Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 1

Kids in Capes

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 24, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Andrea gets involved in the adventure and the second season gets off to a (ahem..) flying start.

    In this season opener it's clear the producers have been thinking about new directions that might maintain viewer interest. The main purpose here seems to be to get Andrea more involved in the adventures. There's not a lot of story momentum, most of the fun comes from watching the boy and girl perform super feats and their pets' attempts to help them.
    How this comes about begins with Andrea finding a red rock(Red Kryptonite of course) and coming in contact with Krypto, giving both of them super powers. So Kevin and Andrea don super suits and fly around Metropolis doing super deeds, receiving a little secret assistance from their super-pets who are concerned about what will happen when the red K wears off. Of course everything turns out fine. Kevin is impressed with how adventurous Andrea is and they go skateboarding together, implying Andrea will be seen more often in future stories.
    Streaky is in fine form in this episode, making his usual wisecracks and taking a very active role in the action with Krypto, something I hope will continue in the new season. My only complaint is that the super-cat's running gag about looking for crime at the fish food factory is getting a bit shopworn.
    Overall a fine start to the second season for K-Dog and company.
  • High hopes rode on season two. Thankfully, the show didn't disappoint...

    Kevin and Krypto are playing in their backyard, while Streaky watches. Then, Andrea comes over to show off her new rock that she got. Notice, the rock is red, and when Krypto gets near it, something happens to him, and he knows instantly that it's red kryptonite. When Andrea touches Krypto to see what's wrong, she glows red and goes back to her house. Kevin also touches him and glows, then says he feels amazing. He goes to retrieve their ball from under the car, and coming out, he finds that he has super strength, and can even fly. Krypto knows exactly what happened, and Andrea notices the powers as well. One thing leads to another, and the next thing you know, Andrea brings out super hero costumes and dresses herself and Kevin in them. She gets the idea that maybe the two of them should go out and be super heroes for a while (super powers can't go to waste). Krypto realizes the danger in this, ad he and Streaky follow the two of them across two, watching them as they perform their heroic deeds. Of course, after a while, the powers wear off, and it's Superdog and Supercat to the rescue.

    Andrea's "hero" voice reminded me of just how seriously she takes her powers. And as I've said, this is the first episode of the second season, and I find that it's everything we expected, and maybe more. 10/10