Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Season 4 Episode 22

May I Talk with You

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 1997 on



  • Trivia

    • David Carradine (Kwai Chang Caine) and Chris Potter (Peter Caine) are the only actors to appear in every episode of the series.

    • When Peter asks Lasher to allow him to try and end the hostage taking, he recalls the events from ' Bankers Hours '.

  • Quotes

    • The Ancient: I'm going to the Jimmy Buffet concert. By the way, could I interest you in accompanying me?
      Travel agent: Love to, but my husband might object!

    • Gunman: Do you know what its like to face being without a home, to be on the streets?
      Caine: I do. But they cannot rob from you your dignity, your humanity, your integrity.

    • Gunman: I want everyone out there to listen very carefully. I'm giving this man, Caine, the gun. But I want you to know why, why I didn't just blow him and everyone else away. One simple reason, he listened, and he heard me.

    • Lasher: You enjoy living on the edge?
      Caine: Is that not where you live?
      Lasher: Ever since I was sixteen.
      Caine: I prefer to live in harmony, if I can.

    • Kline: Joining us now is our hero du jour, Kwai Chang Caine, and that's saying something, people, because we haven't had a hero du jour in this show in many jours, du or otherwise!

    • Kline: A priest and a cop, point and counterpoint, two completely different points of view.
      Caine: The same point of view. Different paths.

    • Kline: I just wanted those cauliflower people in that big vegetable garden to get a fresh voice.
      Caine: The freshest vegetable is usually the one that tastes the least bitter.

    • Peter: In my line of work, Lacey, it's called instinct.
      Lacey: Or maybe, overdeveloped hero complex.

    • Caine: There are many paths away from despair, but to leave it completely behind, you must first know where you are going.

    • Caine: If you let yourself be controlled by others, then you lose possession of your inner self. That is what you must find. It is the only way you will find the future you are seeking.

    • Caine: The will is the most powerful weapon there is. The sharpest sword can not stand against it.

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