Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 8

Magic Mutts

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Krypto and Ace are perfect as a team... but add Stretch-O-Mutt and things get bouncy.

    This was a classic episode to the series and really a good example of the Krypto series so far. Krypto and Ace have to track down Mertin (misspelled it wrong at first, accidentally called it "Murtin") and stop his magic act. Stretch-O-Mutt helps bounce this thing along, however we now know Stretch-O-Mutt has a fear of dogs with watermelons as their heads, lmao. Krypto is caught in the act as he is turned into a card and Mertin hides in the Metropolis Magic Museum which is closed and try and out-magic Mertin. Stretch-O-Mutt is amazing for his character (and, oddly enough, the comedy relief) and we get to see him in action. (Ace gets turned into a quarter, for a short time) Seeing things turned into goofy stuff like cards and quarters sometimes scares me, but in this case it's all apart of their "routine".
  • Bravo! This show is really hitting its stride.

    We already have a couple of excellent reviews but I can't help chiming in with another perfect 10 for this episode.
    Merton the magic rabbit is on a carrot-stealing rampage and it seems the best efforts of Superdog and Bathound are not enough to stop him. Fortunately, the heroic but silly Stretch-)-Mutt comes bouncing on to the scene. Together, Ace and Stretch come up with a plan to defeat the villainous pair.

    I can't come up with enough good things to say about this episode: for once a truly formidable villain, an imaginative use of magic, lots of action and humor including Stretch's hilarious interaction with the much-too-serious Ace.

    Stretch is living up to the promise of his origin episode. He's a truly wacky hero but quite effective when given the chance to show what he can do, not at all the incompetent sidekick you might first expect. In addition to the obvious influence of Plastic Man on the character, watching his wild shape-changing and extreme eye-bulging 'takes' make it clear that Stretch also owes a debt to the wacky classic animation of the legendary Tex Avery, something that really gives the show a lift. Can you tell that I like this character?

    With a great new character and a change in the dynamics for Kevin, Andrea, Krypto and Streaky, it's clear the producers decided to tweak the show a bit in the second season and it's clearly paying off. With episodes like this, looks like "Krypto the Superdog" may just be hitting its stride.

  • Even expert heroes need help from time to time.

    A new villain, Mertin (or Murton, or Murtin, I'm not sure how to spell it), shows up at the local fair to ruin the fun and make everyone leave so he can grab the carrots (he's a rabbit). Krypto and Ace, however, have other plans. It becomes apparent that Mertin is a lot stronger than they thought, as he's able to escape by using his magic against Krypto and Ace. Shortly afterwards, Stretch-O-Mutt shows up (conviniently) and, after hearing the story, agrees to help. He seems really amazed about Bat Hound (he's never seen him before, only heard stories), and Ace doesn't like the idea of him tagging along. He suggests that he stays on the street corner as a mailbox to watch and see if Mertin comes by (this is to get rid of him). But at the food store, Mertin transforms Krypto into a card (King of Spades), and leaves with him, leaving Stretch and Ace to find and fight him. Ace proposes a magic duel once he confronts Mertin: if he beats him, he has to change Krypto back. By having Stretch transform into all sorts of things, he can steal Mertin's wand and end things once and for all.

    Stretch-O-Mutt returning for another fight was a good sight to see. It felt like things went at a nice pace, not really rushing anything. Some of the puns were...yeah, pun-ish. Not much of a complaint, though. Finally a perfect set of episodes (the first set was nearly there, but we can count it as one). 10/10
  • Krypto, Ace and Stretch-O-Mutt team up in a tremendously entertaining adventure against a renegade magician's rabbit with geniune mystic powers.

    Hey there. I have to say I absolutely LOVED this episode. Pardon the pun, but this was a definitely VERY .... enchanting tale. Not only do we get to see Stretch-O-Mutt's second appearance already, but we get to see him working alongside Ace as well as Krypto this time. That rabbit Merton was actually a pretty formidable villain for this series too; possessing geniune magic powers AND using them to good enough effect where even Krypto and Ace couldn't handle him without help.... good thing the zany new hero Stretch-O-Mutt was in on this too. The super-silly, super-stretchable canine teamed with the almost-too-serious Ace made for some pretty darn good humor AND despite his zaniness, Stretch-O-Mutt did NOT foul up Ace in any way (except for his mood) in this entire adventure. Yep, Merton the Rabbit is most certainly one of the more formidable Krypto villains used thus far. Now I wonder how Streaky or the Dog Stars would react to meeting Stretch-O-Mutt, but I have a hunch we'll find out eventually anyway. :-D All in all, I found this adventure to be the best of the season so far. :-D