Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 25, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Mechanikat tries to create a robot double to cut his work load in half.... and BOY does it come back to bite him.

    Hey, I have to admit that I DID kind of get a kick out of this episode. I mean, sure it was a bit rushed at parts, but it WAS pretty good to see Mechanikat forced to go to the Dog Stars for help after his own desire to create a robot stand-in to handle the matters on the ship ended up backfiring in a major way... as it turns out that his robot double is just as evil as him AND smarter than he is too. Plus, I got a hoot out of seeing Mechanikat trying to use Kryptonite from the Lexcorp vaults.... only to find that the vaults were empty. And Krypto had a good point about how somebody as evil as Mechanikat, but smarter, was a legitimate reason to form a temporary truce with their old enemy.
  • Mechanikat builds a robot to do some of his work for him. Guess what? The robot gets smarter...

    After a failed robbery of kryptonite at the hands of Krypto and the Dog Stars (the safe was empty), Mechanikat gets an idea. Why not make a robot doppleganger of himself? This new Mechani-Bot would be able to think like him, and would take control over maintaining the ship for Mechanikat while he comes up with plans. As it turns out, soon he's betrayed by his own robot, and Snooky, and has to go to the Dog Stars for help. Though reluctant, Krypto suggests that they help, but it's only to save the Earth from Mechani-Bot. Upon arrival, they quickly become discovered, and have to sneak their way up to Mechani-Bot, who's waiting for them all with specially designed tubes to contain them (one with red sunlight for Krypto, another for Tusky Husky with electrically lined walls, an icy room for Hot Dog, and a room for Tail Terrier with absolutely nothing in it [so that he can't grab anything]). Mechani-Bot explains his plan to them all: he'll create a cosmic sound wave to make all of Earth's dogs howl uncontrollably, then the catbots will sneak in and take over. Krypto takes his idea and tells the others to howl as loudly as possible. This breaks the red sunlight bulb in Krypto's tube and he breaks free with his powers and frees everyone else. Mechanikat gives chase for Mechani-Bot, who slips on the wet floor that Snooky was mopping, and short-circuits. Thus, the truce is over.

    Robots might be able to stop a bullet, but they can die by the stuff we drink. Heheheheh...hrm. Anyways, I found this one another great episode. Though at times, a little rushed, but the teaming up concept is something I hope to see in the future. 9.9/10