Krypto: the Superdog

Season 1 Episode 17

My Uncle the Superhero

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 14, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Streaky wants to impress his nephew, Squeaky, by making him believe he is a big-time superhero.

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  • An excellent Streaky spotlight.

    Streaky, enjoying his freedom from Andrea for a while in his "Dumpster of Solitude", is soon interrupted by his nephew, Squeaky, who wants to see him in action. To impress Squeaky, Streaky tries to save a runaway garbage truck, and Krypto soon joins him as he's about to do so. Streaky asks him if he could make it look like Supercat's the main hero to impress Squeaky, and Krypto says he can. However, stopping the truck turns out to be a bad attempt, as Streaky gets knocked around and eventually hits the manual break, which causes it to stop anyways. Squeaky thinks he did it on purpose, but Streaky still feels pretty bad. Another crisis comes up when he tries to stop a bank robber, but nabs a shoplifter instead while Krypto gets the robber. His last attempt comes when he tries to save a dam from bursting, and Krypto ends up saving him while he fixes it. To top it off, the cows on the nearby farm insult him as he comes up from nearly drowning. In the end, however, Streaky gets his chance to shine when he saves his nephew from a stray dog.

    Though this episode was a little awkward and funny to watch as Streaky kept doing things wrong, I somewhat felt sorry for the predicament he was in. It's sometimes like that with episodes when you can relate to someone in the show. I loved this episode, and it's a must-see. 10/10moreless
  • There's more than one dimension to this cat!

    Streaky the Supercat shows he's more than just a smart aleck sidekick in this episode as he tries, with Krypto's help, to show off his superhero abilities for the benefit of his nephew.

    Of course, this being Streaky, it doesn't go smoothly and things really get out of hand when a dam breaks and Krypto has to come to the rescue. All three of the main characters are very appealing and they all have good intentions: Streaky just wants to live up to his nephew's expectations, Krypto is almost too nice here as he pretends to be Streaky's sidekick, and when the truth is revealed, nephew Squeaky doesn't seem to mind that his uncle isn't quite the great hero he thought he was. There's a very satisfying twist at the end as Streaky saves Squeaky from a bullying dog and proves he really is a hero in his own right. Way to go, Streaky!

    Streaky's attempts to be a hero were very funny and I actually felt for him when he thought he'd let his nephew down. This episode adds yet another dimension to a great supporting character.moreless
  • I greatly enjoyed this episode. It was great seeing Streaky trying so hard to look like a big hero to his nephew.

    What can I say except that this was a very humorous, yet still very touching episode. It definitely did a good job on showing an extra dimension to Streaky as he was actually trying so hard to impress his nephew. The first couple of times, it looked like Streaky might have the added power of super-luck (of course, that turned out to not be true in the third case). For example, when he tried to save the garbageman (who was allergic to cats as it turned out), he ended up getting flung into the parking brake by the garbageman he was trying to save. Then, when he was going after a bank robber, he ended up catching a lookalike who turned out to be a shoplifter. Of course, it was very sweet of Squeaky to stick by his uncle even after things went horribly wrong when he was trying to fix the dam (though, thankfully, Krypto managed to keep the situation from getting TOO bad) and it was very gratifying seeing Streaky teach that big mean dog a lesson at the end about not messing with his nephew. Squeaky was right: Krypto couldn't have handled THAT ONE any better .... or had as much fun doing it. :)moreless

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    • Squeaky: How come you're playing in a dumpster?
      Streaky: Playing in a dump- I'm not playing! This is my... headquarters, the, uh, Dumpster of Solitude! Yeah, that's it, my Dumpster of Solitude! So, you have to promise not to divulge it's whereabouts to anyone. A lot of bad guys would love to know where this baby is!
      Squeaky: You can count on me, uncle Streaky! I'll never tell!

    • Krypto: Hey Squeaky, you wanna come along while we finish our patrol?
      (Streaky shakes his head 'no' at Krypto)
      Squeaky: Is that okay, Uncle Streaky?
      Krypto: (Mimicking Squeaky) Yeah, Uncle Streaky, is that okay?
      Streaky: Hey... The more, the merrier. (Muttering to Krypto) Why don't you go play with Bat-Hound?

  • NOTES (2)

    • This marks the first appearance of Streaky's nephew, Squeaky. In subsequent appearances, he is the leader of the Supercat Fan Club.

    • First appearance of Streaky's "Dumpster of Solitude" which in later episodes is referred to as the "Dumpster of Streakitude."


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