Krypto: the Superdog

Season 1 Episode 48

Furry Fish

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Jun 10, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Like "Superdog? Who's Superdog?" This episode showed an inconstitency about the length of the Red Kryptonite effects, but this time, it was in the other way. This time around, the effects aparently wear off in much LESS than 24 hours. Somehow, things seemed to be moving much too quickly for it to have been 24 hours from the time Krypto and Streaky were exposed to the Red Kryptonite and the time Deliah was driven off and the sand was returned to the beach ..... which was the EXACT time the Red K was wearing off. This is further reinforced by the observation that the sun was up when they were exposed and the sun was STILL up when they surfaced.

    • Factual Error: Even though Dooly was called a fish by Delilah, it's a well-known fact that dolphins are marine mammals.

    • Factual Error: Sharks usually flee from dolphins because dolphins will fight them. Also, whales do not naturally jump like the one at the end of the episode.

  • Quotes

    • Streaky: I wonder what's for dinner. Maybe some fishsticks.
      Krypto: Streaky!
      Streaky: Uh, I meant... Chicken fingers!

    • Delilah: I'll get you, Superdog, uh, Superfish...oh, whatever you are!

    • Streaky: (About Dooley) That's my friend!
      Delilah: How can a cat have a fish for a friend? You're a traitor to your kind! I'll make you pay for it!
      Streaky: Oh yeah? Well, come and get me!

    • Shark: Catfish and dogfish, my favorite.
      Krypto: Run! I mean, swim!

    • (Streaky grabs with his mouth a bone fish but little does he know that there was red kryptonite under that fish)
      Krypto: (After he approaches Streaky) It's red kryptonite. It must of washed up in the surf.
      (Krypto and Streaky are exposed and the red kryptonite turned them into fish)
      Streaky: Krypto! What happened? I can't breathe!
      Krypto: The red kryptonite turned us into fish. We have to go underwater before it wears off.
      Streaky: Water?! You can't be serious! I'm a cat and I don't know how to...
      (Krypto hits Streaky with his tail and Streaky falls in the water. Krypto then goes in the water too)
      Streaky: (Realizes) Hey! I can actually breathe under here. (Moves around) And swim!

    • Streaky: Yummy...Oh no! Krypto, that's me! I look delicious, and so do you.

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