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  • Awesomeness

    I'm in my 50's and I love this show. Love the puns such as the song they were singing: camping ,camping on the episode Camp Ping.
  • An OK show

    It will be good, if was more humor
  • Alright so far

    Few random ep (13-14) NICK
  • I like it

    my little brother watches this and I think its less boring than the movies... i like it.
  • The movies were better

    This show is OK. I just don't like how Nick can't make up their own ideas. They made this, How to train your dragon, and penguins of magannascar. I kinds like the plots but I just don't like the characters. The voices are good but the characters themselves are bad. Everyone insults Po' s weight The jokes aren' t as bad as they could be. The movies are way better than this show. I give it a 5.
  • Didn't do good as the movies did.

    Yeah, it's a little bad that this didn't go that good.

    Plot: Po, a Dragon Warrior, stands out to protect the city along with the Furious Five. Consisting of Tigress, Snake, Monkey, Crane and Mantis. They face alot of evil bad guys that gives problems on the living folks. Well, Po, has a problem of his own because of his shape.

    Characters: They are more straightforward, unlike in the movies, they have a full personality. This is going to end up like Spongebob Squarepants. Voice acting is good job for Tigress and Po, they sounded like the original, I don't know about Monkey, because he doesn't speak that much in here. And the other three in the Furious Five, won't be an issue because their voices changed in the sequel.

    Humor: Now it's mostly aimed at Po's weight and shape. And his mistakes. They could add a new material, or this will turn just like Spongebob nowadays.

    Art: The animation quality reduced a little, but their designs are still left untouched.

    Overall: 6.5. They are at risk in here, they need to improve this show fast.

  • I dont think it should have lasted this long

    My first complaint of this show is how thebackground felt too empty. It felt like everything was bare in every scenery, just like how they were overused, like the bamboo forest. Plus, the characters are too dull to even like. The plots, they kinda spiced up the show for me but I found most of them unenjoyable. It may have had a great movie, but not so great show, this panda did.
  • ignore the haters.

    Does exactly what it says on the 'tin'

    This show is awesome.

    Some episodes should be two parters as the 'villian of the week is 99% of the time defeated each time. the dragon guy (not po an actuall dragon) being the one exception.

    kids will love it i'm an adult and i love po.

    animation occasionally shows it's limits and sometimes it's very predictable.

    but it's a fun way to kill time.

    This is one of the best shows on Nick. In fact, its one of the only good shows left! First of all the voice actors ROCK, with Mick Wingert sounding EXACTLY like Jack Black from the movies! All the voices fit well- Mantis and Crane sound good, Viper and Po's dad (who's name slips my mind at the moment) are voiced by the same people who voiced them in the movies, which is cool. Shi-fu's voice is ok, but he doesn't sound much like Dustin Hoffman, but whatever. The show is hilarious, great action and big laughs, I love it as much as the movie itself!

    It could be a lot worse, but it stretches the story too far than it needs to be. Some of the voice acting sounds very good, some of the impressions are very unremarkable. The animation for television terms is good, but everything else is a big mix. I like some of the action and comedy, but its not at all of the levels of the past 2 films, and one really strange thing I find from this show is that its really hard to tell when it takes place. Does it take place after the first 2 films or between them? If its between then it makes a bit less annoyed, but if it actually takes place after the 2nd film, I'd be pretty to see these silly stories occuring after such an intense story for Po. Its hard for me to like this show, but there's more good than bad in this show, just not enough.
  • Good Movie, but Nick is Overdoing it

    The movie was cool but this TV show takes it a little to far
  • *Sigh* I'm getting kinda tired of Nick not thinking of their own ideas nowadays

    Like Planet Sheen, I was actually looking forward to seeing Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. Though unlike Planet Sheen (Which is god awful), Its not bad, but its not good either. Its okay actually. I love the Penguins of Madagascar, but this show not so much. Kung Fu Panda: Legands of Awesomeness is a show based on The Kung Fu Panda Movies (Which were Awesome).

    First of all let's get started with the animation, It feels a little stiff most of the time. And its too smooth unlike the movie. I've noticed that when Dreamworks makes cartoons for Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network (I'm serious there's a How to Train your Dragon show now on that channel). Ever since Tak and the Power of JuJu came in 2007 nick has been the most desperate channel on television now. Anyways back to the animation. It feels stiff most of the time. The Movie's animation was perfect. And if this were the movies (Both 1 and 2), It would give it either a 9.5 or 10.

