Krypto: the Superdog

Season 1 Episode 35

Streaky's Super Cat Tale

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 27, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Streaky tells a tall tale to his fan club about how he helped Krypto stop Mechanikat.

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  • Streaky's wild imagination

    We get some more insight into Streaky the Supercat in this entertaining episode. As has been shown in other series entries, Streaky does have a creative side and he puts it to good use here, entertaining the young members of the Supercat Fan club with his exaggerated version of one of his adventures with Krypto. Of course, this means Streaky gets to be the big hero and Krypto is the goofy, bumbling sidekick. Fair play if you ask me considering the way Streaky's been portrayed in some of the other episodes. The story has fun with some of the 'Krypto' conventions, such as Kryptonite and I loved seeing Streaky take the lead, even if most of it was probably a tall tale, with perhaps some elements of truth in it. Clever, unusual visuals in the 'tall tale' portion of the cartoon, reproducing the dot pattern look of an old comic book, add to the entertainment. Good twist at the end, too as it's made clear that the kittens knew Streaky was exaggerating all along. The Streaky-Squeaky relationship is just too charming sometimes. A very funny episode and,all in all, one of my favorites of the series.moreless
  • The funniest thing that this show has ever done.

    When Streaky and Krypto have time off from fighting crime ("the rest time between emergencies"), Squeaky decides to show up and ruin the fun for Streaky by inviting him to the "World Famous Supercat Super Fan Club" (could he make it any longer?). Though reluctant at first, Krypto prods him on to go on ahead. Arriving, he hoped to see the zillions of fans Squeaky told him about, and instead meets three of Squeaky's friends (Jimmy the rat is there for the food, and a cow provides milk for all of them). They ask for a story of one of his missions. I won't go on about this, considering how utterly ridiculous it would sound. He essentially tells of a mission he "stretched the details" of, and ended up making Krypto his sidekick, the president a cat, and beats Mechanikat while Krypto remains helpless. Switching roles if you will.

    I couldn't stop laughing at how amazingly stretched this is. The classic Batman cartoons are blended into this, and Streaky's view on how things should have been are interesting to the point of pure laughter. Purple-spotted kryptonite? Yeah...right. A series classic to the end, with a 10/10moreless
  • Yep. Yet another of my all time favorites of the series. Streaky's entertaining the members of his fan club (on and off screen [:)])with a rather delightful tall tale

    Yepperino. I have GOT TO love this one. Streaky's vivid imagination definitely produces a highly enjoyable tall tale based on his and Krypto's exploits (some of which might or might not have actually happenens; I don't know which, but the series fan in me says that the scheme Mechanikat tried in this tale sounds like one he'd ACTUALLY try and, more importantly, the defeat Mechanikat endured sounds like one he ACTUALLY WOULD. And the "old sea stories" (which this tale seemed to remind me of), traditionally DO have some subtle grains of truth buried in there ebneath the tons of creative exaggerations.

    Now, I have no doubts that, if (and this is an "'if'", but I think it's a pretty decent if for the reasons I mentioned above [sounds like a scheme Mechanikat WOULD try and sounds like a defeat Mechanikat WOULD endure]) this IS merely a highly exaggerated, Streaky-centric account of one of his and Krypto's actual adventures rather than a COMPLETELY made up story, that he got most of the obviously made-up parts from classic television. That part is a given. I can't blame the fan club members for enjoying the story, because it WAS a highly amusing and action-packed piece.

    Apart for the story itself, my favorite part was the end where the kittens revealed that they KNEW the story was made up, but that's pretty much what they wanted anyway. :) Anyway, terrific episode as I said. :)


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