Krypto: the Superdog

Season 1 Episode 36

The New Recruit

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 27, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • The first back-up member, and probably the most interesting one the show could come up with...

    As most Dog Star episodes go, it's a normal day. Nothing very interesting happening...that is, until someone is attempting to board the DSP ship. Meet Drooly, a dog who wants to become a member of the Dog Stars. His talent...what else? Drooling. He's interviewed by the Dog Stars, and Tail Terrier seems to like him (after Drooly did a lasso move with his drool), Krypto and Brainy seem a little creeped out (considering his "talents"), and Hot Dog isn't very welcoming. He's rejected though, and as soon as they walk him back to his ship, Snooky Wookums attacks, encasing Krypto, Brainy, TT, and Hot Dog in a kryptonite bubble, sending them out into space to drift. What he didn't notice was that Drooly was lurking around, and sets he sets a trap to lure Snooky to the engine room (by dousing the engine in spit). A battle ensues where Drooly shows his powers and how he manipulates them for the situation (spit bubbles, homing drool strings, dousing the floor in drool, etc.). And then...the drool tidal wave! Meanwhile, the DSP members in the bubble seem to be a bit stuck...they can't break the bubble without killing themselves in space from lack of oxygen. Krypto, being smart, has Hot Dog burn a hole in the bubble and keep it going to get back to the ship. Upon arrival, Snooky is beaten.

    Excellent episode. It's always nice to see new members to the Dog Stars (even if he's only a back-up). That makes four new ones in this season, with more expected in season two. I loved how Drooly used his own spit to fight. He seems better than a reserve member. 10/10