Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special

NBC (Holiday Event 2010)


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  • Christmas Review #3

    Every year Po helps his father prepare for The Winter Feast by serving noodles and putting up decorations, but this year his responsibilities change when Shifu tells him that he must host the feast. Will Po be able to choose between tradition or new responsibility. This was such a wonderful Christmas special of Kung Fu Panda. It was funny but it was more of a heartwarming special that even made me shed some tears because of how heartwarming and beautiful and the special really is. I consider this my new favorite Christmas special to watch every year. This Kung Fu Panda Christmas Special and "Merry Madagascar" are the must-see DreamWorks Christmas special. Mr. Ping was also very cute and he made me cry in this one since he is so gentle and I felt bad for him because of Po couldn't spend the holiday with him this year since his responsibility as the Dragon Warrior is getting in the way of that. It was wonderful when Po went back to Mr. Ping (his father) to spend the holiday with him and everyone including the Furious Five coming to noodle soup and spending time with each other was beautiful and wonderful to see. It was also cute when Po told Shifu that he is his family at the end of the holiday special. Overall, a funny but mostly heartwarming Christmas special (that made me cry) of Kung Fu Panda. 10/10
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