Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 10

Streaky's Field Trip

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 28, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • The moral: Anyone can be superheroes, but this might be the second or third time they did something like this.

    The moral: Anyone can be superheroes, but this might be the second or third time they did something like this. The first one was "Andrea Finds Out" where they get tied up and Kevin and Andrea must help. But, I liked this episode overall and at least saw the Supercat Fan Club and at least saw some new gadgets of Bat-Hound, including the inflatable boat with the bat-rope. This ends the first ten episodes of the new Season 2 and can't wait for the next week when we possibly see some other users' fan fiction's being used as real episodes! Yay!
  • Streaky's fan club helps save Krypto, Streaky and Ace from the Penguin's birds in an episode that is great fun to watch.


    Members of the Supercat Fan Club make their first second season appearance in this highly entertaining entry.
    To very briefly summarize: when Streaky takes his fans on an unauthorized tour of Bathound's Metropolis headquarters, he ends up tied up by one of Bat hound's gadgets and then, along with Krypto and Ace, is captured by the Penguin's Krytponite-wielding birds. But the kittens come to their aid and the birds are stopped in an action-packed conclusion.

    Maybe not a classic episode but I found it tremendously entertaining to watch. Streaky is in goofball mode for most of the episode but, as usual, he manages to come through in the end, freeing his fellow heroes, indirectly leading to the birds' capture. Streaky's interaction with his fan club members is amusing and there's some exciting action at the end. Ace's new racer is extemely cool as well. Overall, a pretty good appearance by Streaky, Squeaky and company.
  • Streaky takes the Supercat Fan Club on a tour of the city, and they get involved with the Penguin's birds in the process.

    Streaky's fan club comes to visit (without Niki, it seems). They want Supercat to take them on a field trip to see where Streaky had all of his best superheroic moments. A meeting with Krypto and Bat Hound reveals that Artie, Griff, and Waddles are in Metropolis, doing who-knows-what, and that they could need Streaky to come along. Krypto tells the fan club that they'll need him when "things get really dangerous". After a while of the field trip, they become bored and ask to go to the Batcave, but Streaky instead takes them to Bat Hound's warehouse HQ, where the play with all of Ace's gadgets (some that I've never seen before). Krypto and Ace realize that someone has broken into Ace's hideout, and they find Streaky there, tied up by one of the inventions, and the kittens playing around (actually really funny). The birds show up to spoil the fun by trapping Krypto in "kryptonite party string" (an inventive use for it) and Ace in party string as well (but why party string?). They grab all three of the heroes, and the kittens have to chase them to get the three of them back. They manage to free Streaky, who helps to free the others, and they capture the birds finally.

    I loved some of Ace's new inventions. He has a new racer, a jetpack that allows him to fly alongside Krypto, and plenty of other things stored away. A nice episode for Streaky, worth seeing. 10/10

    (And did anyone else notice Raymone has a new voice actor?)
  • Sreaky's fan club accompanies him on a city-wide tour, meets Ace AND has an encounter with the Penguin's birds, all in one episode that, while not perfect, was still quite enjoyable

    Hey, I have to say that this WAS a highly entertaining eleven-minute cartoon that had a lot going for it. For one thing, we have Krypto, Streaky and Ace ALL sharing in the action in one episode for only the second time in the series so far. For another thing, I loved the surprised look on Ace's face when he found out about Streaky's fan club. And for another thing, yeah, Streaky still looked pretty goofball throughout most of this episode, but at least he did a couple of legitimately heroic stunts in a VERY competent manner when it came right down to it (not to mention, for all his goofiness in this episode, Streaky DID really save Krypto and Ace the trouble of tracking down the Pengiun's birds [admittedly, this is primarily because the birds came to THEM, but that's just splitting hairs). Finally, we get to see the Supercat fan club taking an active role in the action. All in all, a highly humorous cartoon with a good amount of action also mixed in). Could have been SLIGHTLY better, but it could have been A LOT worse too, so I give this a VERY positive review all things really considered. :-D
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