Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 16

Streaky's Inner Struggle

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM May 03, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • this the funniest streaky based episode in the series

    it starts out with kevin and krypto asking andera if streaky can play with them andera says he can't because he is getting his picture taken by a famous french phototagrpher Richard Avenure then pleek and peek show up saying that they had caught an intergalactic villan named plunk plunk escapes from his containmet unt and uses the shrink ray on superdog to shrink him down even futher than he already was then they get sallowed by streaky then krypto tells streaky open his mouth streaky does this also in the process scareing the phototagpher away andrea was now mad at streaky for runing his picture but streaky is happy that he did that.
  • Not exactly what we thought it would be...

    Well, to put it bluntly, it's not what you'd think it is until you see it. The return of Peek and Pleek (and I have to talk about something regarding them later) proves to be an...interesting encounter, as they accidentally unleash an intergalactic enemy that they encountered (and, it appears, an actual dangerous one). Though small, Plunk has as much strength as Krypto, and he shrinks Krypto down even further than already done, and Kevin and the others have to sit idly by. Meanwhile, Streaky has to get a special photo by a French photographer (Richard something-something...), and he's even dressed his best (not by choice, and in the same bowtie from "Bat Hound for a Day"). In the process of chasing Plunk, both Krypto and Plunk get swallowed by Streaky, and he starts to act funny from the side-effects of having a pair of supers inside him. Andrea has no idea what's going on, neither does Richard, and Streaky figures it out when Krypto tells him while inside his tail. After managing to escape (and in the process, ruining Streaky's photo), Krypto and Kevin see Peek and Pleek off, while Streaky is left to "sulk" (and by sulk, I mean jump for joy by taking his tie off).

    First, the bad. More images of the battle with Plunk would be useful, and why a name like Plunk? OK...many good things. First, Peek and Pleek enunciate their names so clearly this time (or as clear as possible) that I could actually understand the differences in their names (I always thought it was like Pleak and Pleek). Second, a new villain that will hopefully show his face later (come on...he's as strong as Krypto when he's only a 1/32 of his size, and that's when Krypto's already shrunken). The return of the aliens from Teenyton, and a good episode to boot. 9.7/10