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    Hopefully, after these past couple of days, the problems on this site have cleared up enough for me to get this posted without too many difficulties.

    Anyway here's the fourth (and second-to-last) part of the latest story co-written by Catfan1 and myself. The same thanks to KnightMysterio, DanSandwichBoy and Catfan1 himself DEFINITELY still apply. Anyway, on with the show...

    The Present and Future Dog Stars-Part Four

    While Minotaur, Loose Wire and Mind Hound are pre-occupied gloating over Lightning, they fail to take note of Prophetic Pup producing an attack orb of concentrated psychic energy that knocks Minotaur for a loop and would have done the same to Mind Hound if it weren't for the partial force field she was able to telekinetically get up just narrowly in time.

    As a result of the partial force field, Prophetic Pup's psychic orb attack (which, now, can't be used again for another ten minutes [and it's another five before she can use ANY of her OTHER mental powers to boot]) only knocked enough of the wind out of the villainess for it to be a good distraction. However, this is still all Prophetic Pup needs in order to get in a few good shots paw to paw.

    An infuriated Loose Wire tries to attack Prophetic Pup with his electrified tail while she is distracted thrashing Mind Hound, but Tralfaz manages to take him down with a quick starbolt blast and force field bubble generation. Before Prophetic Pup can completely overpower her, a clearly humiliated and irate Mind Hound, being unable to focus enough to use her telekinesis to fight back against the heroine's rapid series of blows, presses a button on her collar while she is still conscious. This pressed button teleports Mind Hound and the rest of the Cartel back to their own ship.

    The danger over, Prophetic Pup offers Tralfaz a smile. "Good job of backup, Dog Star."

    Tralfaz looks away uncomfortably and shyly replies, "Uh, thank you."

    Back on the Cartel's ship, Mind Hound is still grumbling about how she could have so grossly underestimated the two heroes left behind on the Squadron's ship. She had all those robots lying in wait at each of the emergencies, not only to act as further diversions, but also so that the Cartel could get at least SOME of the info on the other heroes' abilities that Niccolo refused to give them, but since THOSE two stayed behind, she didn't get the information she needed on THEM.

    "Speaking of Niccolo, were IS the lousy egomaniac?" Mind Hound snarls in question.


    Back in the 23rd century, the Canine Chronometer re-materializes inside a back-up laboratory. "Sorry for taking so long, boss, but those Cosmic Canine Cartel creeps trashed the other lab and I barely escaped with my life. After I got to this back-up lab, it took me a while to pin-point exactly what part of the past you were in and THEN precise aiming to beam you back to this era without beaming in the bomb too." says the voice of the Canine Chronometer's chief henchdog.

    "Indeed so. It would appear that I DID, in fact, underestimate the Cartel's ruthlessness. Fortunately for me, they ALSO underestimated MY taste in henchdogs... specifically in both intelligence AND loyalty." the time traveling villain admits as he gets back into his full gear and reactivates his monitors, explaining that now he's just curious as to how this fight between the heroes and the Cartel is going to turn out.... perhaps he can annihilate the winners before they have a chance to recover.


     Returning to their ships, the heroes compare notes. They successfully dealt with the emergencies and appear to have dealt the CCC a serious blow. Prophetic Pup points to a blinking light on her monitor. "Finally, I think we've tracked down the location of our enemies. Cloaking their ship takes a great deal of energy and their power seems to be waning slightly," she notes.

    They set a course for the CCC ship and Prophetic Pup sends out a message: "Cosmic Canine Cartel, you are outnumbered. We must demand that you surrender immediately."

    Mind Hound snaps that the "outnumbered" situation can be easily remedied as she unleashes 500 of the Cosmic Canine Cartel's robotic stormtroopers..... 250 heading for the Squadron's ship and 250 heading for Earth (more specifically, the area where Ace, Stretch-O-Mutt, Chameleon Collie, Zipster and Tech Hound are still working to free the imprisoned JLAnimals).

    Prophetic Pup notes to the others that the ship's blasters can handle a hundred of the robots, but those of the heroes present best equipped for fighting in space had better get into their space gear and take out the surplus.... and a small group needs to head down to Earth and assist the still free heroes in THAT area in protecting themselves AND the TRAPPED heroes.

    With that, Lightning, Streaky, both Kryptos, both Brainy Barkers, Twinblades, Laser Labrador, Hot Dog and Tralfaz get ready for space combat while Fireball, Air Dale, both Bull Dogs, Tusky Husky, Equalizer, Dragon Dog, Tail Terrier, Tail Tabby and Elast-O-Lab beam down to assist Ace, Stretch-O-Mutt, Chameleon Collie, Tech Hound and Zipster with the 250 robots heading for their area. Noticing that twenty of the heroes are now otherwise occupied...... Mind Hound decides to take advantage of this by beaming half the Cartel's number onboard the Squadron's ship to take down the remaining eleven heroes while they are distracted and assume command of the ship.

    Unfortunately, there seems to be something wrong with the teleporters that prevents them from being on board the Squadron's ship to implement the latter half of their plan.

    The CCC ship answers this set back with a barrage of energy blasts intended to disable the Squadron's ships' blasters while the heroes are still preoccupied in battle. However, the Squadron's ships has far more advanced shielding equipment and deflects the blasts back at the CCC ship's shield, causing it to rock violently as the ten heroes fighting outside the ship continue to take down the robots left and right with their combination of abilities and resources (Lightning even complimentarily comparing Tralfaz to the super-feline's JSAnimals teammate, CONNIE the Starhound.).


    Meanwhile, back on Earth, the ten heroes beamed down to the area THEIR 250 robots are heading toward arrive in their assigned location. After some VERY quick introductions to the heroes already on the scene, all the heroes free to fight get right to work. With the help of Ace, Stretch-O-Mutt, Tech Hound, Chameleon Collie and Zipster, Air Dale's team is more than holding their own against the massive, heavily armed automatons. In fact, between the fifteen of them, all the still-free heroes on the scene are rapidly picking the mechanoids off with their teamwork and combined resources.

    Stretch-O-Mutt and Elast-O-Lab barely have time to shake paws before they're forced into action, Stretch-O forming a Y-shaped stick and Elast-O flinging already disabled robots at their attackers slingshot-style.

    As the battle rages on, Tech Hound's high-speed lock decoders continue to work toward locating the exact twenty-digit combinations needed to undo the locks and free the heroes that have been trapped.


     Back out in space, Mind Hound curses. That accursed Niccolo once again  failed to give them critical information, something that led to their current situation. "If that idiot was here right now, I'd..." She stops, in shock, as Niccolo, in full gear, appears in front of her.

    "Hello again, Cloddish Canine Curs," he says. Minotaur snarls and charges the professor, but hits the evil time traveller's protective force field and goes sailing backward..Even the combination of Novaburst's heat blasts, Von Fang's super-tooth and Spewer's acid blast hitting that force field all at once proves to have no better luck than Minotaur did.

    Niccolo laughs."Betraying me was not wise. It appears you are nearly beaten, but I have one more little surprise for you. This is actually my third trip into the past today. While most of you were out getting their butts kicked by the Dog Stars, I travelled on board and, using my historical records, set your ship to self-destruct in one minute. The best part is it will also mean the destruction of the accursed Dog Stars, who are drawing closer to your craft."


    A few minutes earlier: "Whizzy, what's wrong?" Dale (having just beamed back aboard with the rest of the away team after just helping Ace, Stretch-O-Mutt, Tech Hound, Chameleon Collie and Zipster defeat the last of those 250 robots sent on the diversionary attack against the trapped JLAnimals) asks the obviously alarmed scientist cat. Whizzy replies that his readings show that the CCC ship has been tampered with, possibly being made to self-destruct. .

    "I can attempt to use our interdimensional and time transporter to send these fiends and their ship home, separately, but I don't know if I can find the right settings for all of them in a few minutes."

    Tralfaz (having just gotten back onboard the Squadron's ship himself with the rest of HIS team from their outside-the-ship space battle) says he might be able to help if they can get the CCC ship pinpointed. He is familiar with the time and dimensional settings and still has one of his old model portable time transporters. Meaning that his transporter, connected to the ship's generator, might be able to send the CCC back to their home universe while Whizzy concentrates on transporting the ship to a safe place before it explodes.

    "Huh, that's karma for you. Looks like those jerks are gonna get their ship wiped out, too," Dash comments.

    "Took the words right out of my mouth, Dash." Hot Dog admits.


     The flashback ended, the Cosmic Canine Cartel members are snarling furiously as they still try in vain to attack the Canine Chronometer. "And I'm sending out energy waves that disrupt your transporters... (which is why your effort to beam aboard the Squadron's ship earlier failed). You're stuck here while I will make my escape," Niccolo says. But as he pushes a button on his belt, he appears to realize that HIS portable transporter isn't working either.

    Mind Hound sneers. "We also have an energy disrupting field as part of our ship's weaponry. At least we shall not be the only ones to perish," she adds, bearing her teeth as Niccolo's face inexplicably twists into a sneer.

    "That's what you think. I sort of lied when I said this was my THIRD trip back to this era today. I only made TWO trips and sent my robot duplicate on THIS trip so I can gloat from the safety of my own time period via time-travel sensitive hyperspace communication. Did you HONESTLY think I'd be foolish enough to underestimate you curs a SECOND time?".... a line followed by an evil laugh, which is concluded by the robot's foreshadowing self-destruction.

    The ship's self-destruct countdown monitor reads "4, 3, 2...."

    To Be Concluded....

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    Oh noez! What will happen!? This is too much!

    Nice work you guys. I can't wait for the last chapter.

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    Thanks Isaac. i forgot to comment on the first part of your latest tale, but it DOES look like it's definitely off to a great start.
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    Here's my last chapter for the week. Next week *hopefully, if I remember* there will be more. But more importantly, the first of Deathcon's generals are gonna arrive! Woot! As we strive to that very important arc, the fillers continue!

    The Master of the Sky! Part 2

    Where we left off, Para-Clone has just been mortally injured from G-Hawk's last attack. Battered and all bloody, Para-Clone begins plummeting head first toward the ground as G-Hawk watches. Some feathers fall off Para-Clone as she falls at what seems to be a slow pace. Her eyes are shut, as she is unconscious and unable to make a move. G-Hawk snickers, "Too bad. She could of made a great girl friend. Well no use leaving a street with blood now, so it's time to wrap this up." He prepares to make one final dive at her, but before he can, something swiftly catches her. "Eh?" It's Krypto! He glares at him for what he has done. "G-Hawk. I should of known you could go this far." "Bleh. Superdog. Don't you have other things to do? Leave a hawk be, I was in the middle of a hunt." Krypto reminds him, "You know the deal, you aren't supposed to attack anyone who has an owner. Para-Clone here happens to have an owner." G-Hawk seems to get agitated. "So if you want to try and attack her again, you're gonna have to get through me." G-Hawk scowls. But soundly backs off, "Very well." He flies off a bit but looks back, "But remember this. If that bird should ever stand between me and my meal again, I won't be as merciful as before. And not even you will get in my way. You maybe faster than me, but that doesn't stop me from getting what I want." He flies out of sight.

    With that, Krypto looks at Para-Clone, who just hangs there on his back, with many cuts on her. "Don't worry. It's all over now."

    At Kirin's house, Kirin is doing laundry, when he gets a knock at the door. "Coming!" He answers it and finds Krypto, with a bloody Para-Clone on his back. "Oh my!" Kirin exclaims. He picks her up into his arms, "Pirin, what happened to you?! Say something!" Krypto tells him, "She's fine. She's just taken a lot of cuts but she's still alive." Kirin notices the blood on Krypto's fur. "This is bad. We have to treat her immediately." Krypto nods, "Let's hurry."

    In the lab, Para-Clone is on a stretcher, with an oxygen mask, skirt off, and with bandages. Kirin is relieved that her heart rate is going normally again. "That was too close. If we hadn't gotten her treated sooner, we might of lost her. Krypto, what happened?" Krypto puts his head down in grief, "Well..."

    Time quickly passes as Krypto has explained what happened. "So G-Hawk did this? I can barely believe it. But seeing these wounds..." "G-Hawk isn't no ordinary hawk. He has an ability that he calls Flash Wing." Kirin looks surprised, "Flash Wing? Now why does that sound familiar?" "It's an ability which allows the user to travel from one place to another in a blink of an eye. Almost like a flash. It works only for short distances, but it's good to fool your opponent's into thinking you can warp, and it's good for fast piercing attacks. It's often deadly when used correctly. I've heard he's able to do it with the leather attachments to his legs. I don't know how, but that seems to be the case." Kirin ponders and gets something. "Oh now I know. It must really be Flash Step. That makes perfect sense." Now Krypto is confused, "You know about it?" "Yeah." He lifts up a sleeve of his pants to reveal some weights around his ankle. "I got a tip off Superman that I can achieve a speed by wearing special weights around my ankles for a long period of time. He told me that by increasing the weight as I get used to it, by the time I take them off I can be as fast as the Flash. Though I can't say I'll be as fast as you." Krypto agrees, "Hm hm."

    They hear Para-Clone moan. They go to her, "Pirin. You awake?" Krypto asks as Para-Clone barely has her eyes open, "Krypto? Kirin? Oh...what happened?" "It's alright now. You just rest for now. Everything will be fine in the morning." She falls back asleep. Kirin is happy now, "It looks like she's going to be fine now. Now, perhaps I should give you a bath." Krypto is confused, "Me? A bath?" "We wouldn't wanna send you home with blood on you now." Krypto looks at his back and gives an embarrassed look.

