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Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 21

Revolt of the Beavers

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Dec 08, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Revolt of the Beavers
While away at Summer Camp, Kevin overhears some beavers talking about conquering the humans. After following them, Kevin finds out that they are being led by alien beaver, named Buggy, who is helping them build weapons with the trees. After he is captured, he contact Krypto, who, along with Streaky, arrives to help. It's up to Krypto, Streaky, and Kevin expose Buggy's true identity to the beavers.moreless
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      • Buggy: (As Krypto and Streaky fly in) It's raining cats and dogs! I've heard about this, but I didn't know it really happened!

      • (Krypto and Streaky move around the walker. The walker tries to bite Streaky's tail, but misses)
        Streaky: Hey! Watch it, Munchy!
        Krypto: Everybody out!
        (A few beavers fall, but Streaky catches them and puts them down. Then he looks at Krypto smiling. Krypto smiles too and lets the walker fall. Meanwhile Kevin is playing ping-pong with Buggy and the beavers look at them)
        Buggy: (Tired) Give up? You can't outpaddle me here!
        Kevin: Why? Just because you're a beaver?
        Buggy: I told before! I am not a beaver! I'm an alien!
        (All of the beavers gasp and frown at Buggy. Buggy covers his mouth with his hands and Kevin hits the chestnut which passes Buggy)
        Kevin: You lose, Buggy. I don't think these beavers are so eager to follow you anymore.
        (The beavers start to move frowned towards Buggy)
        Buggy: I'm out of here! (Runs to a tree stump. The stump turns into a ship and he jumps in it)
        Kevin: It's a spaceship!
        (Buggy goes into space)

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