Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Season 4 Episode 5

Black Widow

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1996 on



  • Trivia

    • When at the Chinatown party, Blake mentions that he hopes it won't be like the parties in 'Sunday at the Hotel with George' and 'Cruise Missiles'.

  • Quotes

    • Strenlich: You ever know Kermit to show the slightest signs of pressure?
      Blake: Or personality?

    • Broderick: (to Chin) Officer Jordan McGuire, Vice. And if she sees you looking at her like that, she'll break both your arms.

    • Kermit: It's tough at the beginning of a new relationship--how to deal with the moods, the subtleties of emotion. But you'll learn how to read the lady.
      Peter: Maybe I should have asked an expert like you?

    • Karen: I spend all my working hours with detectives and police officers. What makes you think I would like to spend my leisure time with them also?
      Peter: Well, I thought there might a particular detective you'd like to spend a little time with.
      Karen: Well, I assume you are not speaking about yourself!

    • Jody: (about Peter) I don't know what I'm hoping for these days.
      Skalany: You know, I should talk. I have my sights set on a guy who lives in the spiritual stratosphere!

    • Peter: Are you all right? You're sweating. You don't sweat.
      Caine: The day is hot.
      The Ancient: Even Shambhala masters are allowed to feel heat.

    • Karen: I wouldn't want to get you in trouble with your new lady friend.
      Kermit: We parted company. I found out she had a poisonous personality, although she did save me from a great deal of pain. If I explained, you'd be forced to pad my office!

    • Latrodect: I represent some rather wealthy businessmen.
      Caine: You represent creatures of the night who spit spider venom at the least possible provocation.

    • Kermit: (to Peter) My life belongs to me. I will protect it in my own way. You take care of your own, pardon the expression, affairs and I will take care of mine.

    • Latrodect: A spider has eight legs, Caine. Cut one off and another one can strike. You've got a lot of loved ones around here. You can't protect them all.

    • Caine: Colors blind, sounds deafens, beauty beguiles. The enemy of stillness is desire. Eliminate desire and the truth will become clear again.

    • Caine: Do not mock the authority or wisdom of a Shambalah master! To do so invites the evil that dwells within all of us to manifest itself.

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