Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 6

K-9 Crusader

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 26, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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K-9 Crusader
Thundermutt asks Ace if he can study the way Ace fights crime so he can perform his new movie. Ace soon realizes the pain of helping him out.

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  • Thundermutt makes his return, only this time to ask Ace for help...

    After being distracted from catching Bud and Lou, Krypto and Ace follow the "Bathound Signal" to Thundermutt's mansion (not expecting to end up there, at least). Here, Thundermutt tells them he's in need of some new acting lessons for his new movie, "K-9 Crusader". He needs Ace's help, and although he's reluctant, Krypto suggests to help him out after a comment by Thundermutt. By tagging along, however, he gets in Bathound's way, and it's not until trying to capture Bud and Lou while they're stealing the "Bona Leasha" that he becomes useful. They arrive at the museum, and Krypto and Ace persuade him to stay outside and wait for the cops (and the press) to come. Once inside, the two of them try to capture Bud and Lou, but end up losing them, only to find that another hyena (a look-alike) has the painting, which turns out to be Thundermutt (he did so to fetch the painting without drawing attention). And in the end, Krypto and Ace see the premiere of his new movie (weird...).

    I would've loved to see not only more action, but maybe a bit more of a drawn-out plot. It felt too rushed at times to really get what was happening. Not a triumphant return of Ace in the season, but it'll do. You might wish to watch this episode for a laugh. 9.6/10moreless

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    • Krypto: (about K-9 Krusader) So, what did you think?
      Ace: It was okay. Except... the way he was always glaring with one eyebrow arched. The way he walked all stiff and straight. So... unrealistic.
      Krypto: (sarcastically) Oh, you think so?
      Ace: Yes. And the way he said "I work alone". I mean, no dog's like that!

    • Ace: (after stopping Bud and Lou from knocking over all the mummies) That's no way to treat your mummy! And they say I have no sense of humor.

    • Ace: I smell a rat. Or is it a hyena?

    • Thundermutt: (after he crashes, he comes out bushing himself off) You know that I do my own stunts.
      Krypto: (sarcasticly) I never would've guessed.

    • Ace: The police...had to untie us!!!
      Thundermutt: (Slightly threatened) Hey, don't worry. I'm sure they were just anxious to get my autograph.

    • Thundermutt: Fine. Don't help me. I'm sure things will be fine if I play a character who has no real acting skills or sense of humor!
      Krypto: (To Ace) That could happen...

    • Krypto: Your partner lives here?
      Ace: Not since the last time I checked.
      (They slam open the door)
      Thundermutt: Fourty-nine seconds...not bad.

    • (Thundermutt [K-9 Crusader] looks at camera, smiles, then imitates the same walking movement as Bat-Hound. They both look left and right at the same time and keep walking. Bat-Hound stares at Thundermutt, then turns around)
      Bat-Hound: What are you doing?
      Thundermutt: (Imitating) What are you doing?
      Bat-Hound: Cut that out!
      Thundermutt: Cut that out!
      Bat-Hound: I'm serious!
      Thundermutt: I'm serious!
      Bat-Hound: (Notices a burglar leaving through the window with money) Stop in the name of the law!!
      Thundermutt: Woah! You can't arrest me for doing an impression!
      Bat-Hound: (Activates Bat-Rope) Gotcha!
      Thundermutt: (Activates his K9 Crusader's costume rope, like Bat-Hound's, only to tie them both) Gotcha.

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