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  • Season 1
    • Black Magic Woman
      Black Magic Woman
      Episode 310
      When Tanner falls for the new girl in class Lily starts acting like she's jealous. Who is this new student and why is she looking for Master Chen's books of magic? Is there something sinister afoot or has Tanner's mojo finally kicked in?
    • Fighter's Block
      Fighter's Block
      Episode 309
      Lily is counting on Tanner to help her practice sparring. There's only one problem, Tanner can't bring himself to fight such a beautiful, delicate creature.
    • Quan Chu's Revenge
      Quan Chu's Revenge
      Episode 308
      While practicing a new technique, Tanner accidentally smashes a statue of an ancient warrior. Now he must find a way to appease the warrior's angry ghost, or forever be taunted by the mischievous Quan Chu.
    • Making the Grade
      Making the Grade
      Episode 307
      When Tanner's bad grades send him to Kung Fu Academy's pre-school class, he has only one chance to prove his worth.
    • Gameday
      Episode 306
      Tanner starts up a football team at the academy, even though nobody else in the school knows what football is. When the ninjas observe Tanner trying to coach his fellow pupils they mistake it for a new style of martial arts.
    • Saving Face
      Saving Face
      Episode 305
      The students are learning the secret of altering the physical world through meditation. While everyone else seems to have no problem at all the only thing Tanner can conjure is an acne explosion.
    • Dramatic Decline
      Dramatic Decline
      Episode 304
      Tanner is the director of Kung Fu Academy's student play; but when the student actors get tired of his 'artistic vision' he is forced to re-cast, with real ninjas.
    • Three-Legged Fu
      Three-Legged Fu
      Episode 303
      During a training exercise Lily, Foo and Chen are kidnapped by ninjas. It's up to Tanner and Alfred to get them back, but they're going to have to work together, literally.
    • Tanner for Poobah
      Tanner for Poobah
      Episode 302
      Tanner and Alfred run against each other in a vicious election to determine who will become the next, great poobah.
    • No Faith in Dog
      No Faith in Dog
      Episode 301
      Tanner and Lily get into all sorts of trouble when they go looking for Master Chen's special stone.
    • The Getaway
      The Getaway
      Episode 210
      Tanner is sick of being the class clown. He decides to leave the school for America. While making his escape, he overhears Hun's ninjas planning an attack on the school. Will Tanner inform his old friends before leaving for good?
    • The Cave of Time
      The Cave of Time
      Episode 209
      While wandering in a meadow, Tanner spots a mysterious cave he's never seen before. Or has he? Once Tanner enters, he pops out a few minutes in the past, just in time to witness his own entrance into the cave.
    • Bring Up The Pu Pu
      Bring Up The Pu Pu
      Episode 208
      Master Chen is going on a short trip. While he's gone, Foo is in charge of the academy, but Tanner is in charge of his beloved dog, Pu Pu. Tanner wants to teach this old dog new tricks, but first he'll have to get Pu Pu to wake up.
    • The Old Folks at Home
      Grandma and Grandpa Woo are at it again. Their loud ghost argument wakes up Lily and Tanner. Grandpa and Grandma are refusing to speak to each other, and it's up to the students at the Academy to remind the Woos that they still care for each other.
    • Bonsai
      Episode 206
      The class is assigned Bonsai trees that they must tend to. Since he fell asleep during class, Tanner is instead assigned a full-sized tree. Watch as Tanner practices his own unique form of cultivation.
    • They Only Come Out At Night
      Tanner is in danger of failing yet another test. He dozes off while studying only to be awakened by Han's ninjas! As if studying weren't bad enough.
    • Don't Pet The Dragon
      During a class outside, Tanner discovers a baby dragon. He takes it in and tries to raise it himself. The only problem is that the dragon is growing at an alarming rate. How long can Tanner keep it hidden from school officials?
    • Jaws
      Episode 203
      Every student loves a field trip unless it's to Shark Death Beach! Lily must convince a fear-ridden Tanner that the trip is nothing more than a day at the beach. Or does Shark Death live up to its name?
    • Fortune's Cookie
      Fortune's Cookie
      Episode 202
      Fortune cookies: Sweet delights? Or harbingers of doom? After reading a negative fortune, Tanner decides to make his own. He also makes cookies for Lily and Alfred that give some offbeat predictions of their futures.
    • Grasshopper in Love
      Grasshopper in Love
      Episode 201
      During a failed attack on the academy, Grasshopper becomes smitten with young Lily. In an attempt to get closer to her, he convinces Han to let him pose as a new student at the school. Does Grasshopper have a shot with Lily?
    • Prom
      Episode 110
      It's time for the Kung Fu Academy prom, and Tanner's chance to dance with Lily. But the celebration is interrupted when Han and his ninjas crash the dance. Tanner and company need to stop Han or have their prom and academy ruined.
    • Food Fight
      Food Fight
      Episode 109
      Tanner and Alfred's dislike for each other results in a huge, disgusting food fight. But as punishment for being wasteful, Master Chen makes them do something even more disgusting: shovel the cow manure.
    • Emerald Dragon
      Emerald Dragon
      Episode 108
      Tanner decides that he has to impress Lily. Alfred suggests that to steal Lily's heart, Tanner should steal the Emerald Dragon from Han's dragon's lair. Can Tanner make it out of the cave with the Emerald Dragon and have a chance with Lily?
    • A Day at the Beach
      A Day at the Beach
      Episode 107
      While the class goes to the beach to build ceremonial sand designs, Tanner has surfing and sun on his mind. But Han and his ninjas have different plans, namely turning invisible to try to get rid of the Kung Fu students.
    • The Battlefield
      The Battlefield
      Episode 106
      Foo and Master Chen preach about how you must plan a battle out in your head before ever making the first move. Though Tanner fails to see the value in thinking instead of acting, he just might come around in time to help Master Chen.
    • The New Confucius
      The New Confucius
      Episode 105
      Master Chen unveils his new book, 'Chen Comments,' to the students at the Academy. But at the book release party in the Great Hall, Han and his ninjas decide to crash the party, causing a huge battle.
    • Throwing Voices
      Throwing Voices
      Episode 104
      All of a sudden, people at the Academy are acting very strange and saying crazy things. Lily and Tanner figure out that Han must have a voice-throwing machine. They must get rid of the device before Han succeeds in ruining the Academy.
    • A Very Small Cup of Tea
      Master Chen leads Tanner and his classmates on a journey through the mountains. Disregarding the advice to pack lightly, Tanner has what appears to be his entire life with him.
    • The Boy Who Cried Dragon
      To get out of doing chores, Tanner cries out that the Academy's enemy, Han, is attacking. After several times, Master Chen picks up on Tanner's sneaky plan.
    • Not the Swiss Alps
      Not the Swiss Alps
      Episode 101
      Hoping for some good skiing in the Swiss Alps, Tanner finds himself completely lost and surrounded by the mountains in China. So instead of snow-covered hills and days of swooshing down the slopes, Tanner gets a rough introduction to evil ninjas!