Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Season 4 Episode 16

Dark Side of the Chi

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 1996 on



  • Trivia

    • Images Caine saw on the Bardo bar's TV were scenes from the following episodes (in order):

      - ' Sunday in the Museum with George '
      - ' The Return of the Shadow Assassin '
      - ' Illusion '
      - ' Brotherhood of the Bell '
      - ' Warlord '
      - ' Challenge '
      - ' May I Ride With You? '
      - ' Force of Habit '
      - ' Dragon's Eye '
      - ' Cruise Missiles '
      - ' Laurie's Friend '
      - ' Quake! '
      - ' Plague '

    • Peter and the Ancient, with help from Skalany, journey to the Bardo, a dimension between life and death first seen in the Season 2 episode "The Bardo".

    • Skalany mentions at the beginning of the episode that Caine was struck by a speeding car when they last walked together in the downtown. This is a reference to the events depicted in ' Who is Kwai Chang Caine? '.

  • Quotes

    • Caine: Mary Margaret, is this not what Peter would call 'a switch'? I am talking non-stop, you are barely responding. Should I return to the stoicism of a Shaolin priest?

    • Strenlich: I hope you just got here from work, Detective McGuire.
      Jordan: Ah, you think I dress like this for fun?

    • The Ancient: The dark side of the chi contains unfathomable depths of evil. A sorcerer who can descend into those black waters will bring to the surface demons and horrors you cannot imagine.

    • Peter: The Bardo is a shadowy world between this life and the next, between life and death.

    • Peter: (about Caine choosing between life and death in the Bardo) What does he have to do to make that decision?
      The Ancient: To relive the defining moments of his life, allow the joys and sorrows to fuel his being, so he may be able to deal with them as if anew.
      Peter: And be uplifted by his triumphs, and allow the inherent goodness within him to take over.

    • Larissa: I tried to kill myself, pills, a suicide pact with my boyfriend. He went through, I got this far, halfway to somewhere.
      Caine: You must go back.
      Larissa: Too late, for both of us.

    • Wiseman: Who am I? My name is Wiseman, and I'm a very wise man and a very bitter man!

    • Matthew: I can help you, I can guide you to a path.
      Caine: (laughing) A path? A path to where?

    • Matthew: (to Caine) When the Sing Wah killed your grandmother in China . . . they also killed a piece of me. I was forced to wander the earth, to seek the greatest treasure of all: Inner peace.

    • Wiseman: Very impressive. I have never met a man whose chi could not be corrupted.
      Caine: That is unfortunate.

    • The Ancient: You must be feeling better, Kwai Chang Caine. I see your son is arguing with you.

    • Caine: (referring to Bardo) To be in this place is to beckon death.

    • Laura: (to Caine) I'm dead but you look terrible!

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