Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Unknown Oct 09, 1996 on



  • Trivia

    • Kermit, Straker and Blaisdell apparently worked together as mercenaries in the past.

    • Although not confirmed, it is implied that Kermit has a son (played by Jim Helfman) who is a major in the US Air Force.

  • Quotes

    • Karen: He told me he was burned out, had to get away. He needed some time to reflect. I told him to take all the time he needed.
      Peter: Kermit was burned out the day he got to this precinct.

    • Straker: (about Caine) How does he do it? How does a man go so deeply inside himself that he has no need for physical or emotional sustenance?
      Kermit: You won't break him. He's got a kind of spiritual integrity you wouldn't know anything about.

    • Caine: (to Mac) Your spirit could not be imprisoned. That is what made escape possible.
      Kimberly: That's a fabulous speech, say that at the press conference.

    • Straker: Blaisdell was a traitor and a coward!
      (Kermit moves towards Straker)
      Straker: Go ahead, Kermit! Go for it!
      Kermit: Mind if I choose the moment?

    • Caine: The darkness of the soul can occur in any place.

    • Straker: Do you know what prison does to a man? It breaks him, his spirit. Oh, not at first. In the beginning, they're rebellious, arrogant. They all know that they're going to be the ones who will escape but then slowly, chip by human chip, they fall apart. How long will it take to break you, priest?
      Caine: A lifetime, perhaps yours.
      Straker: We shall see.

    • Caine: If this compound is discovered, then you have no choice but to kill all these prisoners. They understand that. They fear that.
      Straker: It keeps them humble, discourages escape attempts.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The Great Escape
      Much of this episode's plot and scenes are references to the World War II film The Great Escape, a movie about Allied POW's seeking to escape from a German prison camp.

    • MacGyver
      When Alex organizes a meeting to discuss escape plans, it is held in what he calls the MacGyver barracks. MacGyver was a late 80's action series starring Richard Dean Anderson where the title character was always embroiled in dangerous adventures that he would survive, using everyday household items.

    • Seinfeld
      At the prison camp, Alex mentions to Kermit that he watched Seinfeld last night. Seinfeld was a very popular comedy series that revolved around a comedian, his friends and their daily routines.

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