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  • In a way it has a posetive spin but is pretty annoying that it`s not completely original

    I think there are too many Superman clones out there an this show falls in that pile. Still, it had intresting characters and a few episodes with watchable plots. But I think that it defenently should have tried to be completly original.
  • This series doesn't talk down to young viewers, but instills in them important life lessons through fun action packed and adventurous fun. As a parent, I can highly recommend this show to other parents.

    As someone who grew up with Krypto as the Superboy's dog, watching this version was strange, but yet familiar. At first, I thought these episodes dealt with the time period after Krypto left his master (Superboy/Superman). Yet, this isn't the case for two reasons: (A) Krypto left the Earth to explore the universe and have it as his playground. (B) After reading several episode summaries, I came to realize, in this version, Krypto just arrived on Earth. He was Kal'el's dog on Krypton, but when he arrived on Earth he joined up with a human boy (instead of his original master).

    I can accept in an alternative universe Krypto didn't meet up with Superboy, but with a normal boy who lives on Earth. Given this perception the series Krypto: The Superdog is really great children’s (TV: Y) series!

    Krypto, otherwise, has the same powers and retains the sense of right and wrong he learned on Krypton. These facts make Krypto a great model for children. The show doesn't talk down to young viewers, but instills in them important life lessons, through fun action packed and adventurous fun. As a parent, I can highly recommend this show to other parents (based upon the several episodes I viewed).

    As for my watching the series, it brings back many wonderful memories of Superboy, Krypto, and I up in my bedroom. Yet, it is painful not to see Superboy in these episodes, so I'll be passing on watching the series. I will be watching, though, The Legion of Super Heroes!
  • it was a ok cartoon about a super dog

    the show krypto was a about a dog that was like superman and he would help stop crime that was caused by cats. who had alot of weapons to try to take him down krypto had others to help him like another dog that looked like batman that had gagtets and like a utitly belt. the show was ok like i said the advetures were some times good and bad. and the dog was exactly like superman and his weakness was krypto night and he had all the powerso of superman. and that is why i gave the show a 7
  • It's okay but it could have been better.

    When I first found out about this series, I was anxios to see it but then when I did see it, I thought it was pretty good but it could have been better. If it was Y7 instead of Y then it could have been a cooler series like 'Teen Titans' and 'Justice League' where. If they wanted to make it for little kids then I think they should have at least had a moral to each episode like 'Baby Looney Tunes' has. Some of the ideas where pretty cool like Krypto's Team, the Dog Stars and I think some of the charactors are pretty cool. Another thing I think could have been better was the animation style. I think it would have been cooler if it was more like the animation in 'Justice League' or 'Teen Titans' instead of that HannaBarbara type animation (not that I don't like HannaBarbara type animation, I just think it didn't suit the series that well). They could have made the series funnier too.
  • A Fine Cartoon.

    There really is nothing WRONG with this show. It's cute, fun, entertaining, and colorful, with an excellent cast of characters. The issue is that ideally, it shouldn't have been conceived as purely a kiddie show. This doesn't allow it to live up to its full potential, which I think is tremendous. If they had gone at this as a more mature show, it could've been a real hit. If we could feel more real emotion, love, passion, danger, actual threat of would be absolutely amazing. Same exact characters, less juvenile situations and dialogue. That's what I'd love to see. As it is, I love Krypto and am delighted to have discovered it by surprise on Cartoon Network. It IS a fine example of a modern cartoon show, clever and completely family-friendly. On the whole though, I would have preferred it to be more like many other superhero programs--not "dumbed down" for children just because it stars the cute little puppy dog. Anyway, in my humble opinion, the best part of the show is the recurring Dog Star Patrol.
  • A Passable Cartoon that has good plots but has a few problems, and it may not be as good as the Original heroes but still very decent to watch!

    My 36th review after a crummy spin-off: "All Grown up"!

    This cartoon is pretty weird because you get these super-powered animals from their DC comics Super-heroes such as Krypto the Superdog from Superman, Ace the Bathound from Batman, and Streaky well... From Aundrea! They barely save the day but it occurs some problems such as the storyline... well was the storyline successful? well... Let me see... Well umm... uhh.... IT STINKS!!!!!!! Well, it stinks because this rips off the Original heroes AND it just doesn't feel like the Originals. Weird. What am I gonna Grade this cartoon? I'm gonna give this cartoon a B. That's right. a B. Now I'm gonna show the results:

    Voice-acting: A- 8.0/10.0 Great Voice-acting! It sounds well enough to the super-powered pets!

