Which episode do you like best?

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    Mine is Chain Reaction and Bad Po.

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    That is also my favorite episode Chain Reaction. that shares it's name with the 1983 Journey Song - Chain Reaction. this episode gives A Acclaims/ Salutes to the Classic 1959 Movie "The Defiant Ones"with SidneyPoitier.an That White Guy. That's Good old Perter Hastings an Paul Rugg an co. for you. they really know how to salute an give A nod to the Classic Movies through Cartoon episodes.

    well so far from what I Have seen through episode 1. I am not Completelly pleased as punch an white an dark choloate cookies. in the area of no real Ground braking moments Love an Coupleship wise with Po/Tigress.

    now in Season 1 I can Understand. as it was BASING the 1st Season on The Acts and Events of Po an Tigress Life in the 1st Kung Fu Panda before The Acts/Events of Kung Fu Panda 2. where Tigress Gets Closer to Po on the Boat when Po is having Nightmares about his Mom an the Attacks/Assults of the Enemy Shen. Admits Po is her Best Friend an Tigress Hugs Po/.Tigress Grives when she thinks Po was Killed.

    Tigress puts her Life on the Line an Sacrficies it For PO/ to save Po from getting Killed in Kung Fu Panda 2. an Po goes To Comfort Tigress in the Water after being Shot into it by the Attack of The Kung Fu Power. Po Hugs Tigress. Tigress puts her Arm Around Po an watches the Celebration Fireworks Together with Po.

    So there NO ALIBIS/EXCUSSES For the 2nd Season of Kung Fu Panda - The Animated Series to not Put Po/Tigress in A Open an Known Loving- Coupleship More in the 2nd Season Episodes 34-65.

    see I have talked an discussed this with many Young Women an even Old Women an Hopeless Romanatic Men like me Pulling for Po/Tigress Love/Coupleship to Bloom an Grow more in this next 2nd season of Kung Fu Panda 2. or there GONE!!!. after Episode 34 Tigress Tale. the 1 About Tigress is thinking of Leaving Po an the Others to be A Queen Kung Fu Master Defender an Advenger an Protector.

    the Women Audiances/Spirit/Drama Audiances our Already Angry an Mad Enough. that they have to Wait till 2016 June For Po/Tigress to go more into there Coupleship. an they our going to be Already Engadged to be Married. yes it's true it was Leaked out by someone at Dreamworks Animation. that I know an by them I was told, by those I know working on Kung Fu Panda 3.

    that also our working for me as my inside job Affirmers an Reporters an Sources. an it will be A real Tear Jerker with what is Going to Happen to get in the Way of Po/Tigress Planned Wedding to. that's all I can say. so to be having wait that Loooong is Heck an Darn that possiblity.

    so as Much as I Love Po/Tigress Coupleship To each Other. if Episode 34 Tigress Tale Does Not give me something to hold on to more Open Love/Affection an Move towards Coupleship wise with Po/Tigress in this Episode that sets itself up for it. an has all the right Pieces an Parts an Map to do so. but if it Dont Im Gone.

    Im Sorry but my Emotions or not A Card Game or Chess Match that can be Played with. It ACHES!!!/GRIVES!!! an it HURTS!!! Or Spirits/Hearts/Minds an The Women Audiance an Spirit/Drama Audiance an Pro- Animorphic Inter-Species Audiance Attains an Knows this ONLY to well. so many times it has happen again,again,again,over an over an over in the past.

    God bless an peace to your day Joshua/KJA

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    a panda and a tiger.... seriously... the hell you smokin bro ?

    the show should have them remain friends it doesn't need any of this lovey dovey stuff.. leave that to twilight..

    if anything po's 'love interest' should be a panda or another bear possibly evil/bad...

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