    Later that night, Para-Clone wakes up in Kirin's bed. She has some bandages on her still and feels slight pain when trying to move. So she decides to just stay in bed. Kirin comes in, "Oh you're awake again." He holds up her skirt with a smile, "I fixed your skirt for ya." She asks, "Kirin. What happened to me?" He goes over to the bed, "You were seriously injured from that fight with G-Hawk." He sits on the bed. "But don't worry, I've fixed you up, so you should be fine within a day. You heal fast for someone from the Dream World." She asks with concern, "What about.." "If you're worried about the kittens, they're fine. Your friends told Krypto and Streaky about the situation. That's how Krypto knew to find you." Para-Clone feels better, "I'm so glad." She looks up at him, "Kirin." "Hm?" "I'm sorry about..before." "Sorry for what?" She explains, "I let love get in the way of your warnings. I should of listened. Now look at me. I even lost to him. What happens the next time I try to face him and I can't protect myself or anyone else?" She begins to cry. He pats her. "You won't lose next time. And I'm going to help, by teaching you Flash Wing." She looks up at him, "You will?" He replies, "Yes." She hugs him

    The next day, in the basement *training room*, "Good. You're all healed up and ready for training. Today and for as long as it takes, I'm going to teach you the method to achieving the Flast Step, also known as Flash Wing for birds." Para-Clone stands ready. "The first thing we do, is to put these weights on." He holds up tiny weights. "Weights?" "Superman told me that by putting these weights on your ankles, or in your case legs, you increase the amount of force applied to your feet. Making you more heavy and making it harder to move. If you can learn to move easy while having weights, then when you take them off, you'll feel light as a feather. Since you're a bird, it should take ten times less time it would take for me. That is if you're committed to learning." She couldn't agree more, "You kidding? I'm totally into learning!" He bends down to give her the weights. She grabs them and gets pulled to the ground. "Woah! How much do these things weigh?" He smiles, "50 pounds." She exclaims, "What!? I can't lift 50 pounds!" "Not yet anyway. Now let me strap them onto your feet." He ties the tiny weights to her legs. "To think these are 50 pounds for such small pieces of metal." Kirin stands up, "Alright. Now try to walk to me." Para-Clone tries to move, but can't. "I..can't! Too heavy!" "And that's the training. For you, you just need these weights alone and you'll learn Flash Wing." Para-Clone asks in an angry tone, "And what makes you think that!?" "Simple. I'm in a human form so I have to follow the basic composition a human would have to have to achieve these speeds. You are a bird, so you have different needs. I did research and found that you can learn it a lot faster than me if you try." "And how much are you carrying on your legs then?" He simply replies, "500 pounds." Para-Clone is shocked and turns all white. Kirin begins to leave, "I'll be back by lunch. Try to move around as best you can and...don't cheat by transforming." Para-Clone crosses her arms, "Hmph."

    Later that day, Para-Clone is slightly moving around better. She is very tired from trying. Kirin brings her a plate of bird seed. "Here you go." She digs in while standing. "Wanna call it quits for today?" "No way! It's like you said, I got to wear these weights for as long as it takes! If I take them off now, it ruins the purpose of trying! I don't know about you, but if it takes me the rest of my life I'll get around on my own!" She continues eating. Kirin backs off. Para-Clone speaks while eating, "I will not...*munch* lose to him...*munch* again!" Kirin can see her forming tears in her eyes. He is glad she is trying her best.

    Late into the night, Para-Clone is now trying to fly around with the weights. She keeps falling down several times, but she keeps getting back up and trying again. Kirin spies on her through the night, watching her progress. Her words echoe in his mind, "I will not lose to him again!" He smiles and whispers, "Thatta girl."

    Commercial Break...

    Next morning, Kirin checks on her again. This time, she's sleeping. He accidently knocks something over and she begins to wake up. "Oh, good morning Kirin." Kirin comes in, "Hey. Ready to take off the weights?" "I don't know. You sure I don't need more time first?" He goes over to her, "I believe you're used to these enough by now." He unties the weights. Para-Clone stretches, "Oh. Oh! This feels much better!" Kirin stands up, "Let's test it. Later, Kirin has several targets in his hand, Para-Clone waiting across from him. Kirin tosses them up into the air. Para-Clone disappears and reappears on Kirin's shoulder. As the targets near the ground, they tear open. Para-Clone is happy, and Kirin is proud. "Looks like you're ready."

    Later in the park, Para-Clone's friends are at the bird fountain. "I'm getting worried about Pirin. I haven't seen her at all yesterday." "She's probably still recovering from that brutal attack G-Hawk gave her." "I know. It's so horrible to think he would do this to our friend." "Now that you mention it, he's less cool than I thought he was." They all agree, "Indeed!" Across from the bird bath, Streaky is with his nephew Squeaky. "Uncle Streaky, how come Aunti Pirin isn't here?" "I'm sorry Squeaky. But auntie is still recovering. But she'll be fine soon, I promise." "I hope so. We all miss her so bad." Streaky smiles, "Well she's a tough cookie. You can bring her down so easily. Now come on, let's do something." "Hide and Seek! Hide and Seek!" He accepts, "Alright. You hide." He turns to the tree and begins counting, "1...2...3..." While Squeaky goes to try and find a hiding spot. Unaware that G-Hawk is spying from atop a building again. "This time you won't be so lucky."

    One of Para-Clone's friends spots G-Hawk and instinctively calls out, "Hey look out, it's G-Hawk!" Both of them hear that and spot him. But shortly, G-Hawk disappears as Streaky calls out, "Quick! Get out of there Squeaky!" In slow motion we see G-Hawk descend toward Squeaky, but before he can reach him, out of nowhere, Para-Clone appears in a flash, interrupting his descent. Everyone is relieved and happy to see, "Para-Clone!" G-Hawk is mad. " again!" Streaky goes to his nephew, "Hey, you're okay!" "Uncle!" Squeaky gets next to his uncle. Para-Clone says, "Leave this guy to me. It's high time I show him who the real master of the sky is." "You sure?" "Super positive." Streaky nods, "Alright." He takes Squeaky away while the two stare at each other.

    "So you're back again. You didn't learn your lesson the first time I reckon. That's fine by me. Cause this time Superdog isn't around to save you this time." Para-Clone confidently replies, "I don't need him to protect me from you anymore. I know your Flash Wing tricks, and I'm here to match them." "Really? Can you really prove it?" Para-Clone disappears and reappears behind him, "Definitely." G-Hawk turns back and sees the afterimage of Para-Clone disappearing. "Interesting. Let's take this to the sky." She nods and they begin to fly up into the clouds. Her friends watch helplessly.

    They appear above the clouds and are ready to fight. "Even if you have somehow managed to match my speed, you will never outmuscle me. You're just a little parakeet who's messing with the higher link in the food chain." "I'm not the same parakeet you beaten. You're looking at a changed bird." G-Hawk, agitated, disappears and so does Para-Clone. They reappear at the same spot at the same time. He looks intimidated while Para-Clone is keeping her cool. They disappear and reappear at the same time. They keep doing this for awhile. "Not bad. But try this!" He disappears. But Para-Clone catches his movement and moves out of the way as he reappears as if he was trying to swoop in on her. "Grrr.." Para-Clone makes her move, "Multiplication!" She creates clones of herself. They all begin to swarm in on G-Hawk at blinding speeds. G-Hawk can't tell which is which. They're going the same speed as she is, and he can't keep track of them all. "I can't tell where they are!" He thinks. He then gets hit by a feather dart from no where. We see one clone shoot a dart before disappearing. All the clones are doing this and G-Hawk is taking serious damage. Para-Clone regroups her clones back into her. She's barely breaking a sweat. "Had enough?" G-Hawk is infuriated by this as he thinks, "This isn't right! How is she able to move so fast like that? She's starting to become faster than me! And she doesn't have any equipment on her!" Para-Clone disappears much to G-Hawk's surprise. Para-Clone punches him in the stomach. "Gaahhhh!!!!" "Hiiiiyaaah!!!" Para-Clone sidekicks at his legs and the leather falls off. "No! My speed enhancers!" The leather falls to the ground and breaks on impact. There was a chip inside the leather. "So you increased your speed by that. Well no more."

    Para-Clone takes many feather darts in her wings. "Ready for the finale?" G-Hawk is really scared now. Para-Clone tosses her darts upward, then disappears into another spot. She does the same thing before going into another spot. While the feathers float in the air, she announces her dance. "Feather Dance..." She uses Flash Wing to G-Hawk and slaps him, while at the same time a set of her feather darts slices him. She kicks him and another set hits him. She keeps attacking him and more feathers keep hitting him. On the last set. She drill kicks him in the stomach and leaps away as the last set drills him hard. "The Final Waltz of the Phoenix!" G-Hawk begins to fall toward the ground, eyes pale white. "I...lost!!!!" He slams into a building. Para-Clone lands on the building as Krypto and Streaky show up. "Para-Clone, you alright?" Krypto asks. They notice G-Hawk all hurt. Streaky is surprised, "Woah. What'd you do to him?" Para-Clone winks, "I gave him what was coming to him. He he."

    Just then they hear a hawk cry as four different sized hawks appear. A sea hawk, a small hawk, an old hawk, and a blind hawk. The oldest hawk goes to Para-Clone. "You named Para-Clone. You are the one who bested G-Hawk, yes?" She nods, "Ye..yes." They look at him and say, "Well done. We were just here to take care of him, as he is a spy for another group. His punishment was to be banished from the group, and a replacement would be found. Looks like we found his replacement. Para-Clone, would you like to fill in as a member of the Five Wings of the Sky?" She is confused, "Huh?" "We are a group of hawks who dedicate to protect the peace in the sky, as well as the land. You would be the first non-hawk member to join." Para-Clone takes a thinking to it, "Thanks but...I'm not sure. I wouldn't want to have that much responsibility. And besides, there are those I do have responsibility to look after." "I understand. But the position will remain open. You can choose to join whenever you like. But on behave of the group, let me just say, you are now the master of these skies." With that, they take off. Krypto puts his paw on Para-Clone, "You did good." Para-Clone looks at him gladly.

    The End! Or is it?...

    That night, G-Hawk finally wakes up from being knocked out. "Grrr...curse that Para-Clone. Next time we meet she's going to pay!" "I don't think there'll be a next time I'm afraid." A voice says to him, as many birds in shadow surround him with red demon eyes. A larger bird, that condor from before, is among them. "No..please..Master Grandor! Give me another chance!" The large shadow that appears to be Grandor goes to him, "There are no second chances in the Black Talon Society." "Ahhhhhh!!!!!" A scream is heard throughout the city..

    The End! *Now it is*

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    Hey there, Isaac. Thanks again for sharing your work with us. As usual, a highly exciting and entertaining piece. :-D
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    Here's the final chapter of "the Present and Future Dog Stars", which is, of course, co-written by Catfan1 and myself. Naturally, the thanks given to KnightMysterio, DanSandwichBoy and, of course, Catfan1 himself most definitely still apply. Now, without further ado...

    The Present and Future Dog Stars-Part Five/Epilogue

    The part-furious, part-bewildered Cosmic Canine Cartel members are beamed away from the ship JUST as it explodes...... in a section of space pre-determined by future universe history notes to be light years away from any populated areas.

    As for the Cartel members themselves, THEY reappear right on the Earth of their home universe, face-to-face with their arch-rivals.... the Crime Pets of Amerika..... and we cut away from a scene that is, very assuredly, going to be a truly intense battle (and much too gruesome to actually show).


    Back in the standard Kryptoverse, the heroes are talking amongst themselves about how things turned out.... Whizzy and Tralfaz in particular.

    "Too bad I didn't have time to preprogram your old model portable time transporter to send those fiends straight to the Phantom Zone instead of their home universe, Tral. To be honest, it would be the LEAST those fiends would deserve." Whizzy comments honestly.

    "I know, but future history says that they .... AND their arch-rivals in the Crime Pets... will ultimately be defeated anyway by the collective efforts of ALL of that universe's top animal heroes, so it's only a minor regret at best." Tralfaz says half-agreeingly, but also half-pointedly as the Squadron's ship heads back for Earth.

    "Our analysis now also indicates that the CCC was originally brought here by Professor Niccolo, which explains how the original Dog Star Patrol's evil counterparts were able to capture him in the first place," Whizzy notes, "He is responsible for causing all of this. Unfortunately, I don't think we can prove it," the super-cat adds.

    "Be that as it may, everybody here still did a terrific job on this mission. We all fared admirably against formidable opposition and no innocent civilians were seriously hurt (even though, admittedly, that last part is only by sheer luck in the cases of the attempted prison break AND the destroyed bridge, but even those two cases were BEFORE most of you had a chance to show up to those emergencies)." Prophetic Pup puts in.

    "I have to admit that Equalizer was right earlier... it WAS an honor to meet you. You truly ARE every bit the great hero Tralfaz's records show." Air Dale says to Krypto-1 honestly, but only narrowly managing to keep his present slight insecurity out of his voice.

    "And the apple DEFINITELY does NOT fall far from the tree in that respect, AD. After all, there is a VERY good reason why YOU are the Squadron's second-in-command." Equalizer says to Air Dale in an honest but friendly tone.

    "Hey, it was neat to meet you, too," Streaky says to Whizzy, "Even if I can't understand what you're talking about most of the time."

    Whizzy responds with a rare smile, "I was most impressed by your heroism, Supercat. I'm happy to say you live up to your reputation. And I'm proud to be descended from you."


     Back in the 23rd Century, Professor Niccolo grumbles about how the Dog Stars once again escaped his trap. "Well.... at least I managed to get my revenge on those double-crossers in the Cosmic Canine Cartel. Their ship is destroyed and they'll be too busy just trying to keep one step ahead of the Crime Pets on their own turf to find the materials for another ship any time soon. As for the Squadron, there will, as usual, be another chance for me to destroy them soon enough." the evil time-traveller comments before turning "toward the cameras" and asking "What? Did you think I was going to use some sort of lame time pun?"


    Hours later, all the heroes... including the recently freed members of the Justice League of Animals (who also finished the bridge repair work Bull Dog-2's team didn't have a chance to complete as well as helped out with repair work all across the rest of the city)..... stand before the original Dog Star Patrol's rebuilt ship. Thanks to the combined skills and powers of many of the assorted heroes present, the Dog Star Patrol's vessel is not only back in perfect working order, but has even been improved upon somewhat.

