Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 4

Stretch-O-Mutt to the Rescue

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 25, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • A highly enjoyable origin episode for a potentially entertaining new hero.... Plastic Man's canine counterpart. :-D

    Hey, as a major DC Comics fan, I love seeing reference to pre-existing heroes worked into cartoons like this in entertaining ways and this episode definitely doesn't disappoint. The oddball S.T.A.R. Labs guard dog, Buddy, falls into some experimental chemicals and ends up becoming the series' newest hero... one very similar; not just in power, but also in style; to the classically comical super-hero Plastic Man. Not only that, but he WAS a pretty big help to Krypto in tracking down those two phoney janitors who stole the robot. Admittedly, Krypto could have easily handled these two crooks on his own... even WITH the robot after him.... but it was still pretty sporting of Krypto to give the new hero a fair chance to prove himself against those crooks (I mean, he should have been able to effortlessly flip that cardboard cutout off of himself.... and indeed, he COULD have ..... but it was clear that the only thing stopping him was that he wanted to see how well this newly super-powered performed against them). All in all, I'm definitely not going to mind seeing Stretcho-O-Mutt in action again in later episodes.