Krypto: the Superdog

Season 1 Episode 20

Teeny Tiny Trouble

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 15, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Teeny Tiny Trouble
Two little aliens have a very big problem. Their spaceship is broken and they need to make repairs before they can refuel it. They decide to turn to two earth beings for help, namely Kevin and Krypto. Unfortunately, the only way the aliens can get Kevin and Krypto's attention is to shrink them down to their size.moreless
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  • Charater Debut

    One day two little aliens decide to pay a vist to earth to collect samples then they use there shrink ray on a trash can meanwhile kevin and krypto are playing catch with a frisbee kevin throws into a bush where the alien ship is krypto goes an accdenteley grabs the ship and takes it back to his house andrea is babysitting because kevin's mom is helping andera's mom kevin sets down the frisbee which is actually the alien ship and then the aliens shrink kevin down to their size he is also stuck to a banaid then a normal sized (but giant to kevin krypto)comes in and sees what happend to kevin he asks kevin if he is ok then the aliens shrink krypto down to their size then he has turn in to superdog to keep kevin from smushed by andrea's shoe unfourtinaly mealine smushes the shrink ray then the aliens explain that they are out of gas and there fuel is Sugar but kevin knows where some is unfourtanley andrea is using it to make browines kevin and the aliens become trapped in the batter andrea cut the pice out with them init and gives it to mealine she almost eats kevin and the aliens but superdog saves them but almost get swatted by andera with a fly but just before that superdog got enogh fuel into the ship to work the enlargment ray to make kevin and krypto normal size again

    Ok first off it would have benn nice to see streaky play a role in this segement but he didn't appear i would loved to have seen streaky find kevin and krypto at the size they were shrunk tomoreless
  • Though a somewhat cliched episode, I found it to my liking.

    Two aliens decide to pay a visit to Earth one day in order to collect samples to bring back to their planet. Unfortunately for them, they're not only small, but it starts to pose a few problems for them. After demonstrating their strinking ray (collecting samples), they fly off right into the rest of Metropolis park, where who else but Kevin and Krypto would be playing frisbee. And, coincidentally enough, their ship just happens to be mistaken for the disk when Krypto throws it a little too far. They decide on going home once they have the saucer, while the aliens are scared to death of these "giants". When they get home, apparently Andrea is babysitting Melanie while Kevin's mom is helping Andrea's mom in the bake sale. Customary to the episode, Kevin eventually ends up getting shrunken by the two aliens, who identify themselves (which, unfortunately, it was hard for me to hear their names right). Yes, Krypto is shrunk down as well. The main problem that confronts them now is getting fuel for their ship, which is ironically sugar. Weaving their way through a labyrinth of diversions in the now-large world, they can eventually get back to normal size and watch their new friends take off. The point of helping them was to enable the reversal of the shrinking ray to get them back to size.

    Interestingly enough, the whole "shrinking" episode is a cliche, but it's surprisingly interesting when mixed with the Krypto the Superdog theme. I give this episode a 9.6/10moreless

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