Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 5

Growing Pains

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 26, 2006 on Cartoon Network



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    • (Snooky's spaceship lands in the park)
      Kevin: Be extra careful, Krypto.
      Krypto: Better hide behind that tree, 'til this is over, Kevin. This is one cat I just don't trust.

    • Kevin: What is it, boy?
      Krypto: I hear Snooky Wookums' space ship. I wonder what that pest is up to.

    • Krypto: I hope I'm up for this.
      Kevin: You kidding? You're just as super as you ever were. Superer!
      Krypto: Not sure that's a word, but thanks!

    • Snooky: The gramma-ray worked like a charm, oh kitty-king of crime.
      Mechanikat: Yes! (starts dancing) Yeah, baby! Yow, baby! (laughs) Ooh, that's what I'm talkin' about! Gimmee some paw! (Snooky stares blanky) Ahem! I mean, Superdog too old to catch me? I'm free to carry out my latest plan in peace!

    • Mechanikat: (About the ball of yarn) It's just like the one I had when I was a bit of kitty. (Hugs the ball of yarn and sighs happy)
      Snooky: (Pulls Mechanikat's tail) Uh, master of menace. You can play with the yarn all you want after we steal it.
      Mechanikat: Yes, yes, of course.

    • (Kevin who is an adult opens the door and finds Andrea)
      Kevin: May I help you, old.. young lady?
      Andrea: (Puzzled) Who are you?
      Kevin: Me? I'm... I'm a... (Pulls on his collar nervously) I'm... Uh...
      Krypto: You're Kevin's uncle.
      Kevin: (Smiles) You're Kevin's uncle!
      Andrea: Huh?
      Kevin: I mean I'm... I'm Kevin's uncle!
      Andrea: Wait! You're Bailey's dad?
      Kevin: (Shivers) Yeah. That's right! (Closes the door and looks through the view finder)
      Krypto: You handled that well.
      (Andrea looks through the view finder, shrugs and leaves)
      Kevin: (Sighs) That was close!

    • Snooky: Huh? Superdog! I was hoping you'd show up!
      Krypto: I'd get back in my ship if I were you, Snooky.
      Snooky: And after I came all this way to give you a nice gift.
      Krypto: Huh? An old record player?
      Snooky: You've got the old part right.
      (Hits Krypto with the aging ray but bounces off his tag and hits Kevin turning him into an adult)
      Kevin: Whoa!
      (Krypto flies towards Snooky but Snooky hits him again with the aging ray this time turning him old. Krypto falls)
      Snooky: (Runs back to his ship) Ha ha ha! So long, brand dog! (Goes in space)
      Krypto: You'd better run! 'Cause I'm right on your tail! But first I must get Kevin home. (Looks around for Kevin) Kevin? Are you there? Kevin? (Sees Kevin taller and gasps) Kevin!
      Kevin: Krypto! What happened to you? (Looks at himself) Huh? And... What happened to me?
      (They stare at each other)

    • Mechanikat: (As he and Snooky see from a big distance the largest ball of yarn shining) Have you ever seen anything so beautiful in all your life?

    • Kevin: There's a note from mom. She'll be home by 5:00.
      Krypto: We only have 2 hours to get young again. We've got to get our hands on that machine. It's the only thing that could reverse the effects.
      Kevin: But we don't know where it is.
      Krypto: Snooky couldn't have come up with it alone. Mechanikat's behind it. He's got something big, and he wants me out of the way.

    • Krypto: I may be an old dog, but here's a new trick!

    • Kevin: (As he runs to Mechanikat's ship) Gotta get Snooky's machine! (Hits his head on Mechanikat's ship) Ouch! Why does everybody have such low ceilings? (Goes on and hits his head again) Ow!

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