Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Season 4 Episode 17

Ancient Love

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 1996 on



  • Trivia

    • When Heather sees her mother's driver license info on Kermit's computer screen, it shows the town/city of residence as ' Chinatown, USA '.

  • Quotes

    • Caine: A Shambhala master cannot allow his personal feelings to intrude upon the passing of the soul.
      The Ancient: You summon me, Kwai Chang Caine. I will go, out of loyalty to you, out of trust and respect.
      Caine: You must also have love in your heart and forgiveness.
      The Ancient: There is neither.

    • Caine: I have never seen you refuse a duty of honor.
      The Ancient: I'm here. Let that be sufficient.

    • Peter: Tommy Wong, Jack Wong's younger brother, was sitting in a car nearby watching.
      Kermit: You know, one dark night, I'm gonna have to sweep that garbage and his brother right off the streets.
      Blake: Can I hold the broom?

    • (as Peter arrives)
      Heather: Oh, that's cool.
      Friend: The car or the dude?
      Heather: Both!

    • Caine: I do not wish to intrude on your memories, but you must share them with me.
      The Ancient: Because we are both Shambhala masters? Does that give you the right to examine my soul?

    • The Ancient: I will not help my enemy!
      Caine: Your enemies are the ones that need to be helped above all others.

    • Peter: Must have been tough for him, knowing all that time that Danielle was alive, not being able to reach out, and the guilt that he must have felt when he thought she was dead all those years and finding out she was alive.
      Caine: Are you sure you are speaking of the pain of the Ancient?

    • Caine: Sometimes, truth is like a window shade being raised in a dark room. The light must enter slowly or it will be blinding.

    • Peter: (about doing a demonstration for Danielle's kung fu class) I'd do it for free. For free, no strings attached.
      Danielle: We live in a marionette world. There's always strings attached.
      Peter: Well, sometimes, they get cut.

    • Danielle: Oh, you're Caine's son, the Shaolin cop.
      Peter: Is that what they're calling me, now?
      Danielle: It's better than hotshot cop.
      Peter: Marginally.

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