Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness

Nickelodeon (ended 2014)



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Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness

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A Tv series based on Dreamworks' animated movie, Kung Fu Panda. In this series, Po, the "dragon warrior", leads the Furious Five in maintaining calm in the Valley of Peace  by defeating those who wish to destroy the Chinese valley's way of life with his trademark moves... and leaving plenty of time for some dumplings.

The series won 11 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Casting for an Animated Series or Special, Outstanding Individual in Animation - art director, Outstanding Sound Editing - Animation, Outstanding Sound Mixing - Animation, Outstanding Individual in Animation - art director - Kung Fu Day Care, color designer - Kung Shoes, Outstanding Children's Animated Program, Outstanding Sound Mixing - Animation, Outstanding Children's Animated Program, Outstanding Sound Editing - Animation and Outstanding Sound Mixing - Animation.

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  • An OK show

    It will be good, if was more humor
  • Alright so far

    Few random ep (13-14) NICK
  • I like it

    my little brother watches this and I think its less boring than the movies... i like it.
  • The movies were better

    This show is OK. I just don't like how Nick can't make up their own ideas. They made this, How to train your dragon, and penguins of magannascar. I kinds like the plots but I just don't like the characters. The voices are good but the characters themselves are bad. Everyone insults Po' s weight The jokes aren' t as bad as they could be. The movies are way better than this show. I give it a 5.moreless
  • Didn't do good as the movies did.

    Yeah, it's a little bad that this didn't go that good.

    Plot: Po, a Dragon Warrior, stands out to protect the city along with the Furious Five. Consisting of Tigress, Snake, Monkey, Crane and Mantis. They face alot of evil bad guys that gives problems on the living folks. Well, Po, has a problem of his own because of his shape.

    Characters: They are more straightforward, unlike in the movies, they have a full personality. This is going to end up like Spongebob Squarepants. Voice acting is good job for Tigress and Po, they sounded like the original, I don't know about Monkey, because he doesn't speak that much in here. And the other three in the Furious Five, won't be an issue because their voices changed in the sequel.

    Humor: Now it's mostly aimed at Po's weight and shape. And his mistakes. They could add a new material, or this will turn just like Spongebob nowadays.

    Art: The animation quality reduced a little, but their designs are still left untouched.

    Overall: 6.5. They are at risk in here, they need to improve this show fast.


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