Krypto: the Superdog

Season 1 Episode 5

Meet the Dog Stars

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 06, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

A group of superdogs from outerspace come to earth to catch a villainous cat who has been wreaking havoc all over the cosmos!

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  • A terrific introduction to Snooky Wookums AND the Dog Star Patrol.

    This episode is a fine example of why I love this series so much; when it's at its best, it's terrific, as this episode very clearly shows. It all starts out with what looks to be a cute kitten being harrassed by a gang of dogs, but as Krypto (who makes a slight "fourth wall breaking" comment about how he hates it when he catches a whiff of bacon and finds out it's coming from another city" [because he has super-smell]) finds out rather quickly, things aren't always what they seem. Not only as these no ordinary dogs (they each have a different super-power), but that cute kitten is NOT as innocent as first appearances would make him seem. Anyway, once the misunderstanding gets straightened out, Krypto and the Dog Stars make a tremendous team.... enough so where he gets invited to become a full member himself. All in all, great action for a kid's cartoon and pretty darn good humor too. A must-see (if you haven't already) episode for all fans of this cartoon.moreless
  • Dog Star Patrol

    This is the one that gets them all. The Dog Star Patrol, which is a league of dogs with different powers from different planets that protect the galaxy from Mechanikat and Snooky. The Dog Star Patrol prove to be one tough bunch when it comes to protecting the galaxy. I put this episode at the top of my all time favorite Krypto episode list.
  • Now THIS is what Krypto's all about!

    After catching a smell of bacon one day (a result of his super smell), he hears a cat in trouble, being attacked by a group of dogs. As he goes to save him, he gets in a fight with them, soon realizing they all have super powers. One can grow the horns of a bull (named Bulldog, respectively), one has an elastic tail (Tail Terrier), one grows to huge sizes (Mammoth Mutt), and the last one is a living furnace (Hot Dog). Once the cat escapes, Krypto confronts the leader of "The Dog Star Patrol", named Brainy Barker (telekinetic powers). Upon learning the truth about the cat, he joins them on a mission to stop him from causing any more trouble on Earth. Using a special crystal given to him, he turns a group of cats at the animal shelter into ferocious sabertooth tigers, and with the combined forces of Superdog and the Dog Stars, the stop all of them. Thinking quickly, Krypto destroys the gem and Snooky Wookums escapes (I know, that's his name). We learn of a very important villain in this episode, named Mechanikat. Krypto is then invited to be an honorary member of the Dog Star Patrol.

    I really didn't see much wrong with this episode. It all felt like it fit into place. The Dog Stars make a good group of heroes for Krypto to trot around with, and are pretty good in later episodes. Giving it my highest honor, with a 10/10moreless

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