    So, Krypto-1, Streaky and friends return to the park where their day began hours earlier. "Hey, guys, there's still a couple of hours of daylight left," Streaky says. "And saving the world really works up a cat's appetite."

    Andrea shakes her head. She knew Streaky wouldn't be full for long and Krypto-1 notes that several Metropolis business owners wanted to treat the world-saving canines (and felines) to a meal. And so, three teams of Dog Stars and other heroes enjoy an evening meal in the Metropolis park, occasionally stopping as Brainy Barker-1 checks out the functions on the rebuilt ship. It turns out that the Dog Star Patrol's rebuilt ship still has all of the functions it did before (albeit all with better energy efficiency), plus improved blasters, tractor beams, defense shields and warp engines.

    Finally, the heroes are saying their good-byes, Elast-O and Stretch-O shaking elastic paws from opposite ends of the park and promising to work together again some time.

    "Come again anytime, guys," Krypto-1 tells the departing heroes; finishing with, "although I hope the circumstances are happier."

    "As do I and, I would wager, as would all of us. Unfortunately, as much as we might hope it, we all know that the odds of our next meeting being under happier circumstances are quite unlikely, given the way the super-hero lifestyle goes." Lightning says honestly as he flies back on on board the Sirius Patrol's ship just a few seconds before the ship's built-in interdimensional travel circuitry is activated. After a brief, but brilliant, glow, the Sirius Patrol's ship (along with all of the visitors from the KWLS-verse) returns to its own universe.


    At the makeshift Lexcorp headquarters Luthor had prepared for his business trip, Ignatius is watching the scene with great interest as he continues testing his portable inter dimensional transporter, which links directly to Apollo in the KWLS world and eyes a larger, more ominous-looking device: a huge, black box with something resembling a gun barrel poking out of two sides.

    "Some of you will be making a return visit sooner than you expect, and it will be a one-way trip this time," the iguana comments. Speaking into a microphone, he adds, "Attack by those Cosmic Canine Cartel dolts thwarted with no effect on our own effort. Plans for conquest of the multiverse proceeding on schedule."

    The End.... for now

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    Hurray! Good show guys!
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    Thank you extremely kindly, Isaac. :-D
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    Break out some snacks and pop up a chair, it's Krypto time! I bet no one has thought of this yet...Crazy Dog Catchers FTW. Oh, and if I'm wrong on breeds *which I s*** at doing* please correct me. I plan putting this on FicWad after I have my facts straight. Anyway...

    Is It Legal? The Experimental Dog Catcher!

    A nice day in the park, and Krypto and Streaky are on patrol in the skies. "Well that takes care of that area." Streaky says. "Now can we go on our break now!? I'm getting hungry!" "Alright. I guess we can take a break." Streaky is glad, "Finally! I got a nice little lunch spot in mind." "Just meet back in the park at 1." "Got it." Streaky takes off in a flash. Krypto lands behind a dark alley, spins around, and goes back to normal. He's just behind that butcher shop place he loves going to. "I guess a little snack won't do. I wonder what's on the menu today." As Krypto goes around the back, some man in grey with a net spies on him with binoculars. "Awww...Incredible! A rare white Golden Retreiver! Just like Superdog. There's no doubt, that's him. Soon he's going to be mine. And I have the tools to do it." He stares at his net, which has a piece of Kryptonite embedded on it.

    While that happened, Krypto got some meat from that lady and has just finished chowing down. The man goes up to him. "Why hello there little doggie." Krypto immediately recognizes him as a Dog Catcher, and even spots the piece of Kryptonite on the net. "Now you and me, are gonna go for a little ride, so if you don't mind getting into this net I.." He attempts to swing but Krypto makes a run for it. "Hey!" Krypto goes around the corner and into the streets. "So you're gonna play it that way eh? No problem. I got just the thing for you." He holds out a little blow gun *which is those tube things that shoot darts*. "More efficent and silent too. And it's more legal than using tranquilizer guns too." He goes around the corner and blows into the tube. A dart heads straight for Krypto. Krypto stops running, thinking he got away. "Phew. That was a close one." He gets hit in the rear by the dart. "Arf!" He looks at it and it's in him. "A tranquilizer dart..." He feels dizzy, "Shoot." He falls asleep. The dog catcher goes to him, "Mwahahahaha." Everyone around him is staring at him. "Uh...just doing my job!" He puts him in the net. "Chow!" He takes off.

    Streaky sunbathes on top the Daily Planet planet statue, all full from eating his lunch. "Ahh. That felt good." He looks down from above. "I never noticed, but everyone looks like tiny ants down there. In fact.." With his super vision he sees that dog catcher taking Krypto away to his van. "One of those ants looks like Krypto! Hey!" He flies down, just as the dog catcher puts Krypto in the van and begins to drive off. Streaky watches him leave. "Hang on buddy, I'll save you!" He follows him as the van heads for the highway, where it goes even faster. Streaky has his eye on him, but doesn't pay attention to not crash into a sign. "Ow!" The van gets off an exit shortly after. Streaky recovers and now..he's lost him. "Uh oh." He flies off in a flash.

    In the park, Para-Clone is eating some berries in a tree and singing a little tune. "Yummy yummy. Berry berry licious." Streaky pops up behind her, "Para-Clone!" She freaks out, loses all her berries, and nearly falls out of the tree. She goes to his face angerly, "Don't you ever do that again! You made me lose my lunch!" "Sorry, but this is urgent! Krypto's been kidnapped by some wacko dog catcher!" "Say what?" "I dunno what happened, but after I ate some fresh tuna from the harbor, which I must say was quite delicious. Though I think I should of..." She yells, "Out with it man!" "Anyway, some dog catcher was taking Krypto away. And even I know that they don't take dogs that have collars, so something is wrong here and I can't find them!" Para-Clone socks him on the head, "You lost them!? What kind of superhero are you!?" "Geez. You have to be so hard?" "Grrr..."

    Meanwhile, the dog catcher's van reaches what appears to be an old warehouse. Next scene later, Krypto is in a cage enforced by Kryptonite bars. He slowly wakes up and sees the surroundings. He touches the bars and gets slightly weakened. "Kryptonite barring. Not good." He looks around from the cage and sees many tools and nicknaks used for experimental purposes. "What is this place? This isn't the pound. Though that wouldn't make sense as everyone knows you're not supposed to pound dogs with owners. Especially since I have a collar." "Quiet down in there!" The dog catcher comes to the cage. "We don't want anyone hearing your yapping now, Superdog." Krypto is surprised, "He knows who I am?" He thinks. "Yes sir ree. There's only one white Golden Retreiver in the whole city, and you fit that description perfectly. Them other dog catchers think I was crazy. They thought I would never find the dog that could be Superdog! But I sure showed them wrong! And once I done some tests for proof, I'll be famous! Test one has already been successful. You seem to have strong dislike toward the Kryptonite I laid out. Now for the next time. And it's going to be rather painful. Mwahahahaha." Krypto doesn't like the idea.

    Commercial Break...

    At this time, Streaky is looking around with Super Vision, trying to find Krypto. "Krypto! Where are you buddy!?" He looks through several buildings. Through one he flinches, "Ahh! Sponge bath!" Para-Clone shows up, "I just told Kevin about this and now the police are searching under the knowledge of a stolen dog." "Well that makes things easier." "Now...let's think. If Krypto wasn't taken to the pound, where could he of been taken?" "Well I was thinking he was taken to some old abandoned warehouse like all those other crazy dog catchers do." Streaky suggests, which makes Para-Clone stare at him. "Where did you get that idea?" "I've been watching Scooby Doo in the mornings." Para-Clone stares at him still. "What? That show's funny."

    Back with Krypto, the dog catcher is putting together some things for his next test. "Heh heh heh." Krypto thinks to himself, "I got to get out of here. But how?" He realizes something about the Kryptonite bars. "Those bars only seem to work if I touch them. They must not have strong radiation as normal Kryptonite. So..."

    The dog catcher turns around, "Alright Superdog. Time for..." There's a hole in the top of the cage with melted ridges. There's also large line markings pointing out that Krypto is missing. "What the?" He spots Krypto sneaking away, "Hey!" Krypto's in trouble, "Uh oh." "Get back here!" He chases after Krypto. Krypto leaps up a few times but can't fly. "Drat. I still can't fly." The dog catcher is right behind him. Meanwhile, as they run around, Streaky and Para-Clone spot them through the top window. "There he is!" Para-Clone spots the guy chasing him, "And that must be his captor. Let's go get him!"

    The Dog Catcher traps Krypto in a Kryptonite net. "Ah ha!" He hears noises from behind as Streaky and Para-Clone come out of no where and attack him. He drops the net as he shields himself from their attacks. Streaky scratches while Para-Clone pecks. "Ow! Ow! Stop it! That hurts!" Para-Clone then goes to Krypto and removes the net off him. "Thanks Para-Clone." "No problem. You wouldn't believe how long it took to find you." Anyway, Streaky knocks the guy into a corner. Krypto gets his strength back, "Alright you guys, it's my turn now." Krypto goes to the man. "What the?" Krypto grabs him by the shirt and swings him around a bit. He releases him and he goes flying into the door, knocking it over and landing right in front of some policemen. "Ah ha. If it isn't Louie the Dog Catcher. Wasn't he fired from his job for cruelity to dogs?" "Yeah. Wasn't he also the guy who claimed he could reveal the dog who was Superdog?" Well Louie gets up as guys cuff him. "But I did! I've found the dog who was Superdog! See for yourself!" Krypto and Streaky step out. "See! There's Superdog!" Then, a second Krypto in Superdog form appears along side them. Louie is rather shocked, "But..but..." "Let's go pal." "No! Wait! I swear! That really is Superdog!" "Tell it to the judge buddy." The pets chuckle before Para-Clone returns to normal. "Good disguise there." Krypto comments. "No problem." Louie is put in the car and taken away.

    Krypto, Streaky, and Para-Clone are on top the Daily Planet planet statue. "Hey you're right Streaky. This is a good spot for sun bathing." Para-Clone says. Krypto tells them, "Thanks again for finding me guys. I would of been in a lot worse situation if you hadn't come." Sreaky replies, "Well it's all in a day's work. After all, no one, not even some dog catcher, is a match for us." Para-Clone reminds him, " owe me ten berries." He freaks, "Ten berries? For what?" "For my lunch, which you ruined." Krypto smiles as they argue. "It's not my fault I had to interupt your lunch!" "Yes it is! I.." They continue as we see the sunset.

    The End!

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    Hello my friends.  I'll be out of town starting today for about 9 days.  It's time for my annual fall trip up to Maine and New Hampshire.  I won't be bringing my laptop (it needs a vacation too!) but I will check in every now and then.  Keep up the great job everybody and I'll see you all later.

    Until later, take care.


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    It's quiet...too quiet.....This story should cheer everyone up. It's a two parter, and introduces one of the three generals of Deathcon. Note that his powers may be a little different from the one in his profile. In fact, he has improved on his powers over time and well....just read.

    The Power Snatcher, Cerebrus! Part 1

    Somewhere in the deep recesses of space, we find Deathcon's giant planet ship. Inside, we find Dr. Metallo watching over the soldiers training with his newly made weapons. This kind of training requires them to wipe out each other, as two teams fight for survival. Dr. Metallo watches with grimmace as one by one, soldiers are killed by each other. Then, Cerebrus comes in and begins to walk by Dr. Metallo. "And just where were you Cerebrus?" He asks without moving his head. Cerebrus stops and replies, "Where do you think I was? I was busy working on some things." "You were napping again, weren't you?" "No way!" Dr. Metallo continues, "You are a general Cerebrus, you are supposed to hold up your duties as one and should really be on time to watch over the soldiers! I had to cancel my Invention Sessions because you were too lazy to get your butt up here." Cerebrus doesn't, "Well it isn't really my department to watch over those weaklings. Shouldn't it be Moonspike's job? Where is she anyway?" "She's on a recon mission on some planet. Deathcon said he might enslave another planet if he's in a good mood and if the planet is good enough for him. And I remember him putting you in charge of her duties until she returned." Cerebrus sweatdropped, "Well sorry for not remembering." "Hmph. I don't even know why Deathcon chose you to be a general. You have to be the most pathetic excuse I have ever seen. Why, I bet the next time you face that Kirianian kid you'd lose just like last time." Cerebrus argues, "I would not!" "You would so." "Grrr..I don't have to take this. I'm out of here!" He leaves the room. "Pitiful."

    Cerebrus stomps through the hallway into an elevator. It goes up. "Yeah? Well the reason I got to be a general was because of my powers. I have more potential than you know. I just, keep it to myself really," he says to himself.

    He reaches the floor he was going for, and enters the main control room. Deathcon is there. Without turning around he speaks, "Why hello Cerebrus. Slacking off on your duties as usual?" "Only because it's boring! Seriously, I shouldn't be watching over some pitiful excuse of a soldier, I should be out causing destruction and mayhem! Instead you sent Moonspike and I'm stuck here. Couldn't we just go to Earth now and take out the Kirianian now? I mean waiting an entire year is just too much! I want to take out that kid now!" Deathcon turns around, "I made a deal Cerebrus. I said I wouldn't step foot on Earth until one year has passed. It has only been three months, nine more wouldn't hurt." "Okay, so you can't. So why can't I!? It's not like I'm prohibited from going!" He replies, "You aren't restricted to the deal. However I don't want you going." Cerebrus is surprised, "What?" "You maybe one of my generals, but your skills are...lacking." "What's that supposed to mean?" "You are the weakest of the group. Your powers maybe potentially dangerous enough to overcome the others, but when against someone as experienced as Kirin, you wouldn't stand a chance. Especially since rarely train at all, I wouldn't see why I haven't demoted you already." Cerebrus looks scared. "Face it, unless you pull your weight, I'm going to have to handle you personally." Cerebrus scowls, "Yeah?! Well..I'll show you! I'll show you all!" He runs out the room. Deathcon merely just turns around in pity.

