypto: "Hello? something;s not right with this picture"

    Kryptonya(Krypto's female counterpart) "Watch where you're going...I hope you understand this is a job for Superdog"

    Krypto" Superdog? that's who I am "

    Kryptonya: "How could you? I'm Superdog"

    Krypto: "And you're name is...?"

    Krypto: "Krypto of Krypton"

    Kryptonya: "Huh...I'm Kryptonya of Krypton"

    Krypto: "Kryptonya?! you''re a girl?"

    Kryptonya: "Yes, why?"

    Krypto: "I can't breathe"


    lol, he's shcoked...will post a link when I do the story

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