    Animation: C 6.0/10.0 Nice, smooth, colorful, and clean, nothing new here.

    Graphics: A+ 9.0/10.0 Superb and Outstanding Graphics! That's how I like it baby!!! WHOO!!!!!!

    Dialouge: C- 5.5/10.0 There is however doesn't really have any Eductional Vaule in this show, but The dialouge is somehow Corny.

    Lasting Appeal: A+ 8.7/10.0 Childern of all ages will be enthrilled to this super-powered pet show.

    Overall: B 7.3/10.0 It was pretty Understandable to allow the DC studios make this spin-off on Cartoon Network, But I wonder why they couldn't Put the original heroes more often in more epiosdes... I'll just hope if they can try to bring it back on another channel.....
  • This is SOOOOOO awesome!!!!! This show gave me the my idea of...

    MY FIRST MOVIE!!! It's the best movie I've EVER thought & it's all thanks to Krypto! He rocks! He's got all kinds of awesome powers! Here's a list of his powers;

    Heat Vision

    X-Ray Vision

    Super Hearing

    Super Speed

    Flying Power

    Ultimate Armor Skin

    Man I LOVE this show & the ideas it gave me! This is the best! I REALLY like this show & Streaky is funny! He likes to make up stories for his fan club pals!!! That is SOOOOOOO funny! And Macanic Cat is funny, too! And I like Snooky! And it's got a LOT of cats in it! And I LOOOOOOOOVE cats!
  • Krypto the Superdog is about a Kryptoian puppy who's ship crash lands in Metropolis and meets Kevin Whitney, a 9-year-old who just moved to Metropolis. They become friends and Kevin adopts Krypto.

    i love this show! My sister was watching it last year and encouraged me to watch it. I started to watch and loved it. Krypto, Streaky, and Ace are the coolist superhero team ever!!!!!!!!! i suggest you watch this show & to the people who hate this show, you're missing out!!!!!!!
  • Why does everyone hate this show?

    Eh no offense people, but I know there is always one hater of the show but you seemed to give way too low of a rating. Its not that bad of a show! The plots needed to be better though and the villains could have been a little better as well. I still don't understand why people hate this show to like death! There isn't anyrthing wrong with it. BUt at the same time theres only very few things that are very great about it. This show is not one of my huge favorites, but you guys do need to cut this show a little slack, even though its been canceled.
  • Is it dead?

    I am very glad and proud of CTN for getting rid of this show cause it was a waste of time. The problem is that now Krypto the Superdog is in Kids WB. Kids WB will take any show that is stupid and this show is very stupid. All the charaters are brainless, all the episodes are just worthless, and all the plots are stupid. The worst of them all of the voices and the sound effects. All the charaters voice are stupid and annoying. The sound effects are dumb. When someone gets hurt on the show, you heard a kid sound of some sort that only kids will laugh at. This show should belong in the trash.
  • Clever!

    I thought it was a very cleverly written series. I especially like the way the Dog Stars charecters interact and cooperate in the show. Theres quite a bit of thought behind the writing. If I had to say anything that I don't like about it, it would be the charecter called Stretch-O-Mutt. He seems to be a desperate attempt at catching veiwers attention. I liked the first season and third the most. Very entertaining!
  • Another one of those boring super powered animal shows. It reminds of The Wacky World of Tex Avery...

    To keep things very generic and simple, I can easily state that this show is extremely boring. It's just some other show with an amazing animal that has super powers. I don't get how people find it worth while to watch a dog fly around and save people... How do you find that interesting? There is better stuff on television to watch than this. If you want to use your time wisely then DO NOT watch this show. It is extremely boring and doesn't have a hint of modern day spunk in it. Conserve your time and refrain from watching the show. I would not recommend it...
  • Um its okay...