    Cerebrus enters one of the ship pods and takes off in it. In his thoughts, "I'll show him, and I'll them all! I am tough enough to serve as general, and I'm powerful enough to take down someone as puny as Kirin!" His ship is heading for Earth.

    Meanwhile, on Earth..."Streaky!!!" Andrea is yelling for him at her house. She is walking around her room trying to find him. "Darn it Streaky. Not this again." She looks in her closet, "You know today is bath day. You only get a bath from me once a week, so why must you do this every single time? And don't give me that, "Oh I have to save the day," junk. You know you smell really bad after a whole day of crime fighting." "I do not!" Streaky replies stupidly, and Andrea smirks as she knows his location. She pulls over the bed sheets and finds him under the covers. He nervously smiles, "Heh heh." "Got you know." She tries to grab him but he speeds away. "Hey!" He heads for the window. "Get back here!" Streaky hears something, "Sorry Andrea, but duty calls." He takes off into the sky *without his cape btw, lol*. She sticks out the window saying, "You're going to have to take a bath sooner or later when you get back!!" As he flies he goes behind a cloud, a spark emits from behind, and comes out with his cape on. "Yeah. That'll be the day."

    There's a robbery downtown, as the bank robbers are getting away in their getaway van. They laugh with glee as they escape. But then something stops them. "Huh?!" It's Streaky the Supercat! He has stop the van with one paw. "Hold it right there you bums." They all panic and make a break for it. "So you want to do things the hard way eh?" He uses his superbreath on them to blow them off balance and knock them all down at once. Streaky grabs a discarded garden hose from a dumpster, and quickly ties them all up at once. "That should do it." The police arrive to take things from here. One of the officers thanks Streaky, "Thanks for the help Supercat. You really live up to your name." Streaky purs and takes off. "Another day another tuna. Speaking of, I'm getting hungry. I should stop by the harbor and.." Just then he sees a large space pod fly above him and land towards a forest outside the city. "Woah. What was that?" He flies closer to the forest, then uses Super Vision to see what landed. It is indeed a space pod. "I should get Krypto." He is about to head away, but changes his mind, "Nah. Things like this make Krypto tell me to get backup from someone and I always miss out on the fun. Besides, how bad can one alien be?"

    At the impact site, the pod opens and Cerebrus emerges. He takes a sniff at the air, "Ahh. Earth. Soon to be ours."

    Commercial Break...

    At Kirin's house, Kirin is practicing making Pot Roast as instructed by Para-Clone. The TV is on and a special report is being aired. "This just in, a strange unidentified object has just been spotted landing outside of Metropolis. It's said to of landed in the forest Northwest from this point of the city. More details will come as.." As the news lady speaks, Para-Clone looks at Kirin with wonder, "Could it be just the Justice League?" Kirin stares at the screen as they talk about what it looked like. "No. But I know where it came from."

    Anyway, Streaky flies above the forest and spots the pod. "Ah ha!" He also spots Cerebrus. "Woah. Shiny." He makes a landing while Cerebrus checks out the landscape. "Hold it right there alien!" Cerebrus ignores him and takes interest in the trees. "Nice looking trees." Streaky yells angerily, "Hey! Are you listening at all!?" "The aroma is so tempting that...I want to fall asleep." He yawns and lays on his back. "Yeah. I'll do just that." Streaky is even more annoyed, "Hey! Quit ignoring me and say something!" Cerebrus finally takes notice, "Huh?" He gets into a sitting position. "How long have you been here?" Streaky anime falls. He gets back up and starts yelling some more, "I've been here long enough for you to sniff the pine trees!" "Ahhh...Well, you wouldn't happen to know where I could find a guy named Kirin, would you?" "Huh? Kirin?" "You do know him, don't you? I mean aren't you supposed to be one of his friends?" Streaky scratches his head, "Well yeah. But I haven't seen him all day really, so I wouldn't know where he would be at the moment." "Aww, too bad." He lays back down, "I guess I can take a nap while you go bring him." Streaky protests, "Now wait a minute! Why should I do as you say!?" Cerebrus sighs, "Because, you are a pitiful earth cat, and clearly no match for me." Streaky is offended. "Besides, I'm only here for Kirin, so if you hurry up and bring him here I'll..." "Look pal! If it's a fight you want, then you can fight me! And I'm no ordinary earth cat you know! I can put a dent in your face so bad, it would take a dent remover to fix it!"

    Cerebrus sits up again. "Oh really? And you are?" "Name's Supercat. And around here I'm considered a superhero!" Cerebrus is slightly impressed, "Really? Well in that case..." He stands up. "Perhaps I can let you take me on for awhile. And for reference, you can call me Cerebrus." Streaky grins, "Well alright, Cerebrus. Prepare to get the beating of your life. Hieeeeyaaaahhh!!!" He lunges at Cerebrus with quickness and begins to punch him many times, along with many scratchers. Cerebrus is unphased and actually yawns again. Streaky is getting ticked as he continues attacking him. He then hits him with Heat Vision, which again doesn't do a thing to him. Streaky pants a bit as he is tired. "Is that all?" "No way! There's not a scratch on ya." Cerebrus braces himself, "Now watch this." He begins concentrating and he sprouts several arms that resemble Streaky's arms, only metallic. Streaky is grossed, "Eww!" Cerebrus explains, "You see, I have a nice little power called Power Absorption. Whenever I get hit by one of your attacks, I can make it my own for a limited time. So since I sprouted four arms, I have copied four of your powers. Let's see..." He thinks. "Ah. I believe I have copied your strength, speed, flight, and...your Heat Vision." Streaky is shocked. "Now...That's not all I can do." He runs up to him in a flash and grabs onto him. "Hey! What you doing?!" "Power...Absorption!" Streaky is emitting some strange aura as Cerebrus is stealing it. Streaky eventually breaks free and backs off. "What did you do just now!?" "Hm hm hm." Cerebrus sprouts another arm. "No way! But I didn't even attack you!" "True. But that was before, and this is now. For you see, I can now take powers willingly rather than just being hit. And I've just taken your Super Vision. Now there's no where to hide now." Streaky growls, "This fight isn't over yet." He yells out as they continue battling.

    It soon becomes night time, and Streaky is all beat up a bit. "Ugh...You still wanna fight? You big power sucking freak? Ugggghh..." He faints for a moment. Cerebrus is unamused, "You done now? I'm getting rather bored, and I really must get back to what I'm here for. I won't be having your powers for long, but this battle is over." Streaky gets up, "No way pal. This isn't over until I say it's over!" His stomach growls. "Ah!" "Ha ha ha! You getting hungry? Why don't you go home and eat now? I'm betting you rather eat anyway than continue this fight.." "Not today. Normally I would but you really tick me off. Besides, I haven't really been putting any effort into my attacks." "Oh?" Streaky assures him, "Rest assured, I'm gonna put at least one dent in that shiny body of yours. One way, or another!" He uproots a tree and holds it like a club. Cerebrus wonders what he's up to. "Eat tree!" He swings it at him and Cerebrus is sent into the air, though not really moving. Streaky flies up on higher than him. "Now for a trick of my own. Take a look at what I can do!" He yells into the sky and somehow, a thunder cloud forms above him, and lightning strikes him, turning his fur yellow like lightning. He's in his Static Elec-Streaky form. Cerebrus is amazed. "Now taste my Lightning Storm Drill!" Streaky comes down on Cerebrus like a drill and pushes him down hard into the ground, causing lighting to blast out around them in a huge explosion. Dust rises as Streaky leaps away, back to normal, and starts panting. "That took care of him."

    However, as the dust clears, Cerebrus begins to stand up. Streaky is frightened, "No way..My best attack..didn't stop him?" Cerebrus grows another arm, and begins to turn yellow, with electricity. Streaky is really paniced now. "My turn." He flashes by Streaky before he could counter. Cerebrus is normal again as a flash of electricity his Streaky, burning him badly. Streaky falls down, defeated. "I've had enough playing with you." He puts his foot on Streaky's head. "Time to end it." He lifts his foot up. But then the wind picks up and he senses something behind him. There, on top the hill behind him, is Kirin, with Para-Clone on his shoulder. And he doesn't look too happy. "Hello, Cerebrus..Long time no see." Cerebrus turns toward him with a smile. "Well if it isn't Kirin. You finally show yourself." They stare each other down.

    To Be Continued...

    BTW. If you've been paying attention, I just revealed Kirin's alien specie name.

    Edited on 10/04/2006 9:33pm
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    Hey there. Awesomely dramatic piece, Isaac. Definitely looks like it's going to be yet another winner (and you did a great job on your previous story too). :-D

    Anyway, he's the first part of another story Catfan1 and I worked together on. This tale os set during "Divided Loyalities" (the story with Krypto and Streaky helping Alf A. Cat clear his owner of charges he was framed for) and focuses on Ace, the Drac Pack Cats and a few more unused (up until now) characters in London....

    The Affair of the Malevolent Sparrow-Part One

    The setting is modern day London at early evening. Walking through a busy city street are a gray cat and a brown bloodhound, wearing matching blue collars, engaged in discussion about their latest adventure. A few people point and are heard to say, "That's the great dog detective!" and the dog seems somewhat uncomfortable with the attention as he turns to his cat friend.

    "Blast it, Stratford Cat, how do you do it?" the dog asks. " I never would have guessed the true nature of the Red Fur League and it's relationship to that theft from the British Royal Mint."

    "Ah, yer just needs to learn to use yer bloomin' loaf, guv'nor," the cat replies, in a manner that's a bit smug but not unfriendly.

    "And YOU need to learn the Queen's English, old chap," the dog responds somewhat irritated, rolling his eyes some as the two pass a large museum. He then stops and asks, "Loaf?"

    "You know, Tobe, rhyming Cockney slang. Head=bread=loaf, which actually does make perfect sense in yer case," the cat replies in a teasing tone.

    Tobias responds with a "Hmph," realizing Stratford is having a little fun with him, the cat exaggerating his usual accent. Just then the cat looks down.

    " 'Allo? What's this then?" and points to some odd prints in the dust. "Three sets. The first set clearly belongs to a large horse. Hmmm, these I can't make out. They look reptilian, but are MUCH too big to be any species of reptile that *I* know about... even significantly bigger than the horse's prints. THIS LAST SET, however, is most definitely an English sparrow if I know me birds, mate, and I do. Hmmm, these end after only a few feet. Most unusual that beings as big as the owners of the first two sets of prints could disappear so readily and easily."

    "An English sparrow in London, however, is hardly unusual," Tobias snaps, more in impatience than real anger. "We're already late to meet your friends. Let us not delay further," the dog replies. The cat shrugs and follows his friend, but files the information away mentally for future reference. As they leave, the distracted dog and cat fail to take notice of a large figure way overhead, glaring down at them with ebony eyes.


     Elsewhere, a brown-furred cat with a white collar with an attached magnifying glass and a green deerstalker cape is looking like he is clearly waiting for somebody as he is swatting away pea-shooter pellets being spat at him by a gray-furred mouse with a dark blue collar (with an attached magnifying glass of his own) and a purple deerstalker cap.

    "Squeaker, would you PLEASE not do that? I know you're bored and I don't blame you, but honestly....." the tabby cat replied evenly as he swatted away each and every peashooter shot before they could actually hit him.

    "Sorry, Peeper. But come on. Where IS this old friend of yours that you want to visit? He's late as it is." the mouse replies and he pulls on the cord of the bell directly behind the cat, which produces a load ringing forcing the cat to reflexively leap up and forward.... only to end up landing in an small portion of ground that has the mouse grinning for a while. The grin, however, quickly disappears for some reason.

    "Hey. I dug a pit in that exact spot... not deep enough to trap you, as you could have easily climbed out, but still deep enough for you to go completely in. Why didn't you go in?" Squeaker marvels aloud.

    "Simple. I saw you digging the pit earlier and took the precaution of discreetly slipping a couple of small, but sturdy boards over the pit while you were preparing your spitwads. It's just that the camouflage you used to cover the pit, also kept you from spotting the boards." Peeper answers with a slight grin as he gently pushes aside ONE of the boards.... at an angle that hits a small ball just hard enough to send it bouncing up to a certain already-loose tree branch. The branch then falls onto one end of a small planket and activates a slingshot with a net attached. The attached net ends up ensnaring the mouse.

    "And I also took the liberty of setting all THAT up just in case you were wiseacre enough to try to pick on me in boredom, Squeaker." Peeper adds with a gentle smile as he lets Squeaker out of the net.


    "Ah, there they are then," says Tobias, as the two see the cat and mouse up ahead. "Uh, I really think I better go first, Tobe. Remember what I said about these two." Stratford fairly cautions.

    "Nonsense. I plan to simply walk ahead, make a good first impression on your friends and ahhhhh!!" explains Tobias as he feels a panel of plywood give under his front paws and falls into a small hole in the ground. Fortunately, it's small enough that he readily climbs out, but the dog's dignity is somewhat hurt.

    "Sorry, pal," says the mouse, "That was intended for my friend here," and he points to Peeper.

    "Indeed," Tobias replies indignantly, his patience being tried sorely this evening.

    Introductions made, Strat and his old friend do some catching up and chatting about old times, Peeper even commenting how lucky Strat is to be working with somebody who has such a great appreciation for his talents.

    Off of Stratford's look, Peeper explains "Come on, Strat. I'm a pretty good detective myself and I've known you since I was a kitten. Heck, you taught me a lot of the tricks I use on the field. I know that Tobias might get the reputation, but it's you that does the majority of the actual crime-solving. But, all the same, he still shows an obvious appreciation for your skills and treats you pretty well, right?"

    But as Strat starts to reply, the sound of sirens cuts through the night. Tobias perks up one ear and says the police are talking about a major burglary at a nearby London museum.

