Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 9

Reptile Round-Up

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 28, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Reptile Round-Up
When Ignatius gets bored, he clones himself with a new Lexcorp device. But when the machine gets out of control and creates endless clones of him, Superdog has to fetch them all.

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  • Ignatius messes with a doubling ray at Lexcorp and copies himself.

    Ignatius is bored. Everyone, save the security guards, has left Lexcorp for the day, and he has nothing to entertain him. After trying to get Superdog so he can have some fun with him, Krypto warns him about false alarms. When he leaves, Ignatius notices some scientists dropping off their latest invention: the molecular doubling ray. He decides to first use it to clone a bowl of flies, then himself so that he has someone else to accompany him. After a third time, the machine backfires and creates dopplegangers uncontrollably, and they start to wreck Lexcorp (while the security guards remain fast asleep). Ignatius, desperate for help, calls Superdog, who at first thinks it's a prank, but notices all of the copies. He sees them escape and has to round them up (hence the name). When he gets back, he simply pulls out the cord after hearing the story, and the ray stops. Then, he reverses the polarity on it, and all of the clones disappear.

    Not much to say other than this isn't my favorite episode. It's still worth checking out, but I just thought it was a little too silly for its own good. 9.7/10moreless

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    • Security Guard: See! I told you! There's only one of them.
      Ignatius: And one is enough.

    • Ignatius: Do something, quick! I never thought I'd say this, but...I can't stand myself!

    • Ignatius: You're making a mess! I'll get in trouble! (All of the clones continue messing things up) No, I can't stop myself!

    • Ignatius: Three is usually a crowd, but not when they're all me...
      (Ignatius uses the ray to clone a third Ignatius)
      All: (At the same time) Hello, gorgeous!

    • Ignatius: Oooh, you certainly are a handsome fellow.
      Clone Ignatius: You're not too bad yourself.
      Both: (At the same time) Oooooohhh, I think I'm gonna like you.

    • Scientist 1: The molecular doubling machine! Taa-daa!
      Scientist 2: Taa-daa? You're a scientist, man, not some cheesy magician's lovely assistant.
      Scientist 1: You always have to spoil my fun.

    • Krypto: Haven't you ever heard the story of the boy who cried wolf?!
      Ignatius: Why don't you stick around and tell it to me, hmmm?
      Krypto: Don't be the lizard who cried Superdog!

    • Ignatius: There's one superhero I can always count on to show up, even if I don't want him to. (Pulls the fire alarm)

    • Ignatius: Ahhh...the day's over. Everyone's gone home. Peace and quiet...I hate peace and quiet!

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    • Ignatius: Alone again... naturally!

      This is a reference to the song "Alone Again (Naturally)", by the Irish singer-songwriter Gilbert O'Sullivan.

    • Krypto mentioned that he "reversed the electrical polarity" when solving the problem of the multiple Ignatiuses.

      Possible allusion to a phrase that is said in Doctor Who. "Reverse the polarity (of the neutron flow)" has been typically associated with the Third Doctor from Doctor Who, Jon Pertwee, as his way of dealing with technobabble that he was required to speak in that show. Although he only said the full phrase once during his initial tenure.

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