Krypto: the Superdog

Season 1 Episode 48

Furry Fish

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Jun 10, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • The first time Streaky was exposed to a kryptonite.

    I liked this episode, but it was a bit silly to see Krypto and Streaky turned into fish by red kryptonite at the beginning of the episode. They realized that they were powerless, after they were turned into fish. But with the help of a dolphin named Dooley, they were safe and sound and they stopped Delilah from stealing the sand. And in the end, after they foiled Delilah's plans, Krypto and Streaky returned back to normal. So, again the episode was great to watch, because we finally see Streaky exposed to any kind of kryptonite.
  • Red kryptonite turns Krypto and Streaky into fish, which also makes them lose their powers...

    Lately, sand has been mysteriously disappearing throughout the beach area of Metropolis (Metropolis has a beach...?), and Krypto and Streaky are trying to find out why. Streaky's hunger for fish eventually leads the two of them to see how the sand disappears, by being sucked into the ocean. This also reveals a piece of red kryptonite, which both of them get straight next to (I'll complain about that later). It turns them into fish, and they have to go into the water to keep from suffocating. They get into trouble with a group of sharks, and are rescued by a dolphin named Dooley (I think that's how you spell it...), who guides them to safety. He tells them about a giant crab that keeps sucking up the sand. It's actually mechanical, and controlled by Delilah. A battle ensues between Streaky and Delilah when she spots him after being swept down by the current, and their secret of not being fish is revealed, which leads Dooley to question them. Of course, Streaky proves that he's not so bad after all by leading Delilah away and into the shark territory, where she's attacked and bails out. Krypto, in the end, saves the sand by chewing the net off. They finally return to normal at the end.

    ...They see the piece of kryptonite, say what it is, and they don't even back away before it makes it worse when Krypto willingly walks right up to it, but with Streaky it was just accidental. {sigh} Still, one of the best moments was Dooley's reaction to what kitty litter was. Heheheheh...9.8/10
  • Pretty good Krypto and Streaky adventure that gives both heroes a chance to shine.

    Red Kryptonite strikes again in this entertaining series entry. This time, the Red K turns Krypto and Streaky into fish so they can investigate an underwater crime. This one has a lot going for it: an appealing supporting character in the form of Dooley the Dolphin, a change-of-pace underwater setting, a plot that allows both heroes to shine and the return of Mechanikat's agent, Deliah. Without their super powers, the two heroes seem to work more equally as a team and Streaky again shows he's the master at getting out of a tough spot. And even after he's experienced life as a fish, of course Streaky sees no problem with continuing to eat them.
    But to nitpick, as was pointed out in the episode notes, what's the deal with Dooley being freaked out because Streaky eats fish when everyone knows dolphins are fish-eaters? (I guess maybe Dooley's a vegetarian and doesn't like the thought of his friends being eaten?) And wait, how long were they fish? Don't the effects of Red Kryptonite usually last 24 hours? Still, if you can overlook these problems, a very entertaining 11 minutes and a good showcase for Krypto and Streaky.
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