Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Season 4 Episode 20


Aired Unknown Dec 04, 1996 on



  • Trivia

    • It is finally confirmed in this episode, by the Ancient, that he is Ping Hai, the kung-fu master and friend of Caine seen in Caine's temple in flashbacks throughout the series.

    • When saying his goodbyes at the precinct, one of the people Peter speaks to is referred to as ' Jon ', who was played by Jon Cassar. Jon directed this episode as well as several others in the series.

    • When told by The Ancient that he must become a Shaolin priest to help his father win his upcoming battle, Peter replies that he has already turned that down. This is a reference to the events depicted in ' Destiny '.

    • When Wong encounters the evil Caine in the pool hall, he refers to the events in ' Who is Kwai Chang Caine? ' as a reason not to trust him.

  • Quotes

    • T.J.: Feel the chill of death in this room?
      Kermit: The heating went out. T.J., the only dark forces we're surrounded by here are these sculptures from Bela Lugosi's attic!

    • T.J.: (about Corvetta Beckett) Word on the street has it she sleeps in a coffin and drinks blood.
      Kermit: My kinda babe.

    • Peter: I went back to my way of life because I wanted to help people, I wanted to help people the way that you help people. But there's just not enough compassion in the system.
      Caine: Change the system.

    • Peter: (to Caine) What is your problem? You sit here all day and meditate about nothing. You don't need a son, maybe I don't need a father. But I sure as hell needed a friend!

    • Skalany: Sit down and be quiet, because if I want to hear shouting, I can call my mother!
      T.J.: Oh, your mother called.
      Skalany: Was she shouting?
      T.J.: Of course.

    • Peter: You'll be ostracized along with me.
      Kermit: We mercenaries play by different rules. I'm only a cop 'cause Blaisdell gave me a badge. You're a real cop.
      Peter: I'm not so sure about that, any more.

    • Caine: I have faced my greatest enemy and I believe that now I can come to terms with him, with myself.

    • Jody: (tearfully) Don't be a stranger.
      Peter: We've been a lot of things to each other, but we've never been strangers.

    • Karen: You come back and see us, Detective.
      Peter: I'm not a detective, any more.
      Karen: Oh yes you are, and you always will be. You take care of people. It's what you do best.

    • Caine: Do not think of this as an ending, old friends.
      Khan: We don't.
      The Ancient: We know that it is a beginning.

    • Caine: My son, you are the master now. I will be sitting at your feet. Our journey together is ended.

    • Peter: You will return?
      Caine: I will. I will always hold you in my heart.

    • Peter: How can I help anybody, if nobody knows that I'm here?
      Caine: Come to Chinatown, ask for Caine....
      Peter: He will help you.

    • Peter: Am I still going to have my protector out there on the streets?
      Kermit: Oh, yeah.

    • Peter: (to precinct colleagues) When I was a very young boy, my father came and told me that my mother had died. I ran to the pond to look for her reflection standing over me but it wasn't there and I learned to swim alone. As a cop, whenever I was in danger, I'd look for a reflection and I'd always see one or all or you standing behind me and that gave me the courage to go on. I'll be around but if you ever need somebody, look for my reflection.

    • Peter: I know that my foster father, Paul Blaisdell, would not accept this nor would my Captain, who was cut from the same cloth but you'll have to, Commissioner. (hands Kincaid his gun and badge) I resign.

    • Caine: I have carried out the Quan La. I have looked into the depths of the darkness of my soul. I know now what I must fight.

    • Peter: Breaking the code doesn't bother you?
      Kermit: I've got my own code.

    • Caine: (to Peter) I face the darkness as we all do and I must face it alone.

    • Caine: I want you to take care of my son, Kermit, for the next 36 hours.
      Kermit: What am I protecting him from?
      Caine: Himself. His demons.
      Kermit: Because you'll be fighting your own.
      Caine: Yes.

  • Notes

    • This episode was intended to be the last episode shown for season 4 but was inexplicably shown out of order in its original run.

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