    "Well, we normally charge ten tins of tuna and ten slices of cheese a day plus expenses for taking cases, but given that Stratford IS, in many regards, my mentor, I'll help you two out just for the honor of working with London's best team of animal detectives." Peeper comments.

     "And, I suppose, a good investigation WOULD be just the thing to keep me from getting too bored." Squeaker says as he climbs onto Toby's back.


     In a dark alleyway, three figures are conversing as the four animal detectives approach the museum (REapproach it in the cases of Tobias and Stratford).... "I'm not sure it was wise to strike this brazenly, Professor. You saw for yourself earlier. The great dog detective is most likely already on our trail and could lead the authorities to us, which may be quite troublesome," a large golden figure in red armor comments calmly.

    "Your cowardice borders on insubordination," a small scowling sparrow responds. "The magnitude of your incompetence never fails to astound me, Humphrey."

    A Clydesdale horse clad in sky blue armor chimes in with a disturbing smirk. "Let's eliminate the meddling mutt now I say. Smash him. Ha, right!"

    "Fools. Again, I am forced to do all the thinking myself," the sparrow mumbles, just before he seems to go into a trance, his eyes going blank and his body stiffening.

    "Professor?" the dragon asks. There's no reply, so he continues, "Morley.....?" with, again, no response. So, finally, the dragon says "Kelsey Morley?"

    The bird immediately snaps out of it. "I said to never call me by my full name!" Besides, the sparrow explains, he just received one of his occasional prophetic flashes, and he now realizes who the greatest threat to their plans really is. "And I'm sure we can find the perfect way to deal with him. After all," he says with an evil leer, "As they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat."


     It isn't long before Tobias, Stratford, Peeper and Squeaker are all JUST outside the museum. "Since you and your rodent partner insist on helping us out on this case.... Peeper, is it?" Tobias starts as Squeaker climbs off his back.

    "Yes, it IS." Peeper says with a nod.

    "Okay. Anyway, as I was aforementioning, since you two insist on assisting Stratford and myself, then the most sensible way to look for clues would be for us to split up into pairs and for each pair to take a different area of the robbery scene. "

    With that, all four animal detectives nod and pair off. Toby and Strat take one portion of the area of the museum that was broken into, while Peeper and Squeaker take the other half. All four detectives are extremely careful about analyzing the crime scene, trying very hard to make sure no potential evidence is damaged.

    Stratford's eyes soon catch something. He points to a display on Arthurian legend and a painting of a huge golden dragon; the feet, in particular, drawing his interest. "Tobe, mate, I 'ave a notion we may be onto something quite dangerous.. In fact, I dare say that mystical forces may be at work here." the feline sleuth comments. 

    This is soon followed by a crashing sound and the detectives are startled to see a large armor-clad horse run through the museum. Tobe and Stratford give chase, but the horse is incredibly fast, literally running rings around the the duo of detectives. Then, JUST as the horse, dog and cat make it outside and almost before Tobias can tell what's happening, something large swoops down, scoops the distracted cat into a bag and flies off.

    "Strat!" an alarmed Tobias cries out and Peeper and Squeaker; having just finished digging their way out of all the debris kicked up by the horse during the chase he led the other two detectives on; make it outside barely in time to see the huge creature fly off.

    "Blast it all! That... that creature has made off with my best friend," Tobias says. "No offense to you two, but I believe we are in need of further assistance."

    "Fortunately, I think we know how to contact someone who can help," Peeper replies as he points to a set of extremely recent newspaper headlines about several local crooks who claimed to have been captured by Batman and Bat Hound..


    Thankfully, Bruce Wayne is in London on a business trip and has brought Ace along for the ride (it is ALSO thankful that Bruce was able to find a good hotel that DOES allow .... animal partners [we all know how Ace is about being called a "pet"]) Bruce and Ace have seen plenty of action already as Batman and Bat Hound helping out the local police with assorted cases while in London . While Bruce is out of the room, however, Ace sees a sight he never expected to see here in London.... the Bat Hound Signal. Not wasting a second, Ace heads right for the area where Bruce Wayne stashed the gear they BOTH use.

    Seconds later, Tobias is looking at Peeper and admits to being impressed that the cat was able to put together a makeshift version of the Bat Hound Signal so quickly.

    "Well, he IS one of the most mechanically resourceful cats I know." Ace's voice called out from behind Tobias, Peeper and Squeaker. The trio turned around to see Ace, in full Bat Hound gear and on his doggie jet.

    "Hiya, Bat Hound. I read some clues indicating you were in the area and I figured we'd call you in on something really major." Peeper began

    "Please, allow me to explain the matter, Peeper. After all, I HAVE witnessed SLIGHTLY more of the situation than you have." Tobias replies.

    "But, of course, Toby." Peeper replies with a nod.

    Without wasting a single second, Tobias explains all of what he knows so far about the situation.

    "Supernatural, huh? Have room for three more?" the voice of Lon; aka the Wolfcat; called out. Ace, Tobias, Peeper and Squeaker turned around to see the trio of monster-powered hero-cats named Lon, Chaney and Junior and better known as the Drac Pack Cats.

    "We happened to be in the neighborhood and saw the Bat Hound Signal ourselves. We were curious as to if we could help out and decided to check out the signal. My werewolf hearing picked up much of what you said, Toby, so there is no need to go through the briefing again." Lon explains.


     As Stratford regains consciousness, he finds himself in some kind of large deteriorating courtroom, a gloating sparrow looking down smugly at him. "Finally decided to wake up and join us then?" the sparrow says.

    At Stratford's carefully analyzing look, Morley continues "Allow me to introduce myself, Professor Morley, the new Napoleon of Crime and rightful ruler of the British empire."

    Stratford replies, "Well then, Guv'nor, I must say yer the right stature for it a' right," before adding sarcastically, "And at least yer a right modest bloke."

    Morley glares, "You may drop the act, Great Detective. I am aware that you are much more than the Cockney lackey to that doltish dog. It was, after all, only a matter of time before my great mind calculated the truth. Now, holding you as hostage gets you out of my way and solves another of my problems as well as you will learn later. You sir, will stay in my clutches, helpless as I take over the British Isles." Stratford glares silently.

    Impatiently, Morley continues, "Aren't you going to at least ask how I plan to accomplish this?"

    "Offhand, I'd guess you plan to do it with the aid of magical spells that will restore the full power of Merlin and then create a supernatural army of unbeatable knights that will demolish who stand in their path. Indeed, that's why you've been stealing ancient artifacts from the museums," Stratford says. "You realize, mate, it's not the most imaginative o' plans."

    A fuming Morley orders Humphrey to gag Stratford and stand guard ("Don't let him out of your sight.") while he and Cleese check out another museum, leaving a few members of his sparrow army to be on the lookout outside. "And, just for your information, Mister Smarty-Cat, it doesn't HAVE TO BE an imaginative scheme; just an EFFECTIVE one." Morley replies as he starts to fly off.


    Meanwhile, the detectives are considering their next step. Between the minds of Ace, Peeper and Squeaker and the knowledge of the Drac Pack Cats, the heroes have also figured out that their enemy is stealing ancient artifacts to amass power.

    Ace points out there's one London museum left that hasn't been robbed and they should head there as quickly as possible.

    Toby nods, but it's obvious he's frustrated. "Gents, I don't know if I can be of any real help to super-powered heroes and truly great detectives such as yourselves, but I will do whatever I can to help my partner."

    "I'm sure we can use another set of eyes and ears and a good nose, Toby," Ace says. "You may be able to help more than you think."

    "Perhaps so. At any rate, we'll see soon enough." Tobias says, mostly to himself, as the seven heroes all head for the museum.

    To Be Continued......

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    Very nice. I can't wait to see the dragon! This is going to be fun.

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    Thanks, Isaac. I'm glad you think that. Anyway, here's part two of this latest piece co-written by Catfan1 and myself. Once more I would like to thank Catfan1 for the help he provided in making this offering...

    The Affair of the Malevolent Sparrow-Part Two

    There are three entrances to the area of the museum that holds the last ingredients Morley needs for his spell.... one entrance being guarded by Ace and Tobias, one being guarded by Peeper and Squeaker (who have set up a fair number of boobytraps around their entrance specifically designed to ensnare large and physically powerful criminals) and the last entrance being guarded (on both sides) by Lon, Chaney and Junior (Chaney taking the outside because of his inability to enter a home or business unless he's specifically invited by somebody who lives or works there).

    Ace is reminding Toby that they are unsure of the full extent of their opponent's powers and to be careful. Toby only has enough time to voice his gratitude for the reminder and comment "Speaking of which, we'd best leap in opposite directions post-haste." as his keen ears pick up VERY rapidly incoming hoof steps. The two are nearly knocked down by a huge lightning-quick figure, only narrowly dodging in time as Cleese goes galloping in, clearly targeting the last items Morley needs for his spell.

    However, another extremely quick figure nimbly grabs the targeted item closest to Cleese... namely Lon the Wolfcat. "Good thing *I* have considerably good hearing and exceptional speed myself." the feline/werewolf-hybrid comments evenly. Cleese tries to chase Lon as rapidly as possible, but given the agility possessed by the werewolf-powered cat, this proves to be no easy task. Ultimately, Lon manages to maneuver Cleese into running clear into the arsenal of boobytraps set up by Peeper and Squeaker ... including the patch of carefully concealed incredibly strong glue that holds him still matter how much he struggles. It is only the augmented endurance Cleese also has that saves him from pulling every muscle in his legs as he struggles vainly against the glue. "Horses never DID like glue." Squeaker quips to his feline partner.

    "Let's focus on getting this guy to tell us where his boss is holding Stratford." Peeper says in his "serious professional" voice.

    Cleese stubbornly refuses to talk, but Chaney's strong hypnotic powers get the information out of him. Strat is being held in the ruins of a castle outside London.


    Meanwhile, back in the wing of the museum holding the items Morley is after, a few of Morley's henchsparrows are trying to lift out another one of the other items he is targeting, only to get interrupted by Junior, who is just getting to the scene himself because the Frankenstein Monster-powered feline is nowhere near as fast as Lon. Junior's neck-bolt fired lightning blasts manage to keep the sparrows at bay, but the simple-minded Junor is oblivious to Morley himself levitating out the items one at a time. The mastermind sparrow has heard of the so-called "Drac Pack Cats" and knows full well that he is no match for any of the three in direct physical combat, but he DOES have a pretty good knowledge of their weaknesses. In Junior's case, while he IS the physically most powerful of the trio of monster-powered cats, the reanimated feline cadaver's biggest weakness, apart from a phobia of fire, is that he's simple-minded .... more than enough so for the avian to easily outwit.


    Back at Morley's hideout, Humphrey is eyeing Stratford warily. "Yer a right decent bloke, Humphrey, undoin' the gag so I could have a spot of cream."

    Humphrey glares back. "I would advise you to not try anything, cat. At any rate, you should know I cannot do anything to betray the professor."

    But soon, realizing the extremely intelligent dragon has been starving for someone to talk to, Stratford has Humphrey engaged in conversation, digging for any information that might be helpful, and , indeed, the dragon has explained much of Professor Morley's background and methods to him.

    "So actually, you are under the sparrow's foot, so to speak," Stratford says at one point, "Did he use the Arthurian version of the spell or the Locrinusian version? I know just a bit about them spells meself."

    Humphrey smiles knowingly, "And I know quite a bit about fattening up the victim for a kill. Did you really think I would tell you so much and then let you live? One moment please," the dragon calmly says, leaving the room. Strat looks around the area for any clue that might work in his favor. He notices there is an open window high above him and a sparrow guard, a none-too-bright lackey, looks at him with little interest, not noticing that he is growing drowsy as Strat tries out one of the hypnotic tricks he learned working for that circus.

    "I 'ave a message for you to deliver, mate," he begins.. The drowsy sparrow slowly nods as the feline provides instructions.

    A couple of the brighter sparrow guards, however, notice what the feline detective is up to and nail the distracted Stratford with pepper spray before he has a chance to finish his instructions to the guard he hypnotized.

    While he is recovering from the pepper spray, Stratford finds himself gagged again; and blindfolded to boot; by these two sparrow guards. The super-sleuth cat begins to realize that he is in the toughest spot of his career and it's up to his friends now.

    Then Humphrey returns with a metallic chair, which he latches into place over what looks like a huge oven eye. Humphrey says he's always wanted to see how much heat a smart alec cat could take, the temperature being increased gradually in small increments, he explains as the guards, at Humphrey's orders (the dragon IS, after all, Morley's second-in-command, which means he outranks them big time), remove Stratford's blindfold and gag.

    "Say, guv, don't you think you overreacted? I was just tryin' to send out for fish and chips," Strat comments with a wry smile.

    "Oh I see. Sorry but no time for a last meal," the dragon says in a smug tone. "Indeed, you won't have to worry about being held hostage long. Did I mention one of the last ingredients that Master Morley needs for his spell?" Humphrey says calmly, and pantomimes playing a violin. "Ironic considering your connection to the Holmes legend, no?"

    "Actually yer mistaken about that, hot stuff. Catgut strings have never been made from us felines, mate; just as hot dogs were never made from actual dogs," Stratford calmly replies.

    "That is quite irrelevant," Humphrey replies in irritation. "Since we are making magical spells, NOT violins." As he speaks, the birds, again under Humphrey's orders, put the blindfold and gag back on Stratford.


     Junior reports back to his companions: a nice police dog helped him out, arrested the sparrows and took the artifacts for evidence but he had to leave in a hurry.

    Lon slaps a paw over his face. Didn't Junior remember that their enemy had magical abilities and might be able to change his appearance? And now he's made his getaway.

    No matter, Ace replies, Chaney has obtained all the information they need from Cleese, who is now angrily threatening the heroes.

    "I'll pound you, I will grind you with my hooves. When I'm through with you, you will cease to be. You will be pushin' up the daisies. You will be no more. You shall be ex-cats!" he bellows.

