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    What show did samurai come from?

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    Name: Zephyr (or Zeph for short)

    Species: Ferret

    Powers: Super Speed

    Owner: Kid Flash/Wally West

    Appearance: Out of costume she looks like a normal everyday ferret. In costume, she wears a costume similar to her owner only lacking the lower part. The difference is that whatever is yellow on Kid Flash's costume is orange on Zeph's and whatever is red is scarlet especially the lightning bolt. There is an opening atop her costume revealing ruffled hair similar to her owner.

    Personality: Zephyr is a very energetic creature even before the accident that gave her powers. She speaks in a fast manner often going "huhhuh?" or "watchadoing?". Like all ferrets she is naturally curious which can get her into trouble or just annoy others. The only one who isn't annoyed by her is Kid Flash. In battle she enjoys teasing her enemies like a little child using her speed to annoy them and pop in random places. She can also be very jealous whenever a pretty girl sets her sights on her owner. She also posses a slight hedonistic streak as she enjoys the good life wanting to live it up to the fullest.

    Background: Zephyr started out as a normal ferret as part of an illegal animal trafficking ring in. She managed to escape and soon found herself wandering the streets of Keystone City. Her natural curiosity overtook her leading her to a chemical plant. It was here she met Kid Flash who was busy battling his mentors nemesis Captain Cold. During the battle some of the chemicals tanks were struck causing an explosion which the ferret ended up being caught in. She managed to survive but the chemicals had altered her molecules and metabolism essentially granting her super speed. Her discovery of her newfound powers caused confusion during the battle which nearly got her killed but she was protected by Kid Flash who managed to subdue Cold. After the battle, Kid Flash took an interest in the ferret and adopted her as a pet, teaching her how to use her speed, training her as a partner, and bestowing her name Zephyr (or Zephyr for short) Since that day they became an inseparable duo fighting crime together in Keystone and beyond.

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    It was nice of you to put up your profiles in these forums despite it being a ghost town, Aspiemor.

    Okay, after roughly two years I finally got my latest OC completed with a profile:

    Name: Pinky

    Species: Yorkshire Terrier dog

    Home: Gotham City

    Owner: Marion Louise Dahl/Baby Doll

    Powers/Abilities: No superpowers, but with a snap of Dahl's fingers he becomes a fiercely rapid attack-machine and back, as well as using his cuteness to get what he wants.

    History: As a puppy, he was ousted from his family for the unnatural pink color of his fur. He had since hated the fur he was born with, especially as a boy. The puppy probably would not have survived had Baby Doll not found him in a box at the city streets. Upon finding that his new owner was "different" like him, he had found a common bond. The lil' villianess had given the pup months of serious training to be a violent attack dog for her protection. The now-christianed Pinky was given his first task as an uprising TV star, which was Dahl's plan in taking revenge on Gotham's media industry for shunning her as a "one trick pony". Much to his derision, he was always cast as a female in the shows and commercials he was in. He caused great trouble and danger for other players near him, including another dog actor Thundermutt. Pinky's cover was blown after Ace convinced him to turn against Dahl since she refused to give him a large share of his pay, presumably out of jealousy for him having a more successful career. Despite this after his fame came to an end, he remained with her since.

    Description: Pinky's fur is much pinker than the typical Yorkshire's, with his "hair" being in a darker shade and cut to resemble his owner's, and has a large purple spot that runs through his upper back to his tail. He wears a bow in a purple that matches his spot and a collar of a lighter shade. In attack mode, he's an entirely different dog than before. His fur sticks out as if being struck by static electricity. His usually black saucer-like eyes becomes light blue with intense terror and he bares his sharp teeth, most often spitting drool.

    Personality: Although he has a playful side, deep down he is often bitter over being an outcast since his youth, which thanks to the his owner's training, he can vent out his anger in attack mode. And no matter how Dahl treated him, he could never leave her side as she is the one true family he had.

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    Thanks, (BTW this is also Noratcat from DA). I was inspired and decided to upload. I have plenty more but I am unsure as some of them are related to or involve other people's fancharacters. That is unless I give credit where credit is due. Also on a side note I could picture Zephyr and Bella being friends.

    As for the character, pretty creative one you have there.

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    Name: Setan

    Species: Genetically Altered German Shepherd

    Powers: Super-strength, regeneration, reactive adaptation, endless stamina, super-speed, enhanced senses, bone spikes(which he can extend and retract at will), kryptonite laced body, combat training, telepathic immunity, fire breath(developed to deal with Martian Manhunter), flight.

    Owner: Amanda Waller

    History: Seeking a loyal soldier, and replacement for the loss of the the All American Boy, Waller wanted a soldier loyal to her alone. Deciding to use a German Shepherd, she had one enhanced with the D.N.A. of Doomsday, and used kryptonite as a binding agent. Setan serves as Wallers personal guard, hunter,spy and assassin, and is occasionally sent out to track down heroes that catch her attention and drag them back to her. He was named for the the mythological hero Cu Chulain, whose childhood name was Setanta.(For reference, Cu Chulain served as Lancer in Fate/Stay Night).

    Description: He resembles a common German Shepherd in shape, but with white fur, green eyes and blood. With bony spikes protruding from his back, skull, thighs, shoulders, legs, chest, tail, and around his mouth, forming a second set of fangs.(He can also retract these spikes to appear normal). On his forehead is a greenmark that resembles a nuclear hazard symbol.(The same symbol that adorned the head of the All American Boy). He wears a black collar with kryptonite plates.

    Personality: Cold. Cunning. Vicious. Precise. Ruthless. Relentless. These are words that apply to Setan in a way that few creatures can match. He possesses an unshakable loyalty to Waller, and is often by her side. At these times, he acts like a sentry, alert for the smallest hint that anything is wrong and subtly informing Waller if he finds something. His intelligence has been boosted to human levels, enabling him to plan in advance and think tactically. He has learned to speak in most languages. In battle, his personality shifts to a state resembling that of his genetic donor. He fights his opponents with his full tactical knowledge, and a ferocity and brutality that matches that of DoomsDay, and this combination often sees his opponents dead or broken within moments. He regards most heroes like Krypto with disdain, seeing him as a disaster waiting to happen, although he does feel a certain respect towards more serious heroes, like Bathound. He will hunt down anyone that his master orders, often sent to track down dictators and criminals to either retrieve, interrogate, or execute them. In certain countries, he is mistaken with local myths of hell hounds. With a will stronger than iron, there are only two reasons why he would return from a mission: success and orders form Waller. Essentially, he is what Doomsday was meant to be: the perfect weapon. Similar to his master, he commands a spy network made up of members of several species, such as wolves, hawks, dogs, and ravens. He wears the symbol for the organization Checkmate as a tag when with Waller, and seems to have developed a fondness for playing chest games, being a rather skilled player. He wears a collar with kryptonite plates, but often uses it as a distraction, focusing his enemies attention to the collar, and making it longer before they can realize he has the stuff inside his body.

    Voice Actor(Optional): Michael Wincott

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