Kung Fu Dino Posse

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  • Another show that could have been good... BUT chose to be lazy

    Seriously, what can I say about this show? The ideas of dino crime fighters is actually not that bad of an idea. Heck, it actually sounds promising... BUT... like with Da Boom Crew, the producers chose the lazy route.

    Cardboard cutout characters, terrible villains, horrible plots... unfunny jokes... it's just... ugh, WHY? Why do these hacks keep taking the lowest common denominator. Would it have killed you to put some freakin effort into shows like these?

    Or are you just that greedy to make money?
  • This show is just an absolute failure >:(

    Mysterious Mr. Enter just made a review of this, so I'll keep it brief: this show tried to cash in on the success of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by using dinosaurs that know kung fu. In concept, that could actually work if done right; this show however did it HORRIBLY WRONG!!!!! The writing is atrocious, the animation is disgraceful, the characters are bland, the action is as stiff as an erect penis and the comedy is non-existent. Don't watch this show; if you're the least bit curious, just watch Mr. Enter's review on his YouTube channel. I guarantee you its a billion times better than 1 second of this God awful cartoon >:(
  • Clawesome show!!!

    Yeah I agree. Kung Fu Dino Posse is Canadian/Korean 2009 tv animation. The best favorite marital artist show ever like my best show Cartoon Network's Regular Show, you know like an Death Kwon Do episode.. Some like "familiar" other shows including Power Rangers series, classic Thundercats(i don't like that animals show..:P), Teen Titans,TMNT, Jackie Chan Adventure, Extreme Dinosaurs and blah blah blah...(don't even thinking about the shows.)
  • Kung Fu Awesome Show!!!

    I absolutely love Kung Fu Dino Posse, everything about it is awesome, original, interesting, and funny. The characters are all unique and sweet. Love the action scenes, love to see another dino cartoon show, it's just so clawesome! People of all ages can watch it!