    Now the acting, It sounds the same which is a good thing about it, though Po sounds a tiny bit different than in the movies. Sadly, I looked up all the characters are not played by their original voice actors! Jack Black (Love that guy) doesn't even play Po! Seriously? The acting would be better if the original voice actors playing these characters were here!

    The Plots are the best thing about the show. I doubt they're gonna make any more movies if they use up so many ideas on the show. But the plots are the only creative thing about the show I must say. Though they mostly have to do with curses, feelings, and stuff like that. But the movies did the same thing too, but in a better way.

    The humor is alright though. Po's obsession with pudding is half funny and half lame. It doesn't feel that original really, and some of the jokes can be kinda immature.

    Overall, This show is alright, not bad, but not good either. Its entertaining though, and it is fun to watch :) Though I read online that Nick is thinking about making a Monsters vs. Aliens show in 2013. Which I hope doesn't happen. I your a fan, go watch it, everyone else, watch the movies instead!
  • I love this.

    I think this show is so relateble and cool.This show made me wanna do karate and learn more about self defence and power.
  • It Could be Better but Its Not So bad

    The character's are much werider than the movies. The movies were at least were a 8.5/9/10 so it was pretty good. It could have been better.

    I am very annoyed about the humor that is why I rated it a 6.5. If they stop saying awesome or awesomeness or the other ones. Its annoying. I can see they were acutally trying so I'll give them that.

    Sometimes I like watching it but if the humor and jokes changed I would enjoy this show much more. I think if they fix that they might get better reveiws.

    Oh well when I said the characters are changing they act differently then the movies If there more like they were in the movies it would be a better show.

    Anyways Po has GOTTA stop saying awesome an craving dumplings! Fix that to and maybe this show might be a AWESOME show. Oops, I said awesome, cool, there thats better.

    Overall it needs some work but its okay.....for now.
  • not as good as the movie but its alright i guess

    The movie was cool but theyre overdoing it a bit. They are going a tad too far. The characters are stranger. And the animation isnt the same as the movie. Not as detailed. I know that animationing is hard and you cant expect it to be the greatest because its a big buisness and things arent easy. But its a little corny. But its alright... :T
  • Ehhh... :-|

    Its alittle silly but the other silly thing is that they say some words alittle too much like "mooncake",dragon warrior",awesomeness", and "kung fu" etc.They like say it alittle too much is that they kinda ware it out. :-/
  • it's alright

    i think this show is pretty entertaining just like pengiuns of madagascar. this show is worth watching over most of the stuff nick has on these days. the 2 movies were pretty good though. overrall i would say this is an ok show, my little brother likes it. like pengiuns of madagascar, this show is not funny, or good but entertaining.
  • a disappointment to the movies

    WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THIS??!? the movies were perfect as they were AND NOW THIS! this did not only ruin that good feeling that kung fu panda had it ruined kung fu panda itself instead of wasting money on this why not waste money making a 3rd movie and a 4th film as well WHY?!?! the movies were great keep doing the movies cancel this show already stop stealing new villains that could be used!
  • Should have stopped after the movies

    The movies I would've ranked 10/10. The show, however, is a VERY poor interpretation of the movies.
  • Disappointing.


    Disappointing. As a fan of the Kung Fu Panda Movies I was extremely disappointed in the lack of effort, too many fat jokes, crappy plot etc.

    Po(Mick Wingert), who is the Dragon Warrior and still a child at heart, and theFurious Five(Kari Wahlgren, James Sie, Max Koch,Lucy Liu,Amir Talai) defend the Valley of Peace from villains of different kinds.

    As you can see there was some cast changes. Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogen, David Cross. The guy who does the voice of Po must be a Jack Black impersonator.

  • While not being a big fan of the movies, this didn't really show any significant improvement.


    Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness is an American cartoon based on the Kung Fu Panda films. The series was originally set to air on Nickelodean in 2010, but was pushed back to 2011. A total of 52 episodes have been produced or ordered. Two special previews were aired on September 19 and October 21. It premiered on November 7, 2011. As I thought this show looked promising, I thought wrong,while it has its chuckles, I wouldn't call it a great cartoon, I will give it a chance, but as of now, it will get a

    5 out of 10