Krypto: the Superdog

Season 1 Episode 39

Puppy Problems

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 29, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Mechanikat turns the Dog Stars into puppies with a ray, but the Dog Stars slowly learn of their powers.

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  • The Dog Stars are turned into puppies by Mechanikat, who soons finds that a grave mistake.

    Well, to sum up the beginning, the Dog Stars fall for a trap set by Mechanikat to lure them out to an asteroid, where Snooky uses an age ray to turn all of them into puppies. You'd think that not all of them would need to come, but sadly they all fall for it. Mechanikat takes them aboard his ship to drop them off on a desolate planet somewhere, after telling them that he was their father. They've got no memory of their adult lives, so naturally they believe him. Things turn out bad when they decide to play around with the controls of his ship, and he has them all take a nap for a while. During that time period, they all become aware of their powers, and Mechanikat, once again, has to deal with things, so he has Snooky (Nanny Wookums...heh) looks after them for a while until they get to their destination. They play around with their super powers, and Brainy accidentally reads Mechanikat's mind when they get back into the control room, revealing his true motives. At that point, they all turn against him, retrieve the age ray, return to normal, and turn Mechanikat into "Mechanikitty".

    Mostly nothing wrong with this episode. I didn't like how they all went on the mission, and I think it could've turned into a two-parter if Krypto hadn't been turned into a puppy while the others had. I enjoyed it still, and I like how they seemed to get into Mechanikat's way. Also, he could've just left them on the asteroid, since it was going into the sun. Oh well...10/10moreless
  • In this silly (in a good way) episode, most of the Dog Stars get turned into (admittedly pretty cute) puppies.

    Well, I have to admit that I did get a hoot out of this episode. Despite a couple of plot holes (one: How could Brainy sense all that stuff she did and NOT sense that the whole thing was a trap? and two: Why would they need to contact Krypto to help them on a mission that it looked like Tusky, Bull Dog and Mammoth Mutt could handle pretty easily on their own, even if it WASN'T a trap?), this WAS a pretty entertaining piece. Not only were the Dog Stars pretty darn cute as puppies, but I loved seeing how frustrated Mechanikat got when he was trying to keep the puppies under control (definitely should serve as a reminder to the villain to never underestimate your enemies). Plus, I loved seeing Mechanikat get turned into a kitten at the end (definitely VERY appropriate payback). All in all a VERY enjoyable eleven-minute cartoon. :-Dmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: When Snooky hits the Dog Stars with the puppy ray, their space helmets stay the same size, but their collars/capes shrink with them.

    • Logic Goof: It seems odd that Brainy was able to sense all that stuff about the "trapped bus" and NOT sense what an obvious trap the situation was. And, for that matter, it also seems odd that despite Krypto's X-ray vision, he was so taken in by the cardboard cut-outs and Mechanikat's disguise as he was.

    • Logic Goof: Why did the Dog Stars feel the need to call in Krypto for a situation that Mammoth Mutt, Bull Dog and Tusky Husky could clearly easily handle between just the three of them (namely, the "stranded bus" deal) were the situation geniune and not a trap?

    • Mechanikat says that this is the best plan he's had in light-years. However, a light year is a unit of distance, not of time.

    • Goof: When Brainy ask about her name, the B on her tag was backwards.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Puppy Brainy Barker: When I read his mind, I saw where that bad cat put the puppy ray. Maybe it can make us big again.
      Puppy Krypto: Wow! You're really brainy, Brainy!
      Puppy Brainy Barker: (giggles) Thanks!

    • (After the Dog Stars return to normal)
      Mechanikat: Why you mangy mutts! You still won't get away from me! (Krypto flies to the machine and presses a button) Stop! (The machine zaps Mechanikat, turning him into a kitten)
      Mechanikitty: Hello! (Sits down and starts chewing his fingers. All of the Dog Stars laugh)
      Mammoth Mutt: Good thinking, Superdog! Now he's Mechanikitty!
      Brainy Barker: Come, Dog Stars. Let's get back to our own ship.
      (The Dog Stars leave)
      Snooky: Huh? Mechanikat?
      Mechanikitty: Who's that? Who are you?
      Snooky: Why...I'm Pappy Pussycat.
      Mechanikitty: (Gets up and runs happy to Snooky) Pappy? Pappy! (Hugs Snooky)
      Snooky: This didn't turn out so bad after all.

    • (Puppy Tusky Husky touches a machine with his tooth)
      Snooky: No! Not the Right-Side-Up-A-Tron! (Mechanikat's ship turns upside down) Uh-oh!
      Mechanikat: Oh, Nanny Wookums. Is there something I should know about?
      Snooky: Uh... Everything's under control...
      Mechanikat: Hehe! Oh my mistake. For a minute there I thought I was... UPSIDE-DOWN!!!

    • Mechanikat: (After he takes off his alien costume in front of the Dog Stars) Ha ha!
      Brainy Barker: Mechanikat!
      Mechanikat: Welcome to my fiendishly clever trap, Dog Stars! But wait! There's more! (Pause) That's your cue, Snooky.
      (Snooky comes out with a machine)
      Snooky: Ha! (He zaps the Dog Stars with a ray. Then the Dog Stars aren't seen, only their space helmets but suddenly a helmet moves. Outside of the helmet comes out Krypto who is turned into a puppy)
      Puppy Krypto: Huh? What happened?
      (All of the Dog Stars are turned into puppies)
      Puppy Hot Dog: Where am I?
      Puppy Mammoth Mutt: Hi! What's your name?
      Puppy Brainy Barker: I don't know. What's yours?
      Puppy Mammoth Mutt: Beats me. Let's wrestle!

    • Puppy Krypto: Who are you?
      Mechanikat: Why, I'm your...pappy.
      Puppy Krypto: You don't look like a daddy dog...
      Mechanikat: Errr...ruff ruff!

  • NOTES (2)


    • In addition to the fact that the Dog Star Patrol is like a canine Justice League, the concept of them being turned into puppies appears to be a nod towards the Justice League Unlimited episode "Kid Stuff".

    • Krypto as a puppy has a strong resemblance to the character of 'Pupstar' from the 1960s Hanna-Barbera cartoon The Space Kidettes. The plot of this cartoon, in which youngsters cause trouble for adult space villains, also suspiciously resembles that show.