    Krypto the Superdog is a weird show. I mean who ever heard of a flying dog who saves the world. And his sidekick is a CAT???? Weird.... Well as weird as it is..that doesn't mean the show is bad. It only means that the show is weird.... In Krypto the Superdog, there is a dog named Krypto. He is like a dog version of Superman. his sidekick is a cat named Streaky. He's like a scardey cat sort is also some other dog who is like a dog version of Batman. Krypto is a superdog and saves the world.Only nobody knows that Krypto is actually his owner's dog. His owner's name his Tommy or Jerry or George or Patrick or James or something. Maybe it was Dexter..... or Butch.....Kryp.....Kip...Kipto...Timmito...Joe... Actually it was Timmy ( I think) Okay who cares what his name is.....this show is nice sometimes. There is an evil cat named Puffy or Fluffy or Meowy. She is evil and bad and maybe one of Krypto's worst enemies... I haven't watched many episode so I really don't know there names... I remeber one episode in which Streaky i s trying to impress his nephew. That was my first episode. there is also another episode in which his cousin Billy or Bob or Donnie comes alog and finds out that Krypto is a superdog...Okay anywayz Krypto is okayyyy.... Krypto...the superdog...Krypto...!
  • 3rd greatest show on C.N

    this show really rocks hard! it is so awesome! anyone that don't like this show is stupid and needs to go to heck!forget 10 this show deserves a rating of 100! my 3rd fav (2nd fav "my gym partners a monkey" 1st fav Naruto) cartoon. whoever created this show so smart.
  • Krypto, Krypto the superdog...

    This Shows Great, I love the song! Its about a Krypton Dog who finds his way to Earth's Metropolis and finds a Friend in a little boy named Kevin Whitney. There is also a Group of super powered dogs called the Dog Star Patrol. Brainy Barker , Tusky husky, Tail Terrier , Bull Dog, Paw Pooch ,Hot Dog and Mammoth Mutt. Krypto Soon meets Batman's dog Ace the Bathound. It's a Great show Check it out.
  • 8.9
    I discovered "Krypto" on DVD, looking for some Superman-related show my five-year-old son and I could enjoy together. I am so pleased that "Krypto" fills the bill! There is a lot of colorful, comedic action to keep my son's attention, and a surprisingly smart and knowledgeable approach to pre-existing "Superman" mythos to keep me entertained. My favorite part of the show is the "Dog Star Patrol," an homage to the old S.C.P.A. from the "Superboy" comic books. (In fact, my son was so impressed by Hot Dog, Bull Dog, Brainy Barker, and the rest that I found some of the vintage "Superboy" issues for us to read together!) If you are a parent looking for family-friendly superhero fare, look no further than "Krypto."
  • What is this?

    Cartoonetwork, what did you do, again? This show is about a dog, Krypto (what kind of name is that) who has magical powers and helps save the world. Dumb, no? Krypto the superdog just has to have another stupid character. Kryptos sidekick, a cat. A cat, of all things living, a cat? What kind of sidekick is that? A stupid ad babyish one. I understand kids around seven watching it, but teenagers, that is just...just...i won't say. It is a weird show, that i don't like, never did and never will. Overall, this show is horrible, and the theme song stinks.
  • I'm not at all sorry that I hate this show.

    It's lame..It's corny..It's not funny..And It SUCKS.
    Could it get any worse than that?

    Why CN???? Why this?? Why not Xiaolin Showdown or Teen Titans or something OTHER than Krypto the super dog?!? This is personally one of your worst shows ever. I mean come on??? A dog..with POWERS?? I think you can do better than this. I almost had a heart attack when I saw this freaking show had more episodes than Xiaolin Showdown. It must be time for the apocalypse if this show continues on. Everyone run!!! Besides...who the heck has Krypto for a dog's name?!? That's just sad. No, this show is just sad. In fact, CN is just sad. Not trying to be mean...I'm just saying. CN..I know you can think of something better! Just listen to your fans for once and you might actually survive! Krypto the super's...struggling. Eleven out of a hundred percent people actually think that it's good. PLEASE get this of air and work with something else! No offense all Krypto lovers but you are too wrong. This can be described in just a simple 7 letters. IT SUCKS.
  • In all this show was a complete and utter faily.

    Krypto the super dog was one of the most babyish shows i have ever seen. And i also think it had a rubish set of chacters the only good charecter that ever apead was the Man Of Steel himself Superman. The worts chacter had to be Mechanacat and the Dogstars. And i think that they ruind Ace,s career by putting him in this show as Bathound. And why did they create a chacter who just had a cape as a descuise its as bad as Supermans wwhere he just puts on a pair of glases. And i pitter the person that had to come up wit tihs show.
  • BAD!

