Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 14

Join the Club

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM May 02, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Snookie is sent to find Krypto's headquarters and joins the Supercat Fan Club.

    This episode wasn't one of my favorites. I didn't like the fact that at the end Snookie liked the club and Streaky. I liked it better when he hated them. It was ok, but I wish that Snookie was still evil when he was banned from the Supercat fan club. It was funny too. The jokes and lines in this episode were hilarious. That's basically the only thing that I liked in this episode. Sorry to the people who liked this episode a lot, but I still dislike this episode because Snookie liked Streaky and became fond of the clubmembers and their activities.
  • Snooky is sent to infiltrate the Supercat Fan Club so Mechanikat can fnd Superdog\'s secret headquarters. But in the process, Snooky shows some interesting character development.

    One thing I\'ve come to like about this show is that it has a very likable cast of characters and, for the most part, the writers have come up with unique ways for them to interact, in this case with unusual results. Here, Mechanikat sends Snooky to inflitrate the Supercat Fan Club and learn the location of Superdog\'s secret headquarters. But, Snooky ends up liking his new friends and gaining some respect for Supercat, who even saves his life at one point.

    I\'ve always liked the fan club members and I\'m glad to see thme taking an active role this season. Mechanikat has appeared too many times this season, but this was still a shining moment for Snooky, who finally gets to do something besides his evil henchman act. Lots of good moments: the Supercat shake was hilarious, especially when performed by Snooky, Snooky putting up a Supercat poster on the ship. With all the abuse he takes from his boss, it\'s amusing to see him enjoy hanging out with other kittens and taking part in the fan club rituals. This episode shows an aumsing new side of Snooky and it will be interesting to see if they follow up on it in future shows.

    I would have have enjoyed seeing more of Streaky but still a good appearance for both Snooky and the fan club and one of my favorite second season episodes.
  • Snooky disguises himself in order to locate Krypto's secret HQ, only to gain a little bit of appreciation for Supercat...

    Well, as I said in the summary, Snooky disguises himself in order to find Krypto's rocket. In order to do this, he becomes a member of the Supercat Fan Club, continuously blowing his cover, and yet not attracting too much attention. As they go to see the Dumpster of Streak-a-tude, Snooky is inadvertantly saved by Streaky from a truck that almost runs him over. Krypto seems to be seeing through his disguise a bit (all Mechanikat did was cover him in red paint), but doesn't figure it out. Eventually, Mechanikat shows up to spoil Snooky's fun after he gains a bit of trust in Supercat, and they take Krypto's rocket away after following the kittens to it (in this episode, all four of them are present). Mechanikat can't get the ship open, and Snooky keeps making excuses (not really implying his new friendship, but being more suggestive). Finally, the fan club trips a button that makes the rocket blast off and back into the paws of Krypto and Streaky.

    Actually not bad. It shows how Snooky gets some trust for Streaky, especially in the end when he posts the Supercat poster on the walls of Mechanikat's spaceship (I seriously laughed). A good view of what's to come, but I would've liked the inclusion of either more Krypto and Streaky, or more Snooky getting to like the club a bit more. 9.7/10