    "Wrong hero team," Squeaker replies with a smile to the horse's threats (followed by a glare from Peeper reminding the mouse of the seriousness of the situation), as the heroes prepare to come to Strat's aid. As the seven heroes leave, however, a vial comes down on the patch of glue holding Cleese.

    "Good thing for you that I decided to double-back on those do-gooders, Cleese." Morley says as the vial tossed by the avian quickly dissolves the glue trapping Cleese.

    "About bloody time, Professor." Cleese comments in a slightly cross tone, obviously annoyed with being trapped as long as he has.

    "Well, I couldn't very well expect to be able to fight off all seven of them by myself now, could I? I mean, I'm pretty powerful as an avian of my persuasion goes, but, even so, trying to fight off the far-famed Bat Hound AND the Drac Pack Cats single-handedly while that glue was dissolving would be virtually impossible. I had to wait until all seven of them were gone before I freed you." Morley explains as he flies to the area where he stashed the stolen items..... less than fifty feet away from the robbery scene. After Cleese loads the bag for the stolen goods on his back, he asks the avian criminal mastermind if he is worried about the heroes knowing where his hideout is.

    "Of course not, Cleese. I was EXPECTING Bat Hound, at least, to be able to figure it out, so I took the precaution of setting up a series of secret traps in the lair for just that instance."

    "Secret traps? And you didn't tell ME?" Cleese snorts indignantly.

    "If I told you about the SECRET traps, they wouldn't BE a secret anymore, would they? Because, THEN, that accursed vampire-powered feline would have been able to lift THAT information from your head too." Morley snaps, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world as Cleese gallops as fast as he can back to Morley's hideout. Between Cleese's magic-armor-enhanced speed and the knowledge the sparrow has JUST shared with the horse about a shortcut the heroes don't know about, Morley and Cleese are able to get to the hideout a good twenty minutes before the heroes do (with their loot still in tow).


     "Ahhh, things will soon start to heat up," Humphrey quips, as he connects a cable to the large metal oven eye under Stratford's chair. But he's interrupted by Morley, who tells him to cease his moronic wordplay as he's needed immediately. They must begin the spell now before those fool heroes show up to ruin things.

    Humphrey notes that the cat parts they need should be ready in about 20 minutes.

    "I shall leave this job to you and don't forget to preheat. It must be baked just right,' the dragon says to the two main sparrow guards.

    "Cooking the cat will be a pleasure," one replies with an evil grin as he sneers at the once more gagged and blindfolded Stratford, who feels the first small wave of heat from directly under his chair.

    "He's goin' from the heat to the fryin' pan," another adds, pointing to an axe held by frayed rope directly over Strat's chair.


     "We know where the hideout is, Ace, but we are at some disadvantage I fear, Ace, not knowing quite what to expect," Tobias is telling Bat Hound.

    Ace looks thoughtful and notes that, with an opponent this evil and powerful, there is almost certainly a trap involved. Lon nods and notes that they will exercise all possible caution.

    "Speaking of which, it's a good thing I brought along this marble bag for setting off traps from safe distances." Peeper says, pulling out a small bag of marbles as the seven heroes reach the castle ruins. With this, the usually Metropolis-based feline sleuth draws careful aim and rolls a marble ahead of himself and the other heroes to see if any traps are set off.

    "Nice trick. Something Stratford would do on full alert, actually." Tobias admits.

    "Thanks. It's amazing how many criminal hideouts in Metropolis have motion detector activated traps." Peeper says seriously.

    "Maybe I should go in first. I'm the smallest, so I can fit in areas none of the rest of you can... except for Chaney when he's in mist form, but he can't enter a home unless he's invited, and... no offense, Chaney, but I doubt our quarry is dumb enough to actually invite you." Squeaker replies.

    "DUMB enough? No. ARROGANT enough? Very possibly." Chaney corrects.

    About that point, Humphrey comes flying up to the collection of heroes. "Lon, Chaney, Junior and I are the four best equipped out of the seven of us handle this dragon, Tobias. You, Peeper and Squeaker just focus on getting inside and freeing Stratford." Ace says with a growl.

    Tobias wants to argue that he doesn't turn his back on allies in trouble, but he knows Stratford is probably in the much worse predicament at present, so he half-reluctantly heads off with Peeper and Squeaker to try to find a way actually inside the castle ruins without setting off any traps.

    Ace and the Drac Pack Cats quickly dodge Humphrey's flame breath blast (with Junior very clearly panicking about the fact that he is THIS close to fire). While Lon and Chaney try to calm Junior down (trying to avoid Humphrey's next flame breath blast themselves in the process [Lon might be invulnerable to everything except silver and magic, but he's also smart enough to guess that the armor the dragon is wearing is probably magic {on top of the fact that this dragon is a supermatural creauture anyway} and Chaney is vulnerable to fire anyway]), Ace tries to fire off a couple of gas pellets at the dragon. Humphrey, however, casually swats them right back at the Bat Hound with his tail, something Ace only very narrowly dodges.

    Chaney tries to turn himself into a bat to fly himself into position for an aerial strike, but the dragon is smart enough to spot Chaney's plan immediately and is not letting the vampire powered cat get over him. While he is using tail swings, flame breath blasts and claws slices to keep the transformed Chaney beneath him, Ace tries firing off a set of electrified cables at the distracted flame breather. The alert Humphrey, however, using both cleverness and surprising agility for his size, pushes Chaney right into the cable Ace is trying to fire off.

    Lon tries to pounce on Humphrey from behind and use his werewolf speed and agility to maneuver the dragon into taking himself out (since Lon knows that trying to use his mystically sharp claws and teeth to scratch and bite Humphrey into submission could be a great tactical error [given the fact that all of those who are bitten or clawed by a werewolf and survives BECOME a werewolves themselves {and the LAST thing the heroes need is to give the already formidable dragon werewolf powers of his own}]). However, Humphrey grabs Lon mid-leap and throws him right into Junior as the latter is attempting to use his neck-bolt fired mystic lightning blasts. The resulting shock very quickly takes out the werewolf powered cat (since, after all, Junior's neck-bolt fired lightning shots ARE mystic in nature).

    Chaney, however, switches gears somewhat and turns himself into a cloud of darkly colored mist in order to blind the dragon (and keep close enough to Humphrey's lungs to keep the much larger supernatural creature from using his flame breath). However, while Chaney is safe from Humphrey's attacks as non-solid mist, he is also powerless in this form from doing anything to hurt the dragon other than blinding him and keeping him from using his flame breath, which is demonstrated by the ease in which the dragon continues to dodge Ace and Junior's continued attacks by relying on his hearing rather than his eyesight.

    However, Chaney morphs back into solid form right on top of Humphrey's neck and injects a powerful tranquilizer into the dragon. Though the dragon is much too big and tough for the tranquilizer to completely subdue him, it DOES slow him down just enough for Junior to finally successfully nail Humphrey with his lightning blasts. This, while it ALSO doesn't subdue the dragon, it DOES put him in JUST enough pain for him to scream. Using this moment of Humphrey's mouth being open, Ace to finally manage to get a couple of sleeping gas capsules fired into the dragon's throat, which finally renders the powerful and also clever behemoth unconscious just as Lon regains consciousness.

    "I doubt he'll be out for long, so I suggest we get going as fast as we can to help the others." Ace admits as he and the Drac Pack Cats get moving (though Lon uses his werewolf strength to carry Junior around with him this time to make sure Junior doesn't lag behind).

    To Be Concluded......

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    I'm happy now. A dragon has appeared in the Krypto world. My life is fulfilled now.
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    Thanks, Isaac. Anyway, here's the third and final part of the latest of the offerings co-written by Catfan1 and myself. :-D

    The Affair of the Malevolent Sparrow-Part Three

    Meanwhile, elsewhere within the castle ruins, Peeper throws out another marble.... which is immediately greeted by a barrage of maces.

    But Tobias's nose picks up further trouble. His sensitive nose picks up evidence of further underground traps. So the three carefully make their way through the grounds, narrowly avoiding a net that swoops down and just misses the edge of Toby's tail.

    As they make their way to an open window, they are met by a throng of sparrows. "Squeaker, you get inside and see if you can find where they are holding Stratford. Tobias and I will handle these avians." Peeper says determinedly.

    Squeaker nods as he sees his feline partner and Tobias battling the birds (and winning the fight) After some difficulty, Peeper and Toby manage to make their way through the last of the sparrows. After the fight, Peeper comments that he's glad that what Stratford said just shortly before his capture about the canine's fighting skills are obviously true.

    "Thanks. That's one area, at least, where I am typically able to legitimately contribute to the cases Stratford and I undertake. He might be the brains, as it were, but I am, at least, the brawn." Tobias says half-sheepishly

    "Don't sell yourself short, big dog. You're smarter than you think you are. It was YOU that got us through most of those traps in one piece." Peeper admits as the cat and dog head inside to try to see if they can find Stratford and/or Squeaker. It's at about this point that Ace and the Drac Pack Cats make it to the open window themselves.


    A group of gloating sparrow look over the bound Stratford. "This is it, cat and well deserved it is as me own brother was killed by a feline." Stratford is already visibly sweating from the heat beneath his chair, the bird pulls back on a lever and a giant axe is coming down toward the cat, but a huge chandelier falls, taking out most of the birds, thanks to a badly worn safety cord and the gnawing ability of Sqeaker.

    "Hold on, Strat. Strat?" the mouse asks as he turns off the switch to the heat supply and is alarmed to see the chair where the cat was bound split in two and starting to smolder.

    "Over here, mate," the cat replies, as he picks himself off the floor, removes his gag and throws his bounds to the floor. "I 'ad to be discreet loosening those bindings, breathing in and contracting my muscles, as I didn't want another blast of that pepper spray and, with my free leg, I managed to tip back the chair just far enough so the ropes were broke but I wasn't." Noticing some split cat hairs on the floor, adds, "JUST far enough I see. Fortunately, my acrobatic training helped me land in the right place" he adds, looking at the still red-hot oven eye, which is very slowly cooling off.

    "Let's go, Strat, our friends are waiting," Squeaker says, but he's interrupted by a throat clearing. An angry Morley is blocking the doorway.

    "My guards will handle them and we will handle you," Morley says, Cleese behind him, nodding smugly.

    "In any case, we WILL put up a fight," Strat says determinedly.

    "Oh good. That will make it more fun," Morley says, transforming himself into a stocky, heavily muscled bulldog, moving threateningly toward the cat.

    Stratford manages to put up a good fight, but Morley, in this powerfully built form, clearly has the edge over the feline in raw muscle (and the two are just as clearly equally matched in intellect, as each seem to anticipate the other's every move), meaning that, slowly but surely, the feline is losing ground, as he's forced closer and closer to Humphrey's massive cooking device, which is still glowing with heat.

    Squeaker isn't having any better luck against the massive Cleese. Though the mouse DID remember to bring his pea shooter, it does VERY little more than annoy the Clydesdale (and, even then, nowhere NEAR enough to throw Cleese off his game). The equine has the VERY obvious physical edge against the mouse, and is just smart enough not to let Squeaker get into any timing or position where the mouse's much smaller size can really work to his advantage.

    Just as Stratford and Squeaker look doomed, however, Tobias, Peeper and Ace all arrive just in the nick of time.

    "My dear fellow, I do believe that these are my friends you are trying to exterminate. I can not allow this, nor SHALL I allow it." Tobias calls out as he attacks the transformed Morley.

    Though the canine-disguised avian manages to attempt a couple of powerful blows against Toby, the genuine canine manages to nimbly dodge both attempted blows before Tobias lands a superb blow of his own against Morley.

    "I believe in the rules of fair play pugilism, scoundrel, but that doesn't mean I'm the proverbial cream puff in a straight fight. In the vernacular, I may fight CLEAN, but I also fight HARD." Tobias says matter of factly as he and the transformed avian continue battling it out, giving Stratford time to recover from the beating HE took from Morley when the avian transformed.

    While Tobias is fighting Morley to a standstill, Ace fires off a smoke capsule at Cleese while Peeper climbs aboard the equine to use his claws to cause distracting pain to Cleese's backside (managing to find a non-armored area of Cleese's rear to stick his claws).

    "Thanks, but what about Lon, Chaney and Junior?" Squeaker asks gratefully, but curiously.

    "Chaney is waiting outside to provide us with some advance warning of when the dragon comes to..... as for Lon and Junior, three words.... wait for it." Peeper answers as Cleese shakes off Peeper and knocks him right into Squeaker.

    It's about this point that Junior, lifting a 500-pound piece of timber (which IS incredibly strong for a domestic sized cat, after all), leaps down from the top of the room and smacks Cleese alongside the head WITH the aforementioned piece of timber. While Cleese is shaking off the blow, Junior fires off another lightning bolt blast from his neck-bolts, which dazes Cleese enough for Lon, who leaps down himself, to run around the evil equine with a set of strong cable at a high rate of speed. Having his legs tied together like this trips Cleese up enough for Junior to finish the job with another blow from the 500-pound piece of lumber he is swinging..

    Ace and Lon consider jumping in on the Tobias/Morley fight, but Toby is holding his own well enough where Ace isn't sure the canine sleuth NEEDS the help.... so they just focus on bagging up the stuff Morley's forces stole from the assorted museum robberies.

    "I must confess that, while you MIGHT not be the great detective so many THINK you are, you DO, at least, possess very respectable fighting skills. I suppose that's why the true Great Detective puts up with you so much.." Morley comments to Tobias just as Stratford recovers and launches his own attack, which knocks the distracted Morley into the nearest wall..

    "I DO believe, Mister New Napoleon of Crime, that you have just met your Waterloo." Stratford quips as Morley slowly gets up and looks to see Ace, Tobias, Lon, Junior, Peeper and Squeaker all staring at him. What's more, the avian mastermind realizes that the last of his helpers has been defeated, which, given the odds against him, means he'll have to deal with Stratford another time.

