Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 5

Growing Pains

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 26, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Growing Pains
Mechanikat uses an aging ray on Superdog, but accidentally hits Kevin in the process as well. Can they restore their bodies back to normal?

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  • Not exactly one of my favorites...Kevin and Krypto get older after being hit with an aging ray by Snooky and Mechanikat.

    Mechanikat's newest machine, an aging ray, has been entrusted in Snooky's hands to turn Superdog old and keep him out of Mechanikat's way while he makes his next plans. Meanwhile, Kevin and Krypto are playing basketball, and Kevin, ironically, is starting to realize how being short is effecting his life (he can't dunk, but Krypto can only because he can fly). Krypto hears a noise, which he quickly recognizes as Snooky Wookums' spaceship and flies off to apprehend him, with Kevin following closely behind. When they get there, Krypto wants Kevin to hide while he takes care of this. Snooky hits Krypto with the beam, but it also bounces of his tag and onto Kevin, making both of them age. Mostly the next part is Kevin and Krypto returning home (thankfully his parents aren't there), and Kevin is confronted by Andrea, who has no idea who he is, and he has to talk his way out of it (why didn't he just not answer the door?). Krypto and Kevin figure out what Mechanikat wants (the world's largest ball of yarn), and Krypto tries to go after him while Kevin gets the age ray. Even with Krypto being old, he manages to stop them, and Kevin gets the device. They return home, and Kevin decides to try dunking one time before returning to normal age.

    They could've had either a bit more action in here (such as Streaky joining the fray) or more comedy (which I think there was enough already). That's about my only complaint. Probably not the strongest of the episodes, but good nonetheless. 9.6/10moreless

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    • (Snooky's spaceship lands in the park)
      Kevin: Be extra careful, Krypto.
      Krypto: Better hide behind that tree, 'til this is over, Kevin. This is one cat I just don't trust.

    • Kevin: What is it, boy?
      Krypto: I hear Snooky Wookums' space ship. I wonder what that pest is up to.

    • Krypto: I hope I'm up for this.
      Kevin: You kidding? You're just as super as you ever were. Superer!
      Krypto: Not sure that's a word, but thanks!

    • Snooky: The gramma-ray worked like a charm, oh kitty-king of crime.
      Mechanikat: Yes! (starts dancing) Yeah, baby! Yow, baby! (laughs) Ooh, that's what I'm talkin' about! Gimmee some paw! (Snooky stares blanky) Ahem! I mean, Superdog too old to catch me? I'm free to carry out my latest plan in peace!

    • Mechanikat: (About the ball of yarn) It's just like the one I had when I was a bit of kitty. (Hugs the ball of yarn and sighs happy)
      Snooky: (Pulls Mechanikat's tail) Uh, master of menace. You can play with the yarn all you want after we steal it.
      Mechanikat: Yes, yes, of course.

    • (Kevin who is an adult opens the door and finds Andrea)
      Kevin: May I help you, old.. young lady?
      Andrea: (Puzzled) Who are you?
      Kevin: Me? I'm... I'm a... (Pulls on his collar nervously) I'm... Uh...
      Krypto: You're Kevin's uncle.
      Kevin: (Smiles) You're Kevin's uncle!
      Andrea: Huh?
      Kevin: I mean I'm... I'm Kevin's uncle!
      Andrea: Wait! You're Bailey's dad?
      Kevin: (Shivers) Yeah. That's right! (Closes the door and looks through the view finder)
      Krypto: You handled that well.
      (Andrea looks through the view finder, shrugs and leaves)
      Kevin: (Sighs) That was close!

    • Snooky: Huh? Superdog! I was hoping you'd show up!
      Krypto: I'd get back in my ship if I were you, Snooky.
      Snooky: And after I came all this way to give you a nice gift.
      Krypto: Huh? An old record player?
      Snooky: You've got the old part right.
      (Hits Krypto with the aging ray but bounces off his tag and hits Kevin turning him into an adult)
      Kevin: Whoa!
      (Krypto flies towards Snooky but Snooky hits him again with the aging ray this time turning him old. Krypto falls)
      Snooky: (Runs back to his ship) Ha ha ha! So long, brand dog! (Goes in space)
      Krypto: You'd better run! 'Cause I'm right on your tail! But first I must get Kevin home. (Looks around for Kevin) Kevin? Are you there? Kevin? (Sees Kevin taller and gasps) Kevin!
      Kevin: Krypto! What happened to you? (Looks at himself) Huh? And... What happened to me?
      (They stare at each other)

    • Mechanikat: (As he and Snooky see from a big distance the largest ball of yarn shining) Have you ever seen anything so beautiful in all your life?

    • Kevin: There's a note from mom. She'll be home by 5:00.
      Krypto: We only have 2 hours to get young again. We've got to get our hands on that machine. It's the only thing that could reverse the effects.
      Kevin: But we don't know where it is.
      Krypto: Snooky couldn't have come up with it alone. Mechanikat's behind it. He's got something big, and he wants me out of the way.

    • Krypto: I may be an old dog, but here's a new trick!

    • Kevin: (As he runs to Mechanikat's ship) Gotta get Snooky's machine! (Hits his head on Mechanikat's ship) Ouch! Why does everybody have such low ceilings? (Goes on and hits his head again) Ow!

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