    This is nothing more than another do-gooder show in which the dog saves the day while overcoming some personal difficulty he faces. The unreality of this show is heightened with the addition of other super hero's pets. Other down points are the childishness of the episodes and the fabricated history of Krypto. In a way, it kinda reminds me of Atomic Betty. I know why; it also has somethingto do with outer space. NO more space shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All in all the show is horrible to watch.
  • Horible

    This show makes a mockery of every superman comic ever made. To make things worse they made a very lovable comic book hero turn into a talking dog. This is nothing more than another do-gooder show in which the dog saves the day while overcoming some personal difficulty he faces. The unreality of this show is heightened with the addition of other super hero's pets. Other down points are the childishness of the episodes and the fabricated history of Krypto. All in all the show is a horrible to watch. And would make any comic book fan sick to the stomach.
  • The show is an awesome show for kids and to tell you the truth I'm 17 years old and love the show. I just wish they would come out with a first full season box instead of starting off in volumes. But, over all the show is so unbelievably,awesome!

    Basicly again you would have to go back to the shortness of the show. It's quick and a good show to watch if you like watching tv. It's nothing like really kid shows and I hate it when people say it's not for older kids or that it is dumb. It is an awesome show. I have to sit down and watch every episode. If you like superman, you will like this show. Have fun and enjoy the show. I go to highschool and get called stupid for watching such a show. But Krypto is awesome and that's all I need to say. Now get out there and watch the show. Krypto the Superdog! Yeyyyyyyyyyyyy! for Krypto baby! Yeah!

  • Nicely done show overall.

    Being a big Batman fan I must admit I first checked this out to see Bathound. Needless to say I just got hooked on some of the creative storylines and the decent humor found in the show. I'm a little disappointed overall with some of the second season episodes but I have a feeling things will get real interesting as more of the long-awaited second season unfolds.
  • A dad says: Great for younger kids, and for a break from all the fighting and attitude of some other shows...

    I\'ve been looking for a \"superhero\" show for my 5- and 6-year-old sons to watch...Just like me at that age, they love all the superhero shows. However, some of them just aren\'t right for kids that young. JLU is (was) a great show, but there\'s so much out-and-out fighting that it\'s hard to let them watch it without them getting to riled up and violent. Teen Titans is (was) likewise very good, and they love it, but there\'s just a ton of violence and attitude. Which is fun and funny, but I find it rubs off too much on kids that young.
    So, I\'ve brought out all the shows from MY childhood. They\'ve watched a ton of Super Friends, with more of an emphasis on capturing the bad guys rather than pummeling them; same with the 60s Spider-Man...however these shows I grew up with are too formulaic (and at times, just dumb. Okay, a lot of the time...super-fool! cough).
    Anyway, Krypto hits a nice spot in between. Nobody\'s too rude or obnoxious; the characters use super-powers for something other than just hurting others; there\'s just a sense of kid-level fun that\'s missing from some of the other newer shows. Teen Titans is great for the pre-teen crowd; JLU for them, the teens, and the older comic book geeks like me; Krypto is the only superhero show that really works (in my opinion) for the young pre- and elemetary school kids.
  • Not the worst, but they can do so much better

    I really enjoyed when it first came out but some of the recent episodes make me think "what happened?" This show needs a change in:

    1. Animation- some of the animation doesn't look good

    2. Humor- They tend to overdo it in this show.

    3. Villains- They need more episodes with Krypto beating the stuffing out of people

    4. Characters- Really, some of the characters are really shallow.

    Most of all, a talking dog? The only two shows that could execute that with little flaws are Scooby Doo and Courage the Cowardly Dog. I don't think this show is doing it as well as they did. Krypto gets 7.1/10 overall
  • Anything but a bad show, but it could use some work.

    I remember when the WB first announced that they would be doing an animated series about Krypto. Immediately, I could hear the wailing and screeching of the DC fanboys, like rabid baboons. “A Krypto cartoon for kiddies? OMG teh suxx0r!" And you folks know good and well that if they had said that they were going to do a semi-serious Krypto show, then haters would've whined about that too. Some people just can’t be pleased no matter what.

    Anyways, KTS is fun to watch, and I think animal and superhero lovers (well, the superhero lovers who don’t take themselves *way* too seriously, like the aforementioned fanboys and the other Krypto haters here on will particularly enjoy it. The animation is eye pleasing, in a style reminiscent of early Hanna-Barbera shows.

