Krypto: the Superdog

Season 1 Episode 37

Up, Up and Away

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Apr 28, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Ignatious creates a formula that makes people levitate like balloons!

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  • Ignatius spotlight. He bakes muffins with helium, and everything goes awry.

    Ignatius has been putting on a "few" extra pounds lately. By sneaking pies from the kitchen of Lexcorp, he's been getting fatter, and in order to avoid exercizing, he tries making some muffins and combining them with helium (after witnessing Superdog returning a group of balloons blown off in the wind). Success! He eats a muffin, and they end up making him float. He gets weighed, and no longer has to work out. Now then, the title is called Up, Up, and Away! for a reason. Kids from Kevin's school (including Kevin himself) are taking a field trip to Lexcorp. At lunchtime, the chef hadn't made snacks yet, so he grabs the bag of muffins that Ignatius made (not aware of the danger), and hands them out to the kids. They start to float, and easily enough, they start to go higher and higher. Kevin's thoughts immediately turn to what he should do...he tells everyone to call for Superdog. Krypto manages to save them, bringing them back down, where the muffins eventually wear off. Ignatius' left-over dough seems to have a mind of its own now. It spirals out of control, grows larger, and lifts the entire building up, where Krypto, once again, has to save it. Since the heliums wears off after a while, Ignatius gets heavier again, and it's back to working out for him.

    Not much to say here. I really wanted more Krypto involved, and yet I'm not sure if he could really fit into the episode more, considering it was meant mostly for Ignatius. 9.4/10moreless

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    • Continuity: When Ignatius bakes his batch of muffins, he makes four muffins, eats one, puts the three left over in a bag in the cupboard, then puts the leftover dough in the fridge. How did the chef at Lexcorp have enough muffins to hand out to Kevin's class if Iggy only had three left? He didn't bake any more; he just grabbed the bag in the cupboard.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Ignatius: (Placing ingredients into a bowl) Flour, water, yeast, butter, a little extra butter... Okay, thirty more! Can't let these go to waste!

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