Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 4

Stretch-O-Mutt to the Rescue

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 25, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • A highly enjoyable origin episode for a potentially entertaining new hero.... Plastic Man's canine counterpart. :-D

    Hey, as a major DC Comics fan, I love seeing reference to pre-existing heroes worked into cartoons like this in entertaining ways and this episode definitely doesn't disappoint. The oddball S.T.A.R. Labs guard dog, Buddy, falls into some experimental chemicals and ends up becoming the series' newest hero... one very similar; not just in power, but also in style; to the classically comical super-hero Plastic Man. Not only that, but he WAS a pretty big help to Krypto in tracking down those two phoney janitors who stole the robot. Admittedly, Krypto could have easily handled these two crooks on his own... even WITH the robot after him.... but it was still pretty sporting of Krypto to give the new hero a fair chance to prove himself against those crooks (I mean, he should have been able to effortlessly flip that cardboard cutout off of himself.... and indeed, he COULD have ..... but it was clear that the only thing stopping him was that he wanted to see how well this newly super-powered performed against them). All in all, I'm definitely not going to mind seeing Stretcho-O-Mutt in action again in later episodes.
  • A new hero joins the mix, but only temporarily for now...

    STAR Labs has invented a new robot, Alfie, and the guard dogs are in charge of making sure it stays safe. One of them, named Buddy, is a care-free dog who slacks off in some ways. He accidentally pushes his ball into another room after the other guard dogs leave, and he gives chase to it, only to fall into a vat of elastic compound chemicals. Before the others can reach him, the door to the labs slams shut, and two theives are there to steal the robot. Superdog is flying by, and he hears Buddy's howling. Before he can make it to him, he's submerged, and it becomes apparent when he gets out that he's now a "Stretch-O-Mutt". He now has to help Krypto recover the stolen robot, which was stolen by the theives and hidden in an ice-cream factory. Here, he puts his newfound powers to work, stretching and morphing all over the place. They get back the robot with little trouble.

    A fine intro to Stretch-O-Mutt, and by the looks of things, he'll be used later on in the season (judging by the new opening to the show). I would've liked to see a little more action from Stretch (more forming and stretching). He only showed us a bit of what he could really do. 9.8/10
  • The debut of a new character promises to add a little more wackiness to the Krypto series.

    When I saw that the Krypto show would introduce a canine counterpart to Plastic Man, I was intrigued. Plas, with his zany approach to crimefighting, has always been one of my top three favorite comic book heroes. With Stretch-O-Mutt, it would seem the producers want to introduce a little more wacky humor, in the Plastic Man tradition, to the series and his debut is promising, in fact it\'s my favorite episode of the new season so far. Action, good pacing and a neat new character: this one has it all.
    We first meet our new hero, Buddy, as a somewhat offbeat guard dog at S.T.A.R. Labs. But just as the original Plastic Man got his powers from exposure to acid, Buddy is immersed in an experimental elastic solution. Krypto rescues Buddy from drowning and they go after a couple of Abbott and Costello-inspired villains who have stolen a valuable robot from the lab. Stretch-O-Mutt has a little trouble controlling the powers at first. But, with some encouragement from Superdog, Buddy becomes a hero when he captures the crooks and recovers the robot.
    Buddy is an appealing character, a bit goofy but capable of being a competent hero once he gets a handle on things, showing off his new powers in a shape-changing manner similar to the classic Plastic Man stories.
    Once again, Krypto is an extremely generous hero, ceding the spotlight to Stretch-O-Mutt and giving buddy credit for finding the crooks at the end.
    Stretch-O-Mutt is another fun character for the series and has the protential to add some zany humor to future episodes. I hope we see more of him soon.