    "Not quite, Great Detective. I'm not out of tricks yet." Morley says as he shape changes into a wild skunk and unleashes a strong diversionary spray (just as Chaney calls out that Humphrey has started to come to, just loudly enough for Lon's werewolf hearing to pick up the vampire cat's warning).

    Following that, the avian morphs into a falcon and flies off as fast as his larger-than-normal wings will allow.... fast enough to keep JUST far enough ahead of the heroes to purposely trip some of his own traps (in manners allowing him to get clear himself JUST in time) to distract his enemies enough so that they can't completely catch up (one of the traps Morley purposely trips is a silver vapor laced tear gas that Toby and Strat have to get Lon clear of and another purposely set-off trap involves a "'wall of fire'" that Ace, Peeper and Squeaker have to use anti-fire foam capsules to deal with for the panicked Junior). As Morley exits the castle ruins, he flies toward where he sees a recovered Humphrey trying to repel Chaney.

     "Excellent timing, Humphrey... recovering JUST when I needed you." Morley says in an upset tone, but it's clear that he's more upset by the turn of events than by the efficiency of Humphrey's service (in fact, he isn't upset about the latter at all). Humphrey nods and shows the avian (who resumes his usual form) the still unconscious Cleese; whom the dragon is carrying in his claws; as all three of them fly off faster than any of the heroes present can keep up with.

    "This is FAR from over, Great Detective. You and your canine sidekick WILL be hearing from me again. You can count on that." Morley shouts back to Stratford as Humphrey flies away.

    "Blast it!" Toby exclaims. "Those fiends have eluded capture."

    Ace replies that at least their scheme was stopped and Britain is safe from that power-mad bird. Strat nods, noting it's likely they'll hear more from Professor Morley (as the arrogant avian himself just said), but the heroes will be better prepared the next time.


    As the detectives celebrate their victory, Stratford excuses himself and returns with a surprise for Toby: a deerstalker hat, specially fit for him, noting that his partner has well earned it.

    "Ya know, Tobe, you are unquestionably a great hero and maybe you'e a better detective than you think."

    "That we shall see. At any rate, it is indisputable that we do make quite an excellent team," Toby remarks, rather stiffly slapping paws with Stratford in congratulation.

    Stratford then offers his profuse thanks to the Drac Pack Cats and to Bat Hound for helping his friends save his life and invites them to come back to the house for an evening meal.

    However, the Drac Pack Dats mention that their work is not over. Dangerous forces are still at work in London as Halloween nears. "In fact, Bat Hound," Lon adds grimly, "I might suggest that you put Superdog and Supercat on alert, too, once you get back to the States. I have a hunch that THEY might be needed too."

    The End.... For now.

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    Just in time. I was going to bed too. Very nice conclusion. You guys are good. I'll finish my two parter tomorrow. Until then, good night!
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    Good night to you too, Isaac. And thanks again.
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    Well, here's another story co-written by Catfan1 and myself. It is a follow-up to "New Friends, Old Enemies" and, as such, is set a full human year after the time frame of the Krypto series. Anyway, without further ado...

    Viola's cloning caper-Part One

     In a deserted building in an old part of Metropolis, two criminal animals are discussing their latest plan.

    Viola Belle is in an exceptionally good mood as she explains to Horatio. Somehow those stupid Downtown Dogs actually succeeded in getting her one of Supercat's hairs. With her scientific genius (which she has figured out how to make permanent about a month ago; along with all of the other enhanced abilities she and Horatio have) and a a load of equipment stolen from STAR labs, the two will have just what they need to get back at Supercat and Superdog as well as the duo's new junior partners. With just the one hair, she should be able to clone an exact duplicate of Supercat, complete with powers, except that this clone will be totally loyal to the two recently nicknamed "Street Sovereigns.".... which is just the first step of her plan.

     Viola notices that Horatio has a vaguely sad look in his eye and she immediately assures him that neither this cat nor the canine that will come later will, in no way, replace him. "You know you're the only one in this miserable world I ever HAVE or ever WILL care about. This clone, as well as that I plan to make of Superdog, will be just pre-programmed help to the BOTH of us.... and NOTHING MORE." she assures him and Horatio looks relieved.

    After several hours of preparation, she has the hair in a large, clear tube connected to another tube about the size of an adult cat and Horatio pulls back on a lever with his teeth (being extremely careful NOT to employ his super-strength as he DOES pull the lever) as Viola times the operation. In a matter of about 10 minutes, the cells finish generating and the light coming from the tube diminshes to reveal a full-grown, perfect copy of Streaky the Supercat.

    "Welcome, my slave," Viola greets him as Horatio looks on warily, still not sure if he likes this idea.

    The Streaky clone looks around and replies testily, "I'd welcome some lunch myself. A clone's got to eat too, you know."

    Viola is already growing impatient but tries to control herself. "You will eat, as long as you obey my commands."

    "Yeah?" the clone responds, "I might consider it after you make with feeding time," before curling up in Viola's bed and going to sleep.

     Nothing Viola tries succeeds in waking the clone, who is now snoring loudly. Horatio looks uncertain. "Is this part of your plan?" he asks.

    Viola is barely able to control her anger and anyone other than Horatio would have been greeted with a claw to the nose at this point (and, given that her claws are now sharp enough to go through solid steel, a claw to the nose would NOT be pretty).

    "Horatio, you are very sweet in your way, but sometimes you do remind me how fine the line between love and hate truly is," she responds before admitting, "Obviously, this clownish clone is NOT completely loyal. It seems I did not figure in how certain aspects of the original subject's personality might present themselves in this very different environment. And, unfortunately, my hypno-vision requires me making direct eye contact with the target for a certain period of time (and, even THEN, it never lasts longer than a few minutes), so I can't use THAT to correct my oversight. We will just have to make the best of it."

    So she puts out the call and about five minutes later, Muttsey arrives with three tins of tuna the dogs were able to snatch by creating a distraction outside a grocery store. Viola is sure to tell him he took way too long and three tins isn't very much, but it is acceptable. Of course, the sound of tins immediately awakens the Streaky clone.

    "These will be yours after you finish your work," Viola says firmly, but the words are barely out of her mouth when "Streaky" takes advantage of his super-speed to snatch the food (moving faster than even Viola's greatly augmented reflexes and agility can compensate for given that she IS caught by surprise) and then uses his super-strength to open the cans and then down the food in a few seconds. "Streaky" then looks ready to go back to sleep but finally agrees to do the job if she'll leave him alone and feed him again. So, he asks, what does she want him to do? and Viola outlines her plan.

    Soon "Streaky" is looking for this Superdog, but decides it wouldn't hurt to go through some garbage cans looking for food first. Eventually tiring of that, though, the super-feline-clone is soon taking another nap.

    "Remember, Horatio, we've got to get the real Supercat out of the way long enough for our boy to finish the job," Viola is saying as she and Horatio eye a seafood truck. Horatio jumps out of the bushes and right INTO the truck cab, snarling and chasing the driver away (Viola reminding Horatio that to hold back his speed and attacks to a non-super-level until Supercat gets there..... "THEN you can use your powers to keep him busy even longer, but DON'T get yourself hurt any more than you can absolutely help in the process." Viola Belle further puts in) as Viola sneaks on board. With the help of some special tools, she puts the truck into gear and it begins rolling toward a nearby building. "Now," Viola grumbles to herself, "time to go wake up that worthless clone and get him back to work."

    Meanwhile the real Streaky is at home, resting, but still remaining alert. Squeaky is running a couple of errands for a friend and Blaze is busy at the firehouse, so it will be another hour before patrol with them starts. The super-feline is expecting Krypto to return from a mssion with Ace soon when his super senses pick up the sights and sounds of the crash. Streaky licks his chops.

    "Now THIS is my kind of emergency," the super-cat says, quickly flying off to deal with the accident. Streaky examines the scene carefully and, apart from damage to the truck and the building wall, there doesn't seem to be much amiss and nobody in really serious danger..... apart from the sight of the large mean dog continuing to chase the truck driver. "Something familiar about that big mutt. Can't quite put my paw on it though." the super-cat thinks to himself as he flies to the truck driver's aid.

    Hoatio then smirks at Streaky's flying toward him and performs a powerful, rapid leap that meets the feline hero in mid-air. Horatio then tries a blast of heat vision, but Streaky quickly dodges it. Split seconds later, with a good amount of effort, Streaky succeeds in catching a two-ton truck that the canine tries to throw at him while the super-cat is in mid-air and then setting the truck down gently (though Horatio rams Streaky at incredible speed immediately after the truck is set down). "NOW I know why this mutt looks so familiar. It's Horatio. I guess I've just fought so many bad dogs that it sometimes all blurs together. Well, without his super-intelligent feline partner around, I should STILL be able to take this guy, even if he DOES have super-powers. In fact, since he HAS super-powers, that means I don't have to hold back anywhere near as mch as I do with most dogs." Streaky says to himself as he lifts the much larger canine up and throws him a good fifty feet.

    Over the past year, Streaky has learned that he can have a lot more fun fighting the super-powered villains than he can fighting the NON-super-powered ones because being up against somebody who can actually take it somewhat removes a lot of the guilt the super-cat might have fighting somebody who doesn't have super-powers (as aforementioned, he has to hold back a lot more against the non-super-powered villains to keep from accidentally doing REALLY serious harm to them [which, as tempting as it can often be, is something he already knows {from his effort to get back at the Downtown Dogs immediately after getting his powers} that he'd end up feeling guilty about in the end]).

    Anyway, immediately after throwing Horatio, Streaky starts to get up, socks the wicked super-canine with a good uppercut (while it doesn't knock Horatio out completely, the punch DOES send the super-powered stray dog flying back a good five feet and leave him temporarily dazed afterwards), gives the powered-up pooch a pair of quick heat vision hot foots and flies around Horatio at a high enough rate of speed to briefly trap the super-powered street dog in a whirlwind. It isn't long, however, before the pooch manages to escape from the whirlwind and run off.

    "Thanks for saving me from that vicious dog, Supercat. I don't think the boss will mind if I let you have about fifteen pounds of choice seafood out of gratitude for your helping me.... you know... once the truck is fixed and back on the road." the grateful truck driver comments.


    Soon, back at the Whitney's home, Krypto is arriving home, fresh from helping Ace thwart Bud and Lou's latest robbery attempt. "Oh, hello, Streaky," he says, then noticing the cat looks a little drowsier and less alert than usual, "Are you alright?"

    "Nothing a little nap and suppertime couldn't cure," he replies, curling up to go to sleep (being JUST close enough to Krypto to grab the required dog hair undetected as he does this).

    Krypto shakes his head, Streaky IS acting a little unusual (for example, Streaky USUALLY at least slips in "'K-Dog'" or some other respectful nickname whenever the two animals are talking to each other), but not really THAT unusual, based on past experience (though, to be fair to Streaky, it's actually been many months since he's been THIS lazy) so he doesn't investigate further. From a safe distance, Viola slaps her paw to her forehead. They only have a few minutes until the real Streaky returns from the crash (Horatio kept the super-cat busy for as long as he could without getting himself truly hurt [and getting himself really hurt was the one thing Viola specifically told him NOT to do]) and this fool is ruining her plan.

    Discreetly looking over the dog hair, "Streaky" drifts off for another nap until Andrea scoops him up from behind and starts to cuddle him. "I've got a surprise for you, Stweeky-Weeky." in that same "affectionate baby-talk" tone Andrea usually talks to Streaky in except when she's especially upset with him..

    (To Be Continued)

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    And now, here's part two of "Viola's Cloning Caper"


    The job finally done (JUST before the real Streaky returns from dealing with the "accident" and collecting the reward offered to him by the grateful truck driver), "Streaky" returns to Viola (who is just finishing up the slight re-programming job she is trying to make on her cloning machine) and Horatio's lair with the hair but demands a bonus.

    "You didn't tell me a little girl would make me wear a pink girlie sweater and bonnet. The cream she fed me wasn't that bad though. But, anyway, this job is going to cost you AT LEAST another twelve tins of tuna AND some attractive female feline companionship. I'd ask YOU to join in, but I have a hunch your bowser boy-toy is the jealous type."

    "Don't make me use Kryptonite on you," Viola hisses angrily as she grabs the dog hair and Horaito finishes replacing the adult-cat-sized tube with one the size of an adult medium-sized dog.

    "Okay, okay. I get the idea. You and the big mutt are the bosses." the Streaky clone comments half-nervously, half-grouchily.

    "And just for future reference, NOBODY calls Horatio "'a big mutt'" except ME." Viola snaps.

    So, shortly afterward, a full-grown Krypto clone greets the villains.

    "Hey, so you guys are my owners? Great! Let's go play catch! Gotta frisbee?" running around excitedly as he says this, creating a barely controlled cyclone AS he runs around. Even Horatio's super-strength can barely allow him to keep a firm grip on the ground while ALSO keeping Viola anchored.

    "Later," Viola says firmly as the Krypto-clone created cyclone gradually dies down, "But first you and the Streaky clone have work to do."

    The Krypto clone suddenly frowns. "I'm not working with a cat. I mean, I know one of my owners is a cat, but there ARE limits," he growls.

    The Streaky clone replies with a hiss and the two super-clones begin fighting, each making full use of their super-speed, heat vision, flying ability and super-strength in the fight.


    A few minute later: "Now what are we gonna do, Viola? You had to use Green Kryptonite to get them to stop fighting," Horatio comments.

    "I can see these two will require some extensive obedience training," she replies bitterly before admitting. "Okay, so maybe they're not big on teamwork, but they can still be of use to us."


    The next day, Viola thinks they are ready for action. "Superdog" and "Supercat" will steal some fancy meat (steaks AND fish) for the 'Street Sovereigns" and, Viola gloats, "No one will be able to stop them."

