Krypto: the Superdog

Season 2 Episode 19

The Parrot and the Pirates

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM May 05, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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The Parrot and the Pirates
When a parrot named Blackbeak and his rat pirate crew cause trouble in Metropolis, Streaky and Stretch-O-Mutt team up to put a stop to them. It seems like an easy task, but Blackbeak's pendant holds a special power.

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    • Streaky: (to Blackbeak) You may look like a pirate, captain, but when I get you home, you're gonna be nothing but a jailbird!

    • Streaky: Didn't you hear, cats have nine lives?
      Blackbeak: We've got eight more planks for you to walk!
      Blackbeak raises his feather but then stops after hearing something
      Female Voice: Yoo-Hooo!
      (Blackbeak and his pirate crew look behind streaky to find Stretch-O-Mutt but he has stretched himself into a Mermaid with long and puffy orange hair, eyelashes on her eyes and puffy red lips at the end of her (his) muzzle)
      Stretch-O-Mutt: Oh handsome pirates!
      (We get a close up of Stretch-O-Mutt's face, he purses his lips and flutters his eyes. He also does a "Come here" motion with her fingers, the pirate rats run to the Mermaid Stretch-O-Mutt but before they can get to the Mermaid, Stretch-O-Mutt stretches into some kind of huge Squid and scares off the rats. Blackbeak looks at the Squid like creature as Stretch-O-Mutt stretches back to normal)
      Blackbeak: It's only that ridiculous rubber mutt, you bilge rats!

    • (Streaky is at the docks. He pulls out of the barrel with water a fish and smells it. But then, Stretch-O-Mutt stretches his head behind him)
      Stretch-O-Mutt: Hands up, pussy cat!
      (Streaky panics and falls into the barrel with water. Stretch-O-Mutt laughs)
      Streaky: (frowned) Stretch-O-Mutt! What're you doing here?
      Stretch-O-Mutt: (stretches his paw around Streaky's neck) I'm a guard dudent. (pulls Streaky out of the barrel) I'm protecting the barrels of crackers. (puts Streaky on a barrel with crackers)
      Streaky: You're guarding against cracker crooks?
      Stretch-O-Mutt: Sure. Haven't you heard? (stretches into an old man) They're the reports of a mysterious ship appearing off to the fog. When it passes, our shipments of cheese and crackers disappear like magic.
      Streaky: Don't try to spook me. That's all superstitious. (jumps down) If we work, black cats would never get out of bed in the morning.
      Stretch-O-Mutt: (stretches back to normal and stretches his head again towards Streaky) Does that mean you'll help me guard these snacks?
      Streaky: (stares at him with a frown) Sorry, Stretch-O. It is my day off.

    • Streaky: First, there was Monday with Ignatius freezing Metropolis with his freeze ray. Then there was Tueday when we had to stop a meteor shower. Wednesday was a wildfire, and don't even get me started on Thursday's giant robotic bug from outer space...

    • Streaky: Yeah, whatever fancy-feathers. Either turn this ship around this instant, or me and my friend will mop the poop deck with ya!
      Stretch-O-Mutt: (Turns into a mop) Yeah, mop the poop deck!
      Blackbeak: (laughs) The two of you against all of us. That'll be the deal.
      Streaky: Oh ya? Watch this! (Grabs an anchor and stretches it)

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