Krypto: the Superdog

Cartoon Network (ended 2006)





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  • A Passable Cartoon that has good plots but has a few problems, and it may not be as good as the Original heroes but still very decent to watch!

    My 36th review after a crummy spin-off: "All Grown up"!

    This cartoon is pretty weird because you get these super-powered animals from their DC comics Super-heroes such as Krypto the Superdog from Superman, Ace the Bathound from Batman, and Streaky well... From Aundrea! They barely save the day but it occurs some problems such as the storyline... well was the storyline successful? well... Let me see... Well umm... uhh.... IT STINKS!!!!!!! Well, it stinks because this rips off the Original heroes AND it just doesn't feel like the Originals. Weird. What am I gonna Grade this cartoon? I'm gonna give this cartoon a B. That's right. a B. Now I'm gonna show the results:

    Voice-acting: A- 8.0/10.0 Great Voice-acting! It sounds well enough to the super-powered pets!

    Animation: C 6.0/10.0 Nice, smooth, colorful, and clean, nothing new here.

    Graphics: A+ 9.0/10.0 Superb and Outstanding Graphics! That's how I like it baby!!! WHOO!!!!!!

    Dialouge: C- 5.5/10.0 There is however doesn't really have any Eductional Vaule in this show, but The dialouge is somehow Corny.

    Lasting Appeal: A+ 8.7/10.0 Childern of all ages will be enthrilled to this super-powered pet show.

    Overall: B 7.3/10.0 It was pretty Understandable to allow the DC studios make this spin-off on Cartoon Network, But I wonder why they couldn't Put the original heroes more often in more epiosdes... I'll just hope if they can try to bring it back on another channel.....