    "At least as long as the REAL Superdog and Supercat, along with their junior partners, are busy dealing with those three simultaneous bigger dangers we're about to prepare" Horatio points out as the Super-pet clones fly into action. The Streaky clone is motivated by the thought of 25% of all of that fish (Viola consented to that payment as long as the super-clones brought back THE REST of the meat for her and Horatio). The Krypto clone motivated by 25% of all those steaks PLUS some "play time".

    "Indeed so, my dear canine cohort." Viola says with a smile as she presses a button triggering a trio of simultaneous explosions (courtesy of explosives discreetly rigged up the previous night by street dogs and cats following Viola and Horatio's orders)... one on-board an ocean liner (which, thanks to the explosives rigged before the ship left port, is rapidly sinking now), one on a set of train tracks (which has a train rapidly heading for the destroyed section and the third at the Metropolis animal shelter (which is now rapidly crumbling with a dozen people and more than a hundred animals trapped inside).


    Just as Viola planned, the real Krypto and Streaky, as well as Squeaky and Blaze, are all on patrol together at this point and Krypto, Streaky and Squeaky spot the trio of emergencies with their telescopic vision and super-hearing.

    Since there are three emergencies to deal with, the four super-animals agree that they with have to split up to deal with them. With that, Krypto heads off to save the ocean liner, Streaky tries his luck at saving the train and Squeaky and Blaze head for the animal shelter to help the trapped people and animals.

    The guards at the meat market try to stop the Superdog and Supercat clones upon the realization that the super-animals are trying to steal all the market's best steaks and fish, but given that the clones are as bulletproof as the real Krypto and Streaky, the guards' guns don't do them much good (and, as the clones are also as strong and fast as the real Krypto and Streaky, the guards are also easily overpowered when they try a more direct attack).

     Even Stretch-O-Mutt, who's bouncing along for his daily excercise and happens on the scene, is no match for the super-clones (he is easily defeated by the clones' super-speed and super-breath and is forced to beat a retreat by the clones' heat vision), though the elastic hero is left utterly confused about how two of his closest friends could have gone bad.

    "I'd better bounce on over to Gotham and get Ace. Maybe HE'LL have some way to deal with a rogue Krypto and Streaky." Stretch thinks to himself.


    Two hours later, in the Batcave, Ace turns on a monitor and sees news coverage of Krypto saving the ocean liner and Streaky struggling to save the train (though the super-cat succeeds thanks to a few surplus steel girders, his super-speed AND his heat vision [he manages to hold the girders in place JUST long enough to weld them to the train tracks, but the effort to hold the girders in place WHILE a large train is whizzing across them AND trying to weld the girders in place in the process CLEARLY leaves him exhausted]).

    "The real Krypto and Streaky weren't even in Metropolis at the time of the meat market attack," Ace says. "Hmm, this is very serious."

    Stretch puts a paw to his mouth, thoughtfully, then turns himself into a duplicate of Ace, and in an exaggerated imitation of Bathound's serious manner, says," Maybe... it's someone... imitating them ... like this."

    "Obviously, but whoever it is would have to have all their powers," Ace replies, before adding angrily, "And don't do that again."

    But Stretch sees something in a tape of the Superdog attacking the meat market. Enlarging the frame, the heroes see Muttsey and a couple of other dogs known to be in the employ of the "Street Sovereigns" watching from the sidelines, trying to appear inconspicuous.

    "Now that we have an idea who's behind this, maybe you could help unravel their plans, Stretch," Ace says.

    "I do a topnotch Horatio," Stretch says enthusiastically, morphing into a facsimile of the criminal dog.

    "Perhaps, but be extremely careful. Viola's NOT anywhere NEAR as easily fooled as Mechanikat. That, of course, means we'll need to strike BEFORE she and the real Horatio show up." Ace reminds the super-stretchable shape-shifter.


    Meanwhile, back in Metropolis, Superdog and Supercat, having already returned from dealing with Viola and Horatio's diversions and rejoined by Power Cat and Fire Hound, are tipped off by Ace and Stretch and go looking for their doubles.

    Ultimately, the geniune Super-pets end up encountering their doubles on another strike and prepare to do battle.

    "What is it with us and evil twins, K-Dog? I mean, those Bizarro duplicates Ignatius made of us.... Streakface... our Crime Pets counterparts.... now THIS. I'm getting pretty fed up with the bad guys trying to rip off our images." Streaky comments with a sigh as he flies at his clone.

    Krypto nods as he and his own double each dodge the other's attacks.

    "Wait, guys!" a voice calls from below. The super-animals look down and see what looks like Horatio. "Stop your attack and Viola will double whatever you're being paid."

    "Hey, is that one of our bosses?" the Streaky clone asks. The Krypto clone looks confused and both animals land to get a closer look as the real Superdog and Supercat look on, also somewhat confused.

    But the real Horatio, along with Viola, speedily zoom onto the scene just seconds later, however. "You idiots! Since when is Horatio blue? That's obviously Stretch-O-Mutt!" Viola cries out angrily.

    Strech-O finds himself surrounded by angry super-powered criminals. "Uh oh. Time to bounce," he says, but Horatio and Viola each grab a leg.

    "Hey, Viola, I've always wanted to tie this guy up in knots," Horatio sneers.

    "Myself, I've always wondered just how flexible he really is," Viola adds, extending her claws menacingly.

    "Krypto, they've got Stretch!" Streaky says in alarm and he and Krypto prepare to save their friend. But before the super-dog and super-cat can act, a flame shoots out, startling the criminals into loosening their grip.

    "Now you have to deal with Firehound and Power Cat!" Blaze says, the two having just finished dealing with the animal shelter emergency and Stretch takes the opportunity to slip out of the villains' grasp.

    "You always have to give yourself top billing," Squeaky responds jokingly, using the advantage of surprise to blow the two villains back with his super-breath. But the two clones go back on the attack, the Krypto clone ramming into Squeaky and the Streaky clone trying to blow out Blaze's flame.

    "HEY! NOBODY messes with my nephew, you clownish canine clone." Streaky angrily says as he flies right at the Krypto clone, nailing the pseudo-super-dog with all of his strength and speed as well as a full power blast of his heat vision.

    As the Krypto clone is getting up, Squeaky (who has gotten up after getting rammed by the Krypto clone) unleashes a heat vision blast while the Superdog double is distracted with the real Streaky.

    "And nobody messes with MY uncle and gets away with it if I can help it, either." Power Cat adds seriously as he lands a haymaker against the Krypto clone with all of his OWN strength and speed behind the blow. Between the two of them, Streaky and Squeaky are definitely proving a match, and then some, for the phony Superdog.

    Meanwhile, the real Krypto is battling it out with the duplicate Supercat.... the canine hero possessing the obvious edge in physical strength and endurance, but the super-feline doppleganger having the (SLIGHT) edge in speed and maneuverability. Despite the seeming stalemate, however, the geniune Superdog IS able to distract his partner's genetic duplicate long enough for Blaze to recover from the Supercat clone's super-breath blast and help out with some well-aimed flame blasts aimed at the fake super-feline's rear (Blaze's flame blasts set at a high enough intensity where at least SOME of the flame gets through the super-coat, but aimed precisely enough to NOT do unnecessary property damage OR potentially endanger innocents).

    However, Viola and Horatio have gotten up at this point... which Squeaky spots in time to warn Blaze so they can both half-reluctantly leave the battle to deal with the cat and dog behind the whole mess. Unfortunately, the super-powered strays are NOT caught off-guard this time. Viola proves more than quick and agile enough to dodge Blaze's fire blasts on full alert AND smart enough to expect the pyro-powered dalmation to try the "ring of fire" type shots. Despite Squeaky having JUST enough of a strength advantage over Horatio for it to be visible and the fact that he is definitely faster than the super-stray, the nasty super-stray is still a much more experienced street fighter AND has remembered to bring a chunk of Kryptonite JUST in case he and Viola had any more trouble with the clones' attitudes. Blaze easily saves Squeaky from the Kryptonite with his flying speed and fire powers, but ends up taking a rather fierce sucker-shot blow from Viola that puts the young adult canine hero down for the count. Fortunately, a recovering Squeaky is able to muster up enough strength to fly Blaze to safety.

    Still, even WITH their junior partners distracted, the real Superdog and Supercat have two key advantages over their clones. The first advantage is that the heroes are more experienced with their abilities (despite the fact that the clones seem to have a good pre-programmed knowledge of their own abilities, they, very thankfully, HAVEN'T been programmed with all of the MEMORIES of the geniune articles). The second advantage is the fact that the real deals are a lot more used to working as a team....... which is shown by the way they fight back-to-back against the super-clones and how well they implement teamwork-requiring moves.

    Ace is watching as the battle rages. He'd hoped Stretch-O-Mutt would be able to keep the villians distracted longer and they could get close enough to slap power-nullifying collars around the fake Krypto and Streaky. Unfortunately, he underestimated how quickly Viola and the REAL Horatio would get to the scene while Stretch was distracting the clones. As a result, they'll need another plan of action now. "I'm afraid this will be more difficult than I expected," Ace says, looking up at the furious battle between the heroes and villains (including Squeaky and a recovered Blaze against Viola and Horatio).

    "I know what you mean. With all the moving about, I haven't been able to keep track of which ones are the REAL Krypto and Streaky any more. At least Squeaky and Blaze's fight with Viola and Horatio is a lot easier to follow," Stretch admits as he also looks on.

    But Ace notices that the fake Krypto and Streaky are not working together while the real heroes are coordinating their attacks and Ace says he has just thought of a plan. A quick explanation later, The Bat Hound then throws a batarang in the direction of the fake Streaky. The fake Supercat easily dodges the attack and as the real Streaky moves in help the real Krypto, the Supercat clone dives toward what looks like Ace but finds himself engulfed by Stretch-O-Mutt, who is stretched near his limit before Ace can act.

    "Ace, I can't hold him," Stretch says. The cat breaks free and would do harm to the two heroes if not for the real Streaky flying down to distract him and attacking his clone with a whirlwind attack, which leaves the fake Supercat disoriented just long enough for Ace and Streaky to snap the collar on him.

    "One down," Ace comments and with one less villain, the tide of battle begins to turn... especially with both real Super-pets now free to focus their combined attacks on the Krypto clone. Just as Ace manages to snap the power-nullifier collar on the Krypto clone while Streaky and the real Krypto are keeping him busy, the three heroes hear the sound of metal clanging and see Blaze and Squeaky trapped in a cage.

    It seems Viola had the fight planned out carefully enough where she and Horatio could lure Squeaky and Blaze into perfect position to be caught in a previously prepared solid titanium cage with the walls, bars (the bars are only on the front of the cage), floor and ceiling treated with a formula of the female feline crimelord's own creation; a "metal enhancer" that boosts the strength of any metal the formula is used on ten thousandfold.

    Due to the combination of the material of the cage AND the strength of the metal enhancement formula, this cage is too tough for the combination of Blaze's fire blasts and Squeaky's heat vision and too strong for Squeaky to either bend the bars with his super-strength or even try to drill through the walls, floor or ceiling at super-speed (something that is VERY quickly proven the hard way by Squeaky and Blaze). Just as Viola is about to demand the other heroes' surrender though, Stretch-O-Mutt comes literally sling-shoting in on Viola and Horatio from behind (AND super-elastically snatches the remote for the lock to the cage holding Squeaky and Blaze). As the super-strays are recovering from the surprise shot, Blaze lets off a flame blast that creates a wall of fire to divert the two villains (his flame blasts don't work on the cage itself, but he CAN focus his blasts precisely enough where the flame blasts can be fired BETWEEN the bars without touching said bars). As for Squeaky, he uses a precisely aimed gust of his super-breath to blast their foes a few yards back.

    "Drat. I was so busy preparing that cage to be impervious to their powers, I forgot to add something for NEGATING super-powers." Viola groans as Stretch uses HER remote control key to free the junior heroes, meaning that the super-strays NOW have to contend with the real Krypto and Streaky, Ace, Stretch-O-Mutt, Squeaky AND Blaze.

    As all six heroes close in on her and Horatio, Viola tosses down one of her lead-lined smoke bombs and presses a button on her collar allowing the two super-strays to disappear to safety.

    "Blast it. How could have we overlooked that she could have been smart enough to rig up some sort of make-shift teleportation array just in case she and Horatio needed to make a quick getaway?" Krypto says in frustration. Ace notes that a quick analysis of fur from the fake Krypto and Streaky leads him to believe they are clones created by highly advanced technology, created by Viola no doubt.

    "But what do we do with them?" Streaky asks, as the captured cat and dog clones whimper in fright. "They don't seem to be really evil, just misguided... kind of like the Bizarro versions of us Ignatius created in that respect. Still, ALSO like our Bizarro duplicates, their powers make them dangerous."

    Krypto notes that "Superman has been working on methods to remove the powers of escaped Phantom Zone criminals. Or there's that ability transferring device at STAR Labs that Waddles once used to steal Streaky's powers, if either Blaze, Stretch or Ace wants to have Kryptonian-type powers." finishing with a friendly smile as he says the latter part. After headshakes from Ace, Blaze AND Stretch (though Stretch DOES seem to consider it for a while), Krypto replies that the collars should suffice for now as long as the two clones are carefully locked up in solitary confinement.... both for the safety of the city and their own safety (after all, there are all too many animal villains who would love to use the clones as "stress relief" punching bags to take out the frustrations they have against the real Superdog and Supercat [or, at least, try to bribe the clones into helping with one of their schemes]).

    "Viola is a much bigger threat anyway," Krypto notes.

    "And from the look on her face as we came on the scene, I'd say Blaze and I have made a real enemy," Squeaky comments


     Meanwhile, Viola is furious and even Horatio treads carefully, noting her foul mood.

    "We almost had them," she shouts. "Those meddling junior heroes are now officially on my list," she says, adding, "At least I know now not to trust clones. The next time we'll look for more reliable help," she says, eyeing a (fairly thick) file entitled "Enemies of Superdog and Supercat."

    The End, for now.

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