    Krypto has a cast that has lots of potential (especially with it being set in the DC comic universe), but I feel that the show could do with: longer episodes, more insight into the villains and their motives, and being less kiddy in general – by that I mean make it appeal to an older audience (make the heroes really work for a victory, get more in-depth with the characterization, more action, etc.) and cut down on the moralizing episodes (like “Bathound Meets The Dog Stars”, which smacked of giving us the “important moral lesson of the day”).
    You can have a well-thought out, entertaining show that gets a message across without making it childish. Other animated fare like “Justice League”, “Animaniacs”, and “Darkwing Duck” have proved you can have smart, fun cartoons that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age.
    Also, I wish Streaky (Krypto's feline sidekick) and Krypto's relationship was explored more and that the writers get more in-depth with Streaky's characterization beyond "he's silly and is supposed to make Krypto look good".
  • I started watching the show because of my 2 1/2 yr. old. My son loves the show and is constantly asking me if it is on. I like the show because it is simple and reminds me of cartoons I used to watch as a kid.

    A show about an ordinary boy and his super dog, who tries to keep his "superness" a secret from everyone else. This "super" dog, Krypto and his animal friends and fellow super beings battle all kinds of travesties to save the world. It's all in a day's work!
  • This turned from cool to crap!

    Don't know if anyone has ever read this, but you heard me say I like this show. What happened? Now this is boring! What's annoying is the character's using old jokes and the titles of the episodes are related to stupid jokes. And what is with the Storybook Episode? I know this is a kids show, but this is a Superman related subject. Not Fairytales. Maybe they should just cancel it. It's not like they're gonna be making new episodes.
  • Not the best or the worst but okay.

    Krypto: the Superdog is a great show but some episodes are just plain stupid,this shows about Krypto , the Superdog, chronicles the comedic canine adventures of Metropolis' day-saving superdog from Planet Krypton. Krypto jettisons to Earth after traveling across the galaxies as a test-pilot puppy aboard a malfunctioning rocket ship built by Superman's father. Landing astray on unfamiliar terrain, the fully-grown Krypto swiftly seeks out companionship on Earth and flips over Kevin...
  • Move over, Batman and Superman--time for your pets to shine.

    Way back, when Superman was a trend, the "Superboy" comics were created and introduced a young puppy by the name of Krypto. He stayed alongside Superboy as Superman's dog, having adventures of his own from time to time. Even though the comic book days are long since over, Krypto the Superdog has made a bounceback into television screens, warming the hearts of both kids and adults alike.

    Krypto is a brilliant superhero show, and while it might not have the animation that some of the other superhero shows today have, and while it may have been "tamed down" for the sake of the younger kids, it is still a lot of fun to watch. The show focuses mainly on Krypto, and his new life on Earth with his boy, Kevin Whitney, and his family. He has a hard time adjusting to life on Earth--that is, until he realizes that he can now patrol the streets of Metropolis as Superdog, and still stay with Kevin--being Kevin's pet is his own secret identity!

    However, Krypto is not alone in defending Metropolis--and the world--from danger. Alongside him are Streaky, an offbeat alley-cat type who would rather get dirty than take a bath, and Ace the Bathound, Batman's pet dog (as proven in some of the earlier "Batman" comic books). Batman and Superman hardly ever make appearances in the show; it is focused more along the lines of their pets than anything else. And the whole kit'n' kaboodle is here: The Dog Star Patrol, a group of superpowered space dogs that protect the Galaxy, and the villians, or, to put it more specifically, the villains' pets: Isis and Katie, Catwoman's cats, Bud and Lou, the Joker's hyenas (whom you might have seen in the old Batman animated series from time to time, hanging out with Harley Quinn), Arty, Griff and Waddles, the Penguin's trained birds, and so much more. There are even villains from Superman in the mix, too, such as Ignatius, the pet iguana of Lex Luthor, Superman's arch-nemesis. And, of course, there are new additions to the mix, too: the overlord Mechanikat, who wants nothing more than to take over the world and destroy the Dog Stars once and for all, and cute-yet-evil little kitten Snooky Wookums. A huge cast of characters, tons of adventures, and never a dull moment.

    Even though it's meant for children, I have the feeling that comic book freaks everywhere will love this show, as will animal lovers who never really got into the superhero thing themselves. It's a whole new method of approach, and it works just as well. I hope that